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Good Girl(13)

By:Willow Winters

I feel a weight lift off my shoulders. I nod eagerly and put my palms on my thighs. “Yes, Kane.” I know how to be a good girl.


If she breaks that mirror or something else and tries to attack me, so be it. Rightfully, I fucking deserve it. I could’ve tied her up again, but I don’t like it. I walk up the stairs feeling a bit apprehensive. It was fucking stupid to leave her alone and give her a chance to arm herself. But at this point I’m feeling lower than low. I fucking hate this. If it was anyone else, I would’ve told them to fuck off.

Abram’s been known to slice a man’s throat for merely looking at him the wrong way. I never should’ve gotten involved with him. If I’d fucking known that’s who Marco was talking about, I would’ve thought twice.

Her handler, Felipe, called me while I was out. Apparently he thought I needed pointers about how to keep her in line. I don’t like being micromanaged. I know Abram’s behind this. I don’t fucking like it. I know this is a test. And I’m not willing to fail because failure is the equivalent to death, but I’m doing this my way now. They want me to take her, fine, but she’s mine and I’m doing this shit how I want.

I stop outside the door and place my free hand on the butt of my gun. The plastic bags I'm holding in my left hand shift and crinkle. She knows I’m coming. If she’s gonna put up a fight, now would be a good time.

The door opens and I find her in the corner of the room, neatly stacking a pile of clothes on top of the dark stained wood dresser. She drops quickly to her knees and pulls her hair forward, exposing her back. Her wrists cross in front of her and she stays still although her hips are slightly raised. I breathe in deep and calm my racing heart.

I only know a little about this sort of shit. And what I do know, I’m not comfortable with.

I need to figure out something though. I can’t have her keeper come here tomorrow thinking I don’t have a handle on the situation. I don’t need Abram to have me on his hit list, but I also don’t want her going back to him or in someone else’s hands. And he’ll take her from me if she’s not being “handled properly”.

I have everything I need to handle her now. Including a proper collar and leash that won’t hurt her. I don’t want to put it on her, but I can’t fuck this up.

I’m going to have to do this, but at least I can do it my way. She’s mine now.

I walk closer to her and she stays perfectly still. I put the bags on the dresser and run a hand down my face. I need to do this. I breathe out heavily and then regret it when I see her thigh start to tremble.

I lean down and pet her hair. “Good girl.” Her body relaxes slightly at my praise. Thank fuck she’s so damn obedient. I couldn’t stomach the shit I’d have to do if she wasn’t. If she can be this good the entire time, then everything will be fine.

My heart clenches and sinks in my hollow chest. I don’t know what will happen to her once they take her from me. I don’t want to think about all the possibilities. I close my eyes and focus on the present. For now, she’s with me. And that’s all that I need to focus on.

“You need to shower.” I put my hand under her chin and lift up her head to face me. Her beautiful blue eyes meet mine and for a moment, I forget it all. I forget she’s a slave. I forget she’s not mine. The world seems to tilt and I lose all sense of reasoning. My thumb gently brushes against her jaw and her eyes close as a small sigh of contentment leaves her plump lips. I feel a pull to draw her into my arms.

And then I snap out of it. My hand falls, and her head drops a bit from the loss of my touch. I pull back and turn around, facing the bathroom door. I don’t know what the fuck that was, but it can’t happen. What kind of sick fuck would that make me? She’s obviously beautiful, but she’s hurting. She’s been used and degraded, and I have no right to let a fantasy like that run through my head.

I walk to the bathroom and listen for her behind me. She’s quick to get up and walks at a steady pace to follow me. I walk straight to the shower and turn it on. I peek out of the corner of my eyes to the mirror. My back is still facing her as I put a hand under the cascade of water, waiting for it to warm for her. She stands facing me with her legs shoulder width apart, and slips one strap off her shoulder and then the other. The scrap of a dress falls to the floor, exposing her skin. Her breasts are firm and plump. Her nipples are small, pale pink buds. They harden as the air touches her tender flesh.

I close my eyes and try to will away my erection. This was not something I planned on when I decided to man the fuck up and take on this role so I didn’t get my ass killed. If I acted on my body’s urges, I’d be taking advantage of her. I won’t fucking do it. I may be a prick, and I may be a criminal. But I would never do that. I don’t give a fuck what Abram expects from me.