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Good Girl(11)

By:Willow Winters

“No. This isn’t my thing, Abram. I didn’t anticipate this either.” I should watch my mouth. I should be smart about this. I’m having a hard time with that as I look at Ava. Her head is bowed. Her eyes are on her hands, which are resting on her thighs. I fucking hate how she tries to hide like that.

She was untouchable. And now she’s been reduced to this. I don’t fucking like it.

“I see.” His answer is short and I can sense that he’s unhappy with me. “Is she not being good for you? She has her shots and she’s clean.” There's a pause, but I don’t respond. I’m sick to my stomach. “She’s been trained extensively.” The sickness in my gut threatens to climb up my throat.

“She’s been very obedient.”

“I’m happy to hear that. You’ll grow to enjoy your new role, Kane. I’m sure you’ll be very good at it.”

“I’m not sure I’m cut out for this, Abram. It’s not what I had in mind.” I’m careful not to tell him no. I know I’m pushing my limits with him. If I piss him off, I could be dead come morning. I don’t have a fucking death wish, so I keep most of my thoughts to myself. This is business, after all. Supposed to be business.

“Tomorrow, someone with more experience will come down to help you handle her. Get some information about the export procedures. We’ll need the names of the workers and the space limitations. We’ll need to ship this type of cargo in large containers. Make sure they have them. If they don’t, they’ll need to be ordered.” He’s talking about shipping off women in metal boxes like they’re nothing. I bite down on the inside of my cheek so hard I taste blood.

“I’ll be sure to get the details.” I clench my teeth after pushing the words out. I have to remind myself that I want to live. That I can’t fuck with a man like Abram.

“Wonderful. I’ll see you soon, Kane.” I don’t answer. I just hit end and shove the phone back in my pocket.

I haven’t had a fucking moment to even think about any of this shit. I need to tie her ass up and get out of here. Then I’ll really figure out what I need to do. How I’m going to handle this shit. I turn my back to her and walk to the door.

“Alright Ava, stay right there.” I don’t turn around to look at her. I can’t. The reality of the situation is coming down hard on me.

Abram’s man is coming tomorrow.

I’m going to have to treat Ava like a submissive, like a slave. Whether I like it or not.


The bed is so comfortable. So warm. And Kane covered me with a blanket and gave me a pillow to rest against. It feels so good. It’s been a long time since he left. There’s no clock in the room, but I think it’s been hours. My muscles relax, but then I remember who I am. I remember why I’m here. My body tenses and I sit up and push my back against the headboard. I can’t let my guard down.

I thought of Kane while he’s been away. My new owner. Temporary owner. Bad thoughts, things I shouldn’t be thinking. I don’t know if it’s because of what I’ve been through or something else. But I want him to take me. My thighs clench together and a wave of arousal heats my center. I’ve been a good girl. And when I’m good, they’re nice to me. They’re still rough, and sometimes it hurts. But they make sure it feels good for me, too. When I’m good.

But Kane hasn’t.

I wonder if I haven’t been good enough. If I haven’t earned my reward. Usually they establish it quickly. I shake my head. This isn’t right. “No.” The word slips past my lips as a mere breath. Something’s wrong. I shouldn’t be thinking these things. I shouldn't be fantasizing about him pinning me against the wall. My back arches at the thought.

I can’t help it.

I crave his touch. I need to know I’m being good. I’ve worked hard to be a good girl.

At least I know I haven’t angered him. I would definitely know if I had. The thought sends a chill down my spine. The warmth in my core and my heated thoughts vanish.

I still don’t understand Kane. I don’t know what to think about him.

He’s not like the others. Not yet, anyway. I don’t remember what’s normal and what isn’t. I used to think they’d be nice, they’d be different. But they’re all the same.

Except Kane. This is very, very different.

I want to believe he’s a kind person. He doesn’t seem so bad. He’s not rough with me. Not at all. And he’s given me freedom from that fucking collar that kept digging into my neck. But I’m afraid to think that. I’m afraid that he’s merely setting me up. He wants to test me. That must be it. This is all an act. He’s waiting for me to be bad.