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Filling up the Virgin(9)

By:Amy Brent

“I want to go with both of you,” I said before I lost my courage and Declan looked at me, then Braden.

“Did you put her up to this?” Declan asked as I touched his face and met his eyes. “This will only be your second night, Polly. Unless you’ve had others in the time we’ve been apart.”

“No, I haven’t wanted anyone else. Not until I saw your brother tonight, I swear.” I promised as I stared at Declan. “I can’t explain it.”

“Don’t worry. I told her that we liked to share,” Braden told Declan as I watched him shake his head. “I was watching you guys earlier. Did she come harder?”

“What the fuck, Braden?” Declan asked as he stared at me.

“She could’ve stopped it. Polly didn’t…she watched me while you were pleasuring her,” Braden told him as I watched Declan’s jaw set.

“Let’s go,” Declan said and led me from the bar, followed by Braden. I remained silent as we walked to the hotel and during the elevator ride, as I looked from one to the other. I didn’t know how to go about this since I had little experience with sex.

Declan entered the suite and set his keys and wallet down on the table as he looked at me. “I don’t want to hurt you, Polly.”

“I know how to be gentle, Dec. We can take it easy on her and go with what she wants,” Braden said as I stared at him. “You’ve been with her already. Start this, and we’ll see how it goes.”

My mouth went dry as I set my purse on the couch, going to get some water. I’d enjoyed some drinks and was buzzed, but not drunk. Could I do this? I drank down a big gulp of water and closed my eyes for a moment as I listened to my body. I did want this, more than I’d ever wanted anything.

I felt someone behind me, moving my hair aside to kiss my neck. I had closed my eyes before I turned my head to meet their lips, knowing that it was Declan. They wouldn’t force too much on me tonight, something that I knew deep inside. I parted my lips, and our tongues danced together before I turned to face him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

We made our way to the bedroom where I undressed and ripped Declan’s shirt off. I kissed him as I unbuttoned his pants and covered his cock with my hand as he moaned against me. I used my free hand to slide them down before I fell to my knees and took him into my mouth.

I didn’t feel like myself as I bobbed over his cock with his hands in my hair, but I liked this version of me. I knew that Braden was watching and the idea made me move faster as Declan pulled me over him with rough pulls of my hair.

He shot his load deep into my throat as I struggled to swallow it, feeling some of it drip down my chin as I took a deep breath. I looked up at him as he stared down at me, kicking off his pants. “Get on the bed, Polly.”

I moved to my feet and looked at Braden in the doorway, his eyes dark and alert as he looked over my body. I was naked, and I moved onto the mattress on my back as I tried to relax against the pillows. “What do you want?” Declan asked as he stared at me.

“I want her to touch herself,” Braden told me as I sucked in my breath. I parted my legs and slid my hand over my breast, playing with the nipple as both brothers stared at me. I watched Declan harden again as Braden loosened the button on his pants and I moved my hand between my legs as I found my hardened clit. I was wet, soaking, and I stroked myself as the guys urged me on. I slipped two fingers inside of myself, rocking against my own hand as I felt myself tightening around my hand.

I came as someone snatched my hand away and a mouth covered me, sucking all my essence out of my pussy as I cried out with the continuous orgasm. Another mouth sucked my nipple between rough teeth and I opened my eyes to see a dark head of hair bowed over me.

I saw that it was Braden as he moved his lips to my eager mouth to kiss me, stroking my nipple while Declan ate me out for the second time that night. I reached my hand into Braden’s pants, out of control as I felt his cock, thicker than his brother’s straining against the fabric of his slacks. I know that they traded places and that Braden was between my legs, drawing me between his lips as Declan kissed my neck and face.

The release was violent as I shook through it and watched as Braden pulled away from me. “Somebody fuck me, please.”

The brothers looked at one another for a moment before Declan reached down and tossed a condom to Braden. “It’s her second night. Take it easy on her.”


Braden slipped the condom over himself before he parted my legs. I watched as he raised my feet to his broad shoulders before he plunged into me, slow and deep. I cried out as he buried himself all the way in my pussy, feeling the stretch. It felt so good as he took me with deep thrusts as Declan pinned my arms above my head. “Are you okay?” He asked me, staring down into my face as I nodded with large eyes. “You’re so gorgeous getting fucked by him. I can’t wait to see you come for Braden.”