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Filling up the Virgin(323)

By:Amy Brent

They played on the rocks and in the water for a few hours before she led them into a shallow but private cave. They both got long blow jobs as she took them on her knees and then managed to find a ledge to sit on while they both took her, one after the other.

They were bare, but none of them cared as she clung tightly to them as they made love to her in the dark space. Their moans and whimpers filled the space as they came deep inside of her and she kissed them softly during their release.

They went to dinner again that night to an Italian place this time. They drank red wine and ate pasta on bread, and James took her to another club, this time, one that she’d go to as a college student. The vibe was heated in there as they drank and danced together, and Maya loved taking turns with the men as she seduced them on the floor.

She loved going home and going right back to bed with them, this time in the other room. They maneuvered her between them easily, and she looked down at Cory as she rode him while James parted her and slipped a finger into her ass slowly and gently. She cried out with the feeling, and he matched the rhythm that she had with Cory until she came apart between them.

Cory and James were there with her as much as they could be for the next two weeks after work and on the weekends. They were forming a strong bond, and she enjoyed every moment that she had with them, just going out to dinner or coffee shops. They spent as much time in the house as they could, and she let them take it anywhere that they wanted to.

The night that she had them both inside of her was incredible. Maya was riding James and Cory took her from behind after he lubed up his cock. She felt trapped between the men, but she loved it as they moved in sync. She came harder than she ever had in her life and tears slid down her cheeks as Cory wrapped his arms around her.

They spent their last nights together dining at the house on the deck. The guys grilled, and James made them drinks as they avoided the topic of Maya’s dad coming home. She pressed against them inside of the hot tub that bubbled near the end of the infinity pool and took tums kissing her men that were growing to mean so much to her.

Maya gave them each their own time with her after they dried off since she had never just been with one man. They were similar yet different. They made her feel all kinds of wonderful and she knew that she would always want the both of them after this experience. She went to sleep cuddled between them and memorized their scent, one like the sea and one like the trees in a forest though she didn’t care which scent went to what man. It didn’t matter at all.

The following night, she slept alone in her room in anticipation of her father coming home. It was quiet and lonely, and she listened to the sounds of the waves from the beach that came through the open windows in the loft. Paul arrived home first thing, and she cooked him breakfast as she talked about school and all of her classes with him sitting at the same table that she had eaten at with James and Cory.

They made an appearance later in the day to go to dinner, and the glance that Maya shared with them assured all three that they were still going to sleep together. They would take the time they had together alone when they found it and they would since her father was away more than they were.

She watched them leave that night as she forced a smile on her face. Maya’s life would never be the same.