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Filling up the Virgin

By:Amy Brent
Filling up the Virgin (A Menage Romance) - Amy Brent

“Poe!! Are you home?” I heard my best friend’s voice and rolled my eyes, almost regretting the fact that she had a key to my small apartment in New York. I stepped out of my bathroom to glance down the tiny hallway as she appeared, her bright blonde hair hanging over her shoulders. “Ready to party?”

“Well, that or escape,” I replied as her dark brown eyes narrowed with concern. “Ugh. Don’t listen to me. I just have a bad…life.” I was a junior at NYU studying English and American Literature, and due to an ugly separation going on with my parents that I was far more involved in than I wanted to be, I wasn’t doing so great. My grades were dropping due to a lack of sleep, and I found myself not getting along with my boyfriend, James. I was near certain that he was cheating on me at this point, and while I wasn’t heartbroken over it…I was a little bitter that he just didn’t end it. Nicki talked me into coming out with her tonight to loosen up and just forget everything for a bit, making sense as I agreed.

“We’re going to have a great time tonight,” Nicki said with a reassuring smile as she looked me over. I’d started fixing my curly dark brown hair, and she walked into the bathroom with a gleam in her eye.

We left forty-five minutes later with my light blue eyes smeared with a smoky shadow and lots of mascara and a soft nude lipstick on my full mouth. I looked pretty since I didn’t think I was ugly. I just wasn’t tiny like Nicki and had some curves, and that wasn’t for everyone. I wish James had the balls to tell me that, but at least I found out about him before I decided to sleep with him.

Yep, I was a virgin at twenty-one. I know that it’s not common, but I worked hard in high school to get here, focusing on my studies. When I met James in class six months ago, we connected, and I started dating him. He just wasn’t so great that I jumped right into bed with him, making me wonder if he’d still do what he did if things were different.

I felt Nicki grab my hand and pull me into the cab that she’d called, declaring that neither of us was driving tonight. She had nothing that she was moping about. Nicki just loved the New York nightlife. “Stop thinking about that ass. We’re going to have fun tonight!”

“I know,” I told her with a weak smile as I ran a hand through my long bob. Nicki had a place that she favored that was nothing like the bars we were used to in Oregon. This one was for dancing with bright lights and different layers of stages, along with never-ending beats and drink specials every hour. It was fun, and while it might not be my place of choice, I could disappear into myself for a while and just loosen up. Nicki had dressed me in one of my black dresses, high above my knees and clinging to my curves with a pair of high heels that showed off my thick calves. She was wearing a tiny black skirt and a sheer plum shirt with a tiny camisole underneath, and I knew that she’d drive the men crazy.

I didn’t care if I did as we walked inside and she danced over to the bar, making me laugh. Nicki was fun and friendly, making me stay as positive as I could through the trying times in my life. We ordered drinks, and I glanced around the room to see a table of men drinking and laughing, my eyes resting on the one in the back with tousled dark hair and what looked like bright green eyes. He was gorgeous and sipped his beer as he looked up and locked eyes with me. I felt my heart skip a beat as heat washed over my body and he let his eyes drift over my body. There was no possible way that he could be appreciating me in a place like this, full of beautiful women.

I sensed a confidence about him as he raised his eyes back to mine and said something to his friends. Nicki turned to hand me a drink, and I fully expected him to move his eyes to her, though they stayed locked with mine. “Polly? What’s up?”

“Nothing,” I replied in a daze as I held up my drink and smiled. “Cheers!” We tossed back the drinks, and I forced my attention back to the present as the sweet liquid washed down my throat. “Shall we dance?”

“I’d like to buy you another drink if you’d like one.” I swallowed and looked into the face of the man from the table, taking in his perfect cheekbones and deep eyes that were a bright shade of green that reminded me of fresh grass. He was better close up, and I licked my lips nervously as I smiled weakly at him. “My name is Declan Michaels. Who are you?” His eyes and his voice demanded an answer, and I found myself telling him without any hesitation, even introducing Nicki to him. He smiled briefly at her, asking what she’d like to drink before turning his attention back to me. We both asked for one of the popular martinis that everyone was drinking, and he moved into the crowd that had taken our spot at the bar, almost too quickly as if they moved for him.