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Double Dare(10)

By:Cassandra Dee

Except there’s one guy that I run everything by – and that’s my best friend, my buddy, the President of Major, Derek Smith.

“Hey dude,” I said, stepping into his office. “What’s going on?”

We have adjacent offices, both of them huge and spacious. But Derek’s such an asshole that he didn’t even bother to look up from the porn he was watching.

“Yo, what’s up?” he grunted, still mesmerized. Some girl was getting pounded for sure, probably by a dozen guys.

I shook my head.

“You mind switching that off?” I asked. “Seriously, don’t you think it’d be embarrassing if someone walked in?”

He shrugged, not bothering to look up at me.

“Only you come in here without knocking. Besides, this is a good one,” he drawled. “Look at this little blonde. Isn’t it incredible how far she can stretch?”

I didn’t want to look but he’d already turned the monitor my way, and what I saw was fucking filthy but also arousing. Because there was a blonde woman on the screen, buxom and shapely, but it wasn’t just her curves that turned me on. It was her partner. There was a hot, hard, heavy man pummeling her this way and that, making her scream, making that little snatch take wood deep in her insides. I couldn’t tear my eyes away, watching like a filthy pervert as the dude wielded his weapon. Shit, that dick looked good, enormous and pulsing, and I remained frozen, praying Derek couldn’t tell.

But my partner was too busy enjoying the scene to even notice my reaction.

“Pretty good, huh?” he smirked. “Yeah, I can find the best porn on the web no problem, it’s all at my fingertips.”

I wanted to lash out at him, I wanted to pound his face into the floor, but shit, this scene really was good. The woman and the guy both were model-quality and were going at it like they were really into it, not just some dick in pussy, wham bam thank you ma’am. The squeals were real, the trembling flesh wet and delicious, his cock hard because he wanted her. Immediately my mind began to whir. What would it feel like to have that fuckrod in me, owning my backside? What would it be like if Derek pushed me to the ground, forcing me to take it? I cursed, hating the train of thought.

Because yeah, the blond giant was my best friend in college, able to multi-task while also being the captain of the baseball team, and my family liked him from the get go. He’s always been handsome and devilishly charming, with a confident air that draws women like bees. I just wished I didn’t feel this ungodly attraction to the other alpha. It’s complicated enough with a woman handcuffed naked in your office. Did I really have to be drawn to my buddy too?

Besides, the complications would be fucking awful. Major Corp. is run by me and him. We have the future in our hands, and except for this ridiculous clause in my ancestor’s will, we’re pretty much able to do what we want. But right, the will.

“I have her, by the way,” I grunted. “She’s in my office right now.”

“Hmmm,” rumbled Derek, eyes still glued to the screen as the little blonde squatted down on her partner’s dick, pussy lips spreading as the monster pushed in. “Give me one sec.”

I cleared my throat.

“Yo dude, she’s naked and cuffed,” I rumbled again. “Katie’s not going anywhere.”

At least that got a look from him.

“Really, naked and cuffed?” he drawled. “You’re really into this one aren’t you?”

I snorted.

“Not as much as you’re into it. This was your idea,” I accused.

“That’s right,” he said, eyes glued to the screen. “But just give me one more sec.”

Because his fingers were flying over the keyboard now, and I could only shake my head with frustration. Derek is a multi-tasker of the worst sort, able to handle five or six things at once, and I knew for a fact that he wasn’t watching porn anymore. Or, he was watching the video out of the corner of his eye while doing something else as well.

“There,” he grunted with a satisfied slap on the return key. “Got it.”

“Got what?” I grunted exasperatedly. “How could you concentrate with the blonde moaning away?”

“You learn,” he tossed off carelessly. “Trust me, you learn, girls are just girls after all. But,” he continued breezily. “Just finished that trade, we’re up a million bucks.”

I shook my head again. Dude is a financial wizard, and hiring Derek long ago had been the best decision by my late dad. Because Derek’s made so much money for Major Corp., and yet, what the fuck? Despite all the money we’d made, I was still being forced to find some fake fiancee? It was fucking ridiculous.