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Dirty Dom(3)

By:Willow Winters

My brows furrow in anger at my thoughts. My fucking heart is turning me into a little bitch. “Strip. Now.” My words come out hard, making her take a hesitant step back as I pull my thumb from her lips. I instantly regret being the fucking asshole I am. But I can’t take it back. I turn my back to her, to lock the door. I slip the gun out from under my belt and easily hide it from her sight to set it down on the table by the door. God knows what she’d think if she got a look at it.

My body flinches as the hard sound of the door locking echoes through the room. He moves with power and confidence, his gaze like one of a predator. I swallow my pride and slip off my cardigan. I don’t need pride and self respect right now; I need a man to desire me. The thought and his hungry eyes on me has me peeling off my dress without hesitation. I don’t care if this is a payment or if he’s just using the interest as an excuse to fuck me; I want this. Or at least I want him.

As I reach behind my back to unhook my bra, he reaches for me, wrapping his strong arms around my body and molding his hard chest to mine. His lips crush against mine and I part them for his hot tongue to taste me. He kisses me with passion and need. His hard dick pushes into my stomach. The feeling makes my pussy heat and clench. Yes. The tears stop, but my chest is still in agony. Make it go away, please. Take my pain away.

She fucking needs me; I can feel it. And I sure as fuck need her. I don’t even hesitate to unleash my rigid cock from my pants. I rip her skimpy lace panties from her body, easily shredding them and tossing them to the floor. I squeeze her ass in my hands, pulling her body to mine. I slam her against the wall, keeping my lips to hers the entire time. My chest pounds; hot blood pumps through me. I need to be inside her. I line my dick up with her hot entrance, rubbing my head through her slick pussy lips.

Fuck she wants me just as I want her. I slam in to the hilt. She breaks our kiss to lean her head back, banging it against the wall and screaming out with pleasure as I fuck recklessly into her tight pussy. My right hand roams her body while my left keeps her pinned to the wall. Her arousal leaks from her hot pussy and down to my thighs.

My legs wrap tightly around him as he ruts into me with a primitive need. My body knows I need his touch, my heart needs his lips and it clenches as he gives them to me. He frantically kisses me as he pounds into me with desperation. The position he has me in ensures he pushes against my throbbing clit with each thrust. I feel my body building, every nerve ending on high alert.

His lips trail my neck and he leaves small bites and open-mouthed kisses along my neck, my shoulder, my collar bone. He licks the dip in my throat before trailing his hot tongue up my neck. I moan my pleasure in the cold air above us. My heart stills and my body trembles as a numbness and heat attack my body at once. “Yes!” I scream out as my pussy pulses around his thick cock. My body convulses against his as heat and pleasure race through my heavy limbs. I feel waves of hot cum soak my aching pussy. My eyes widen as the aftershocks settle. What the fuck did I just do? I need to get out of here.

She’s pushing against me like she can’t wait to leave and that makes my damn heart drop in my chest. Fine. It’s fine. It’s not like this was anything more than a payment. I say that over and over while I turn my back on her to grab my pants. I walk across the suite to grab a tissue for her to clean up from the desk, but when I face her, she’s already dressed. My blood runs cold with her dismissal of me and what we just shared. It wasn’t just some fuck. There was something there. I’ve never felt like that before. I never felt THAT before. Whatever it is. I fucking want it. And I’m a man who gets what he wants. My conviction settles as I stride back to her. I’ll have her again. I’ll make sure it happens.

What the fuck have I done? I need to go. I have to go to my son. I want nothing more than for this man to hold me, but I know that’s not going to happen. I’m so fucking stupid. I don’t even know his name. These feelings in my fucked up chest aren’t the same for him. This was just a payment. The thought makes my heart stop and my chest pain, but I brush it aside. I refuse to be any weaker in front of him. I need to be strong for just a moment longer. I try to fix my hair as best as I can without a mirror. I straighten my back and grab my purse as he walks back over to me.

Women like it when I’m an asshole. Don’t know why and I don’t care, but it always has them coming back to me. I definitely want to see this girl again; I fucking need to be inside her as often as I can. So after I walk her sweet ass to the door I give her a cocky smirk and kiss her cheek.