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Darkness (New Species #12)(10)

By:Laurann Dohner

“It’s my duty to make you answer my questions.”
“We’re in a hell of a mess then, aren’t we?” She blinked back tears because the situation felt heartrending. “I never wanted to be considered a bad guy by you. I guess that’s where we stand right now, isn’t it?”
“You’re not a bad guy. You’re all female. I’ll make you aware of it as much as I am. Do we continue this or do I stop?”
“I don’t want you to stop.”
He slid his fingertip off her clit to stroke the seam of her pussy. She didn’t look away from him or protest. He’d warned her of what he’d do in great detail and she only hoped she wouldn’t give in and tell him everything. Darkness might be able to get her to that point. He was just too sexy with that brooding expression and tragic past. He was the type of guy who could be her downfall.
He brought his face closer until his warm breath feathered across her lips. She wanted him to kiss her but he tilted away at the last second and dipped his face into the crook of her neck. She closed her eyes and fisted her hands together when his tongue traced her earlobe. He sucked on it, growled so the vibrations teased her nipples and his finger returned to her clit to slowly stroke it.
Kat wanted to dig her hands into his hair and hold him closer. It looked silky and thick but she couldn’t reach him since his arms kept her from lifting up. She even parted her thighs to give him better access to play with her sex. 
She was lost in the sensations. His mouth was heaven on her neck, only second to the building ecstasy flooding through her brain. She tried to remain as still as possible in hopes it would lessen the sexual tension. It didn’t. She tensed and moaned when she couldn’t hold back anymore. He growled in response and pressed his groin tighter against her. The feel of his rigid cock made her aware of how empty she felt. She wanted him inside her. Just imagining what it would feel like had her grinding her pussy against his finger. She was going to come.
He stilled and stopped kissing her. “No.”
He eased off her clit and yanked his hand out of her underwear. Darkness gripped her inner thigh. Calloused fingertips stroked the sensitive skin of her hip, almost touching her pussy. He paused there and began kissing her throat again. He ran his fingers along the center of her underwear from the outside, teasing her. His fangs nipped her. She jerked from the shot of pleasure.
She stood there as he explored her with his free hand. He left her underwear alone to tease the skin on her lower belly then cupped her mound. He rubbed but when she moaned he retreated to her inner thigh, caressing it then starting the process over.
Darkness was in hell. The scent of his prisoner’s arousal was strong enough to threaten his control. He fought his desire to lay her over the end of the table, shove her thighs far apart and just bend over until he could actually discover if she tasted as good as she smelled. He’d have feared drooling if he’d been canine.
The promise of the carnal high from hearing her cries of pleasure and the way she’d move against his tongue nearly broke his will. It had been too long since he’d gotten lost in the taste, feel and softness of a female. He resisted because he would get lost. He’d make her come and she’d scream his name. Nothing would stop him, at that point, from fucking her. Just imagining how hot and wet she’d be, how she’d feel as he thrust into her made him snarl. That wasn’t the objective in their battle of wills. He couldn’t allow her to come until she told him everything he needed to know.
His dick hurt. It was steel-hard, a heavy weight of pure torture trapped inside his sweats. He spread his legs a little to alleviate the pressure in his nuts. They wouldn’t actually rupture from how tight they had become but it felt that way. He tried to ignore everything below his waist and focus on his little pretend-cat.
Sweat had broken out on her the way he knew it would. He licked some of it. So sweet. He used his fangs to bite down on a tendon in her shoulder. He didn’t use enough force to break skin but she moaned in response. Her breasts pressed tighter against his chest as she writhed against him. The thin material of her bra did nothing to diminish the impact of those pebbled nipples.
Don’t go there, he reminded himself. He wouldn’t risk removing her undergarments. He didn’t trust his resolve if she was completely bare. He’d suck on her breasts and move lower down her body. That would put his mouth between her thighs and he wouldn’t be able to stop until he flipped her over and fucked her.
You’re here to get answers. Remember that. He had to chant it inside his head when he caught himself rubbing his dick against her body. Even that slight break in his control alarmed him. He wanted her bad and couldn’t ever remember desiring a female more. She was strong and beautiful. Delicate and human. Don’t forget that. She was an unknown threat who had lied about her identity and purpose.
Memories of the past helped. He latched on to the ones of the female he’d once trusted, who’d betrayed him. She’d been beautiful too. Treacherous. With pleasure comes pain.The door to the interrogation room opened and Darkness tore his mouth away from his pretend-cat’s neck and snarled at the person who dared enter after he’d given orders that no one was to interfere. He used his body to block hers.
Snow jerked to a halt, his eyes widened in shock and his nose flared. He paled, staring back at Darkness.
“Get out.”
Snow didn’t move. He did, however, school his features to hide his emotions. “You need to step out now.”
“Get out,” Darkness repeated.
Snow tried to crane his neck to view the female but Darkness knew he couldn’t see much. The Species would be able to hear her, though, and smell her desire. She was breathing rapidly, almost panting. Darkness growled to draw his focus. The male responded by growling back when their gazes clashed.
“You are to step outside.”
“You don’t give me orders.”
“Justice does. Some new information has come in. Outside now.”
He gave a sharp nod. “I’ll be there in a moment.”
“Now,” Snow demanded.
Darkness turned and rose to his full height. He had to release Kat to do it but he stepped to the right to keep most of her blocked from the Snow’s view. He snarled, “Leave. I’ll be there in a moment.”
Snow hesitated but then backed out. He left the door open. Darkness tried to leash his temper but failed. He turned and looked at Kat. She stared at him and had to notice his attention on her breasts. They rose and fell rapidly with her breathing. A sheen of sweat coated her skin. He would have liked to take time soothing some of her tension but Snow would return.
“I’ll be back.” He reached out, lifted her and carried her to the table where he gently set her on top of it.
He strode across the room without a backward glance. He felt guilty leaving her in that condition though he couldn’t afford that useless emotion. He closed the door to the interrogation room. It was soundproof so she wouldn’t hear anything they said. He stepped closer and used his chest to push Snow back. It was a display of dominance but he was furious. He did make sure the front of his pants didn’t come in contact with the male. It would be awhile before his dick softened.
Snow stumbled back but righted, his fists clenching at his sides. “What the hell were you doing in there?”
“My job. Never argue with me in front of a prisoner.”
“You were about to mount her.”
“What is going on?” Justice turned the corner and stopped, apparently reading their body language.
“Darkness was touching the female,” Snow accused.
“Would you have preferred I beat on her? I would never treat one of them the way I do a male.” He straightened his shoulders and glared at Justice. “I wouldn’t have actually mounted her. She refused to tell me who she really works for. Unfulfilled sexual frustration can be more effective than inflicting pain, if done right. Do you have a problem with my tactics?” 
Justice opened his mouth, closed it, and then sighed. He shook his head. “I trust you. You didn’t hurt her at all?”
“No. I don’t molest females.” He shot a dirty look at Snow. “Or beat on them or inflict any kind of pain on them.”
“Enough,” Justice stated. “I had Snow pull you out because we know who sent her. We got a call from Jessie’s father.”
“The Senator?” Darkness frowned. “What does the human government have to do with this? Is she military?”
Justice hesitated. “He has a friend with the FBI. It seems they sent an agent to Homeland today. We’re unclear of why she is here but we’re certain she is their agent.”
“The Senator couldn’t give you more details?” Darkness wanted to return to Kat and find out.
“We’re lucky we even learned they were sending someone in. Jacob’s friend knows Jessie lives here and was worried about her safety. He asked if she was in danger and if they could be of more assistance since only one agent had been assigned.” Justice paused. “He thought we’d requested one of their agents. We didn’t.”
Darkness crossed his arms over his chest, trying to think of why they’d secretly send an agent to Homeland. He couldn’t think of a reason.