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Complicate Me(67)

By:M. Robinson

It was Lucas’s child. It would come when it wanted to.

We went to visit Lily on her twenty-second birthday and Lucas got me drunk off of strawberry moonshine. I still don’t remember being intimate, but he swears I had a great time, and apparently I did. Six weeks later I was pregnant, so we brought back a bundle from Tennessee. Lily loves to say that she’s the reason Baby Bo was consummated. We named him Bo Savan Ryder, his middle name short for Savannah, after Lucas’s mom.

My pregnancy was normal. No complications at all, but by the way Lucas treated me you would think that I was high risk the entire time. He didn’t let me do anything, even bought me shirts that said, “If you didn’t put it in there, then don’t touch it.” My mom still laughed about that one. She said that it was endearing the way he protected me, but I just thought he was a pain in the ass.

I watched from the door as Lucas held Baby Bo in his arms, rocking him back to sleep. “I love you so much, buddy, even though you’re such a cock blocker.”

“Lucas,” I gasped.

“Shhh… he’s sleeping and he doesn’t understand a word I’m saying, but it would be awesome if he did.”

I shook my head. “Unbelievable.”

He gently laid him in his crib and then looked back at me with a mischievous glare. “Run.”

I squealed and took off running.


The caterers came early the next morning. We were having a party at our house. The boys had finally all come home and I wanted to celebrate. It took years to get to this point. Jacob had moved back a few months ago and Austin did a few weeks ago. When we first told them we were engaged, I expected more of a reaction from them, especially after everything they put us through over the years. We got more of a reaction from them when we told them we were pregnant. Aubrey was probably the most excited with our engagement, other than Lily of course. Aubrey moved back to Oak Island shortly after I did. I couldn’t begin to tell you everything my friend went through, breaks my heart just thinking about it.

“Half-Pint,” Lucas called out from the bedroom.


“Lily’s here.”

I saw her coming in the front door, Jacob treading shortly behind her. I cocked my head to the side, eyeing her wearing Jacob’s ball cap. She hadn’t worn it in years. When she realized I noticed she smiled, winking an eye.

“Hey, baby sister,” Lucas greeted, pulling her into a tight hug. “Jacob, you pulled in at the same time?”

“Something like that.”

I looked back and forth between them, but covered it up quickly when Lucas stood behind me, hugging me against his body.

“It’s really not fair that you look like that, Alex, and you just had a baby. How is that even possible?”

I laughed, I knew she tried to take the attention off her and Jacob. I played along. It didn’t take long for everyone to show up. We enjoyed everyone’s company, laughing and making new memories to last a lifetime. I looked all around my family and friends, holding my son in my arms with my stepson not far away. The pictures of our childhood displayed all over my walls and mantle. I had all my good ol’ boys all under the same roof.

We were home.

Finally, we were all home.

“Are you tired?” Lucas asked, kissing my neck while we lay in bed.

“I’m exhausted. That was a long day. I loved it though.”

“I know you did. I saw you getting teary eyed toward the end.”

“I’ve waited a long time for this. I mean, I never thought you and Austin would ever talk again.”

“He’s my brother, Half-Pint. I loved him even when I hated him.”

“I know. I’m just happy that everyone is back. Now they can all get married so our kids can all grow up together.”

He chuckled. “I love you.” His hand moved beneath my panties.

“Are you trying to get laid right now?”

“What gave that away?” he teased, caressing me.

“Lucas, your sister is here. She’s in the guest bedroom.”

“So then you’ll have to be quiet. Plus if Baby Bo wakes up she’ll take care of him. Now let me in.”

“Oh my God.”

“I know I’m awesome.” And he was, I came all over his hand a few minutes later, which led to us making love all night.


“Mmm,” I groaned, nesting closer to his embrace the next morning. “What time is it?”

“Early. The sun’s barely up, Baby Bo will be hungry soon.”

“I should go get him.”

“It’s okay I’ll bring him. I know how you love laying him in between us in the morning.”

I smiled.

“I got to go wake my baby sister up. She said she needed to be somewhere early.”

I yawned. “Mmm kay…”

He kissed my forehead and I watched him leave, thinking how lucky I am to finally have everything I ever wanted. I looked up at the ceiling seeing bunnies everywhere, waiting for Lucas to come back in so we could play our childhood game that we still played every so often.

He took longer than usual and I was about to go after him when I heard him yell, “I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!”

I sat straight up with wide eyes.


For Lucas and Alex.

It’s only the beginning for Jacob and Lily.

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