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Complicate Me(66)

By:M. Robinson

I brought her lips to meet mine and kissed her.

She matched every beat, every moment, every feeling and emotion times ten. The earth stopped moving and time stood still. With my hands framing her face, I kissed her again, slower, more delicate and defined, less frantic and desperate, but with the same intensity and passion.

“I want you,” she moaned.

“Half-Pint,” I groaned, claiming her lips again.

“If you don’t make love to me I will hurt you.”

I laughed against her lips, moving my hands from her face down her body, and gripping her ass to slide her up onto my waist. She wrapped her legs around my torso, kissing me deeper with a demand I never expected from Half-Pint. I laid her gently on my bed, placing my body on top of hers. It started off innocently enough, but it rapidly turned into something else entirely. Our hands started to roam everywhere, not being able to decide where we wanted to touch each other. When her tiny, delicate hand found my cock, she moaned.

“Fuck,” I growled, scooting her up toward the headboard as she stroked me up and down, her hand barely closing around my shaft. I leaned back and helped her take off her dress. My mouth instantly went to her nipples and I sucked them until they were pebbled stones.

“Don’t stop,” she murmured, pulling down my boxers with her hands and then using her feet to push them the rest of the way down. I kicked them off when they were at my ankles and then took off my shirt.

“Bo,” she half-whispered, grabbing the shark tooth necklace around my neck.

“The only time I took it off was your engagement party.”

And then she attacked me. Rolling me over to lie on top of me. Kissing me like her life depended on it. My hand found her pussy and she was already soaking wet.

“You’re so wet. Who is this minx in my arms right now?” She had grown up, turning into a little vixen that made my balls ache just thinking about it. As much as it hurt me that I wasn’t the one she experienced her firsts with, it didn’t matter, I was always in her heart and she was always in mine.

She smiled into my mouth, knowing what I thought. As if to prove my point, she grabbed the edge of her panties and I helped her take them off, going right back to rubbing her clit again. I couldn’t believe I was finally touching, claiming her, and making her mine. Her hips moved against my hand and I had to flip us over, I wanted to savor the feel of her and watch her come apart.

Her fingers clutched the necklace as I started to move faster against her heat. “Yes, baby just like that, give it to me. Give me what I want.” I kissed along her jawline, taking in every blush of her face, every moan descending from her lips, every movement radiating through her body.

“Tell me…” I bit her bottom lip.

“I love you. I love you, Bo.” Her body tightened so fucking hard and then released with a loud heavy moan. I immediately placed my face between her legs, needing to taste her.

“Oh God.” Her legs shivered against my face and when I felt her hand go in my hair, holding me closer to her core, I almost came right then and there. I sucked, licked, and devoured her until she was writhing and begging me to make love to her.

My mind raced as I kissed my way back up to her face. “I need a condom. I don’t have one,” I groaned, placing my forehead on hers not wanting to stop for one damn second.

“Are you clean? Have you been tested?” she panted, looking into my eyes.

“Of course. I haven’t had sex in a really long time, Half-Pint. I haven’t had sex since Mason. That’s the only time I’ve ever gone without a condom.”

“Wow,” she sighed and at first I thought it was from me admitting that I hadn’t been intimate with someone in years, but then she said, “You’re not going to last a long time at all.”

I laughed a deep rumbling laugh deep from my stomach. It shook the entire bed and she smiled adorably at me.

“I’ve never gone without a condom. I mean I’ve still been tested. But I’ve never—”

I didn’t need to hear the rest before claiming her lips yet again. “I can’t do this. Not like this.”

“Please tell me you’re joking because this is not the time.”

I laid soft kisses on her mouth, lovingly looking into her eyes. It was now or never. “Marry me.”

She instantly beamed, nudging her nose with mine. “Are you asking since you know you’re not going to last long and you want to seal the deal?”

“You little shit.” I tickled her inner thigh and she squealed, laughing and kicking all at the same time. “Of course! Yes! Yes a million times over,” she screamed, half-laughing.

I stopped and she caught her breath while I took off her necklace and placed it around her neck, locking it in place. She gazed down at it, her eyes pooling with tears. “It’s back where it belongs.”

“It’s always been there, Half-Pint.” I grabbed her leg and angled it upward, bending her knee so that her foot rested on my ass and hesitantly pushed in.

“Oh God,” she breathed out. Keeping her eyes open even though they wanted to close.

“You’re so fucking tight, you’re so fucking perfect.”

This was not what I imagined our first time would be like. I couldn’t help but love the fact that we were laughing and it was like nothing had changed between us. As if we had been doing it for years, our connection, our bond, and our love, radiating all around us.

She grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me with so much power and passion, I returned it tenfold. I thrust in, little by little, until I was fully inside her, stopping to enjoy and enrapture the wetness, the sensations of Alex.

The feel of her.

The taste of her.

The smell of her.





It was a shock to my core as I was consumed with finally being inside of her.

“Why did you stop?” she panted, kissing all over my face.

“I’ve wanted this for so long. I just want to remember it, savor every second. I have never felt anything close to this. To you. To us.”

“Me neither.”

I was inside of her, on top of her, and it wasn’t enough. Not nearly enough.

I wanted more.

I needed more.

“Where are you?” she asked.

I placed my hand on her heart. “I’m here.”

She closed her eyes and smiled. We kissed and she moved her hips, I took the silent plea and began to thrust in and out of her. She moved her legs so that they were wrapped around my lower back. Bringing me closer to her, she felt the same way I did, and I swear I could hear our hearts beating at the same rhythm in each other’s chests. I rested on my elbows that framed her shoulders, and my hands never left the sides of her face. My thumbs pressed into her cheeks while she hugged around my neck.

We kissed the entire time, not being able to get enough of each other. It seemed like hours went by and the whole world was shut out.

Where it was just the two of us.

And I never wanted to leave.

I leaned my forehead on hers and I didn’t even have to tell her to open her eyes to look at me. They were already open, looking lively and thriving and full of love for me. Our mouths were parted, still touching and panting profusely, trying to feel every emotion and sensation from our bodies being one. I swear the pounding of our hearts echoed off the walls. I felt myself starting to come apart and Alex was right there with me, waiting to take the mind-blowing dive together. I put all my weight on my right knee and used the other for more momentum to push in and out. She moved her hands to my back, holding on tight, making my dick shove deep within her core.

“I love you, I love you, I love you,” she continually moaned, climaxing all around my cock and taking me right along with her.

I shook with my release and kissed her passionately.


“Yeah, baby,” I groaned in between kissing her.

“You just came inside me.”

“Mmm hmm…”

“We didn’t use a condom.”

“Mmm hmm...”

“You didn’t pull out.”

“Mmm hmm…”

“I don’t know if you are aware of this, but that’s how babies are made.”

I pulled away, grinning. “I named my son Mason after you.”

Her eyes squinted, confused.

“Half-Pint… Mason Jar,” I explained, causing her to smile.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time. Mason needs a sibling. Let’s try again.”

And we did.

All. Night. Long.

“Ahhh!” Baby Bo wailed through the baby monitor.

Lucas fell onto his back. “I’m never going to get laid again.”

I giggled, lying on top of him. “He’s only three months old. Stacey said that Mason started sleeping through the night around three months.”

“Stacey’s lying. Mason did not sleep through the night till he was like a year old. Besides I didn’t care with Mason. I didn’t have my enticing tiny wife sleeping beside me. I brought him into my bed to sleep with me.”

“Maybe we should let Baby Bo—”

“Not a chance in hell. I already don’t get you alone.”

“Then you should have stopped trying to knock me up.”

We got married a month after he proposed. It was a small ceremony at our house, the boys, Lily, Aubrey, our parents. That’s all we needed. It took me two years to get pregnant, not for lack of trying. I’m pretty sure Lucas lived inside me for the first year, saying he had to make up for lost time. We didn’t let the negative pregnancy sticks month after month disappoint us.