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Complicate Me(58)

By:M. Robinson

“You know we’ve known each other since seventh grade? Ten years. I can honestly say that I’ve seen you at your worst and I’ve seen you at your best. You’re an amazing mother. Mason is lucky to have you. We share a lot of memories, some of them better than others, but you’re not the same person you were four years ago. I do care about you, Stacey, and that’s not just because you’re the mother of my child.”

She raised her eyes, placing her arms on the railing to look out at the same view I was.

“For what it's worth, I was really fucked up back then. I used my body to get attention and Jesus did I get attention. Growing up I thought I was in love with you and now realize it was more that I wanted what you had with Alex. What she had with all of you. I’m sorry if I fucked that up for you.”

“It takes two to tango. And fuck, did we tango.”

She laughed. “We were really good at it.”

I laughed with her. “That we were.”

“Do you miss her?”

I didn’t falter. “Every day.”

“I bet she misses you, too. She doesn’t look at him the way she looked at you. The way she still looks at you. You know she sends Mason stuff all the time.


“Yeah. She umm, stops by every time she’s in town. She came with Cole once and I could tell he didn’t like that she was there to see your son. She didn’t let it bother her, though.”

“When was this?”

“Last time she was in town.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“She asked me not to.”

My eyebrows rose, completely caught off guard.

“Your mom sends her pictures frequently, Lucas, and she’s been doing that since he was born.”

My mouth dropped open. “My mom… she’s never…” My mind couldn’t keep up with the emotions that soared through me.

“Mason really loves her, but I got to get him home, it’s time for his bath. I don’t want to get him off his routine.”

“Okay.” I followed her inside and to her car, buckling in Mason and kissing his head goodbye.

That night when I laid in bed I thought about everything Stacey had shared. I wanted to be happy, but something in my heart wouldn’t let me and I would find out soon enough what that was.

“Oh, God,” I moaned, gripping the sheets with my hands.

“Mmm…” Cole hummed as his mouth continued its assault on my core. When I felt his finger enter my opening, my back arched off the bed and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. He moved his fingers deep inside me, hitting the sweet spot that drove me over the edge.

I breathed out my climax while he kissed his way up my body. “I fucking love the way you taste,” he groaned before claiming my mouth.

“Darlin’, I want to feel you.”

I reached for the condom that lay beside me. “Cole,” I panted. “Please.”

“Alexandra, we don’t need it. I’ll be careful. Just this once.”

I unwrapped the condom and placed it on him, rolling it up his shaft.

“Uh,” he growled into my mouth. “That’s fucking cheating.” He never let up, caging me in with his body as he effortlessly slid inside, causing me to moan upon impact.

“Fuck… you feel so good. How do you feel this fucking good, I was just inside you last night? You were made for me, Darlin’.”

He grabbed my hair by the nook of my neck and brought his lips back up to meet mine. He pecked me at first, teasing me with the tip of his tongue along the outline of my lips. My tongue sought his and our kiss quickly turned passionate. Moving on its own accord, taking what the other needed. He never broke our connection as his fingers brushed against my cheek and then down to my breasts. He caressed them lightly, grazing his fingers around my nipples and then along the sides. At the same time, he kept his other hand firmly in place behind my neck. He then rested his elbows around the sides of my face with his whole body displayed on top of me, and immediately lapped at my neck and breasts. I started to rock my hips and he took my silent plea, gyrating his hips and making my legs spread wider to accommodate him.

“That feel good?” he groaned, making his way back up to my mouth.

“You know it does…”

My arms reached around him hugging him against my body, wanting to feel his entire weight on me. He leaned his forehead on mine and our mouths parted, still touching and panting profusely, trying to feel each and every sensation of our skin on skin contact. He put all his weight on one knee and used the other for more momentum to push in and out of me.

“Tell me that feels good,” he urged, as close to his climax as I was.

“Yes… God, yes…” I shook with my release, taking him right over the edge with me. He kissed all over my face like he did every time when we were finished. Pecking my lips one last time before reluctantly getting off me. I immediately grabbed the sheets when he was up and moving around.

“Why do you always do that?” he asked, pulling up his gym shorts.

“Do what?”

“That. Cover yourself. I hate to break it to you, but I’ve seen you naked lots of times.”

I blushed.

“Never mind, cover yourself all you want, as long as I get to see your face turn that beautiful shade of red.”

“Cole,” I squealed into the sheets, leaning over to lie on my side with my head on my arm.

He lay beside me with his arm holding his head up. “So I’ve been thinking.”

“That’s dangerous.”

He grinned. “I’ve been working at my parents law firm a few months now and you know how much I despise it. Probably as much as you do yours.”

“I don’t hate my job.” I started working at a marketing company, but it wasn’t exactly the right fit for me. I wasn’t very good at talking in front of people and it showed with my presentations. “I just don’t particularly like it.”

“You know my parents are driving me insane.”

“Mmm hmm…” His parents still hated me, I think more so now than ever before.

“So I’ve been coming up with a plan.”

“Like a five-year plan?”

“Sort of. Except more like a two year-ish plan.”


“I thought maybe I could open my own firm with three guys that graduated the top of my class with me. They’re smart, really smart, been working at top law firms since we graduated a few months ago. I think it would be a great opportunity, for me, for us.”

“Yeah, that sounds great, but what do I have to do with that?”

“Well, you have a finance and business degree, I thought maybe you could come run things in the office. Like an office manager, slash finance coordinator, slash my sex slave.”

I laughed. “I don’t know, Cole. I don’t think that’s such a good idea. I mean us working together?”

“I have another idea. I actually love this one more.”


“I know we’re still young, I’m only twenty-four and you’re twenty-three, but what if you become Mrs. Hayes and I knock you up with some kids? I was thinking maybe four or five? I was the only child and so were you, I definitely want us to have a huge family.”

My eyes widened and I sat up. “What?” I asked, stunned.

He reached into his pocket and brought out a bright turquoise box that read Tiffany’s in black bold lettering.

“Oh my God.”

“I’ve wanted to do this for a really long time, Alexandra. I’ve had this ring for over a year, I bought it when we moved in together. I’ve been waiting for the right time.” He opened the box and the biggest diamond I had ever seen before sparkled bright against the light from the sun.


He got down on one knee and all I kept thinking was that I was naked and he was proposing with a ring that wasn’t me. It had to be at least three karats, and that didn’t count all the diamonds around it and on the band.

I never even wore jewelry.


“Alexandra Collins, I love you. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife? Will you marry me, Darlin’?”

I looked from the ring to him, back to the ring again. My mind a big jumbled mess. I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know what to do.

Shouldn’t I just know? Wouldn’t it be instinctual to say yes? Isn’t this what every girl wanted?

My heart was beating rapidly, hammering in my head, and making me feel dizzy. Lightheaded.

“I don’t—”

His eyes widened, worry immediately flashed through his gaze.

“I…” I licked my lips, my mouth suddenly dry. “I…” I stammered once again.

“I. Love. You,” he emphasized with a look of pure love and devotion and I crumbled.

He was a good man…

He had always been there for me…

He loved me…

He would never hurt me…

I would be safe with him…

Always and forever.

So I shut my eyes and said, “Yes.”

Except when I did...

Why did I see Lucas’s face?

“Merry Christmas,” Mason said to everyone who walked through the door.

It was my mom’s idea to host Christmas Eve. She wanted to have everyone there, and by everyone I mean everyone.