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Complicate Me(5)

By:M. Robinson

He started piling sand on top of each other with me, interlocking his with mine, our fingers brushing up against each other.

“Nah, I don’t need any help,” he simply stated, tearing down my sand tower and grinning at me with a satisfied look on his face.

“Are you sure?” She leaned over and pressed her gigantic boobs on his arm. She smelled like the honey my mom put in her tea.

Why would anyone want to smell like food?

I now hated that smell.

“I’m sure.” He brushed her off.

She made some comment about also being good at Chemistry. I didn’t understand what she implied, but Lucas grinned like a fool. When she walked away, he bumped his shoulder with mine.

“I think one of her boobs are as big as my head,” I blurted while watching her confidently stride away from him, swaying her hips with each step she took.

How did she walk like that?

He burst out laughing not following my gaze that was promptly placed on her perfect body.

Would I ever look like that?

“I think you might not be too far off from that one,” he admitted.

“Do you like her?” I asked, not being able to look him in the eye.

“She’s nice,” was all he replied.

“She seems like she likes you.”

He smiled. “Lots of girls like me.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Do you like me, Half-Pint?” he teased, standing up and clearing off the sand from his board shorts.

I rolled my eyes again. “No. I love you.”

It wasn’t the first time I had said that to him. I would say it to all of them. It was never a big deal…

Until it was.

I nodded and held out my hand to pull her up. “I love you, too,” I repeated, bringing her toward me.

We had been saying I love you to each other for God knows how long and I meant it every time I said it to her.

“She’s just a girl,” I stated, holding her in place by her shoulders in front of me.

She cocked her head, lifting her eyes to me with an inquisitive stare I didn’t recognize.

“What am I?”

I smiled. “One of us. You’ll always be one of us, Half-Pint.”

“Good.” She nodded, seeming pleased by my answer and reassurance.

“Now! Today is the day…”

“For what?”

I spun her to face the ocean, leveling myself behind her. “You’re going to surf.”

She shook her head. “Nah, I’m not ready yet.”

This was the only thing that she never showed any interest in. We lived on the east coast, Oak Island was known for sharks swimming near the shoreline, getting lost in the inlet chasing their prey. They didn't scare me. I’d been around them for what seemed like forever and it went hand-in-hand with surfing. We’d lost count of how many times we’d seen one. It was a natural occurrence for me to be sitting out on my board watching them somewhere in the ocean.

I grabbed my board, giving her the familiar stern look that meant I would get my way, with or without her consent, even though I wanted the latter. She took a deep breath, rolling her eyes as she removed her shirt and shorts that left her in her black one-piece bathing suit she hated so much. I personally thought she looked adorable, especially when her hair was up in pigtails.

“You weigh nothing, it will be so easy for you to ride a wave, and then you will understand the feeling of being one with the water.” I thought I could feel her shaking her head behind me or maybe I just knew she’d be doing it.

“That makes absolutely no sense.”

“Exactly! It’s hard to describe, there is nothing like it and it’s time you experience it. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time on the beach, teaching you how to keep your balance on the board and how to pop up once the wave hits.” I dragged her to the shoreline.

“I don’t want to, Bo.”

I laid my board on the water. “I would never let anything happen to you,” I stated, locking my eyes with hers, knowing that she could see the sincerity in my stare.

Gawking from me to the board and back at me again, she finally sighed, “Okay.”

I strapped the leash around her ankle, as she positioned the upper half of her body in the middle of the board. I gave the fin a little push and she started to paddle out into the waves. I stood there, my arms crossed over my chest with my feet planted in the water, as the receding waves pulled the sand from beneath my feet. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t fixated on watching her tiny butt, more than her effort on paddling out against the current. Her bathing suit rode up her cheeks, making it easy for me to do so.

I didn't think much about it, being that young. I just chalked it up to normal boy hormones.

She paddled past the break and awkwardly tried to sit up on the board, still trying to maintain her balance and not flip over. She sat there for a bit once she was comfortable. Dragging her legs back and forth in the water, enjoying the way it felt on her feet and in-between her toes. She started drumming on my board, swaying her body side-to-side, her lips moving, singing Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison, I was sure, I sang it to her constantly. Completely oblivious to anything around her, including when she should be catching a wave, but I couldn’t help the huge smile that crept on my face.

She always had that effect on me. I loved her carefree, childlike personality, making lemonade out of lemons wherever she went. She captivated me all the time, enveloping me with her mannerisms and demeanor that was just plain Alex. A part of me knew she was aware of it, the effect she had on me. It didn’t matter what she’d be doing, my eyes followed her everywhere, constantly waiting for her to do something else that would make me fall in love with her just a little bit more.

I thought it was normal…

The feelings I had for her. I thought all the boys felt that way, assuming she had a gravitational pull on all of us. I learned later that I was wrong.

I couldn’t have been more wrong had I tried.

She finally paddled for a few waves here and there with no luck and I saw it before it happened, a shark skimming through the waves. I knew if I yelled for her to paddle in she would freak the hell out and probably flip my board, ending up in the water.

So I waited, dreading the reaction from her that I knew would come. She sat back up and not even a minute later the shark bumped the board with its nose. It hit hard enough to make her aware of what was going on, what had happened. Even from the shoreline I could see her panicked expression. I ran out into the waves, far enough to where she could hear me.

“Half-Pint! Lay on the board and hold onto the sides and let the white water drag you back in!” I watched for the right wave and time. “Do it now!”

She immediately did as she was told. I waited until I could grab the nose of the board and helped her in. I could see the tears falling down the sides of her face before we were back on land and I knew I was in trouble. Alex didn’t cry.


“I told you! I told you I didn’t want to go out there! Why would you do that to me?” she bellowed, yelling at me in an unfamiliar tone before she was even off the board.

“Half-Pint, I’m sorry. Calm down,” I reasoned, grabbing her arms to help her off the board while trying to comfort and hold her up at the same time.

“No! You didn’t listen to me! I’m so mad at you! Let go of me!”

I held her tighter, pulling her toward me. “Half-Pint,” I coaxed. “You’re okay. I’m sorry. I would never hurt you. I would never let anything happen to you. You know that, please. I’m sorry,” I apologized with desperation and frustration filling my eyes and voice.

She thrashed in my arms, desperately wanting to pull away from me and it broke my heart.

“Lucas Ryder, let go of me! Let go of me this instant before I kick you where the sun don’t shine! Do you hear me? I want nothing to do with you! Now let go!”

I tried not to laugh, amused with her banter and feisty spirit. “No, not until you forgive me.”

She screamed, heaving back far enough that I had to grip her wrists. “Stop screaming.”

“Then let go of me!” she argued through gritted teeth near my face.

“Are you going to forgive me?” I replied not backing down.

“Hell. No.”

“You stubborn lil’ thang.” I jerked her forward, closer to my face and she lost her footing.

She wouldn’t stop fighting while I just held onto her, barely breaking a sweat or using any of my strength. She knew her efforts wouldn’t matter. She would never be able to overpower me and get away. I was bigger, she wouldn’t be able to go unless I wanted her to, and I knew that pissed her off more than anything.

“Stop being such a girl,” I simply stated.

Her eyes widened, gasping loudly. “Oh my God! Let go! Let go before I really hurt you. I’m not kidding, Lucas!” she yelled out directly in my face.

Thank God the beach was secluded or we definitely would have attracted a crowd. Her parents’ restaurant wasn’t far from us.

“You and what army, Alexandra.”

And then she screamed again. She screamed so damn loud you would think I was killing her. My ears felt like they were bleeding and I worried that someone would hear her and then shit would really hit the fan. If my mom knew I let her go out on my board, she would have my ass. Our parents were always grateful that she didn’t care for surfing, saying it was enough to worry about those treacherous waves and me. She was violently whipping around and screaming bloody murder, if I used any force, then I could hurt her, and I definitely didn’t want to do that. Before I gave it any thought, I did the only thing I could think of to shut her up.