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Bound (Mastered #1)(12)

By:Lorelei James

Normally she'd bristle at such presumptive behavior. But Amery liked that he hadn't stopped by as an afterthought, that he'd planned it. "Sounds good."

"I'll drive. I'm parked out front."

"I'll grab my purse and meet you."

She quickly peeked in the bathroom mirror to check her hair and makeup. Thankfully her meeting with a new client earlier meant she'd put extra effort into her appearance today. One thing she loved about her job and owning her business? She didn't have to dress to the nines every day. So donning a feminine business suit always bolstered her self-confidence. She'd need an extra boost in dealing with an enigmatic man like Ronin Black.

After locking the front door, she scanned the cars parallel-parked on the tree-lined block. No sign of him. She turned and her heart stopped. Ronin stood in front of a motorcycle.

His gaze moved over her, from the tips of her gray peep-toe pumps to the hem of her pink and gray tweed pencil skirt. His lips quirked. "Nice suit. Good thing the restaurant is only twelve blocks from here."

"You don't seriously expect me to climb on the back of that thing in this outfit?"

"Of course. I even brought you a helmet."

"I don't see how a helmet will keep my skirt from riding up and showing everyone in downtown Denver the color of my panties."

"Then I guess you'd better sit real close to me to keep it a secret."

"Maybe I should-"

He loomed over her. "It's twelve blocks. If you hate the ride over, I'll call a cab to bring you back here after lunch. But you've got to at least try it. You know you want to."

How had he known that? "I'm putting myself in your hands, Ronin."

"You have no idea how much that appeals to me," he murmured.

His words flowed across her as potent as a caress.

"Hold still." He slipped the helmet on and flipped the visor up. "Is it pinching anywhere?"


Ronin swept her hair over her shoulders. He draped her long purse strap over her head, positioning her purse against her hip. "Let's go." He closed the visor and dug the keys out of his pocket before he climbed onto the bike.

Talk about a nice butt. Good thing the visor hid her lustful eyes-not good to be drooling over a new client.

And she might've pulled off her silent reminder to keep it professional, if she hadn't been forced to sit so close to him on the bike seat that angled down, smashing her crotch against that nice ass. All professional thoughts vanished when she wrapped her arms around his hard muscular core as they zoomed through city traffic.

The ride didn't take long and Amery was sort of sad to see it end.

Ronin held the bike steady as she quickly dismounted. She pulled the helmet off, shaking her hair free before she straightened her skirt.

"Want me to carry your helmet?" he asked.

"Nope. Holding it makes me feel a like a badass biker chick."

"You're a little too wholesome looking to pull that off."


Amery faced him. "Did you mean wholesome as an insult?"

Ronin invaded her space. "Not at all. It just requires more patience convincing a wholesome woman like you to take a walk on the wild side. But once you're there . . ." His eyes were glued to her mouth. "I bet you'd put badass biker chicks to shame."

Her entire body heated, but she managed a droll, "I'm wondering who you see when you're looking at me, because I don't see that at all."

"You should look deeper, because it's right there in your eyes."

Amery placed her hand on his chest and leaned in, catching a whiff of his exotic cologne. "You are dangerous, and not because you've got mad martial arts skills."


"Because you almost make me believe you can read me that well." Amery sidestepped him and walked through the open door to the restaurant. She paused at the hostess stand, inhaling several deep breaths to try and calm down.

A warm body pressed against her back, and soft lips brushed her ear. "Pink."

She turned her head and his lips moved to her cheek. "What?"

"The only person who saw your underwear was me. And they're pink."

The host approached and bowed. "Master Black."

Ronin returned the bow. "Michael. You're looking good. How's the family?"

"Wonderful. Angelina and I are so proud our Christina graduated with honors in May."

"Congratulations. You have every right to be proud."

"If not for your help . . . our Christina might not be . . ."

"Please." Ronin held up his hand in a say no more gesture. "Give my best to your wife and daughter."