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Biker's Baby Girl

By:Jordan Silver
Chapter 1


Three days and counting! I looked at the little calendar I kept on my phone for this one purpose with a smirk. Almost there thank fuck. The last six months had been the hardest, though it seemed like I’d been staring at this thing for the whole two and a half years or so since I started the countdown.

I’m kinda surprised I made it; half the time shit had been touch and go. There were nights when my need was so strong I almost lost my fucking mind.

In the beginning I’d tried losing myself in other things, but that shit only went so far to leashing the beast. He knew who he wanted and there were no substitutes.

I opened my wallet and studied the little dog eared image I kept there. My heart did its usual pitter-patter bullshit, and I was pleased to note that it no longer freaked me the fuck out. I was getting used to being owned by her.

Damn, if my crew knew about this shit they’d laugh their asses off. There’s always been speculation about my indifference to the women who threw themselves at me, especially here of late.

No one knew that the badass biker king had given up his Cut so to speak, to a little half pint female no less. And the funniest part is that she has no idea. All that’s about to change in the next few days though, and my dick can’t wait to feel all that tightness.

She’d better be fucking tight. Of course she is, she’s my good girl, my babygirl. I laid my head back against the chair as I pictured her beneath me. There was no sense in trying to curb my thoughts; they always came back here.

I could almost imagine the feel of her skin, the taste of her pink lips. Did she still have that cheery flavored smell? In my mind I saw her much tinier form dwarfed by mine as I took her in my king-sized bed.

I could feel the tightness of her virgin pussy as it wrapped around my cock, sucking me in, milking me. “Shit.”

I pressed down on my cock when it started to grow behind my zipper. No fucking way, I was saving this all for her. I tried talking myself down, pulling myself back from the brink.

Fuck. I had to stand so the blood could flow to where it was needed in my dick. This always happens when I think of that first fuck, that first taste.

As much as she has me twisted, she’d better be cherry, there had better be blood at the end of my dick when I breech her for the first time, or her little ass will pay the price.

My phone rang in the middle of my mini meltdown and I answered it absently. “Soon babygirl.” I kissed the plastic like the sap I’d become before putting it away again. “Yo.”

“Max, I have to be out, got a little situation just came up.” I hung up before my second in command could answer. He didn't have any choice in the matter but to hold shit down until I got back anyway.

I threw some gear in my saddlebag and headed out of my place with a determined stride. I had my open carry on my hip and a concealed around my ankle. My Bowie was in my back and I had backup in my cache, so I was good to go.

If I get pulled over anywhere between here and my destination, the cops could go fuck themselves. Wasn’t a one of them I couldn’t outrun anyway. It might be legal to carry, but some shit just wasn’t made for the streets, or so they say.

I was in a killing mood after that phone-call, but no one would be the wiser. That’s part of my M.O. never let a motherfucker see you coming.

Though I wasn’t breaking a sweat about what I was heading into; I never do, I can hold my own. But I was a little out of sorts because of her, the female I was going to rescue.

I didn’t want our first meeting in more than two years to be like this. I had plans all laid out, had been working that shit out in my head for the better part of the last few months, and now this.

I switched gears in my head and looked ahead to when this shit was behind us, to after I’d handled what I needed to.

I was purposely keeping my mind from drifting too far off into what I was gonna find at the end of this ride. For one, there was nothing I could do before I get there, and for another, I was too fucking pissed to think.

I hopped on my ride and rode out alone. Not something I usually do, not since I formed the crew a few years ago. But I didn’t want to waste the time it would take for the crew to mount up. The sooner I get to her and assess the situation, the better for all involved.

Plus I didn't like men around her, not even those I trust. Not yet anyway, not until I’d staked my claim and put my brand on her. Shit would be easier that way, might save a lot of unnecessary ass whippings.

Life was going to be a basket of fucking laughs from now on, because my place was always crawling with testosterone. I hadn’t worked out how I was going to deal with that shit, didn’t have to really.

I’d been planning to bring her home in another three days. That was about the time I was planning to tell them I had an old lady. Fuck they need prior warning for?

When I start explaining myself to anyone that’s the time I need to hang shit up. I’d done enough of that shit in the army, never a fucking gain.

Like I said, I’d had shit all worked out in my head for a few days down the road. But now some asshole had stepped out of fucking line in a big fucking way and I had to move shit up a couple days.

I was studiously avoiding thinking of the report I’d just received each time it teased the edges of my mind. That shit was only gonna cause me to wipe out on the highway, or end an asshole in a road rage situation.

And the only blood I wanted on my hands this night was the motherfucker’s who’d thought to touch what’s mine. Yeah, I felt my fingers beginning to get twitchy. Pull back Creed; take a deep breath.

I hit the road for the three-hour ride that was a straight shoot on I80. She had no idea I was coming, no idea that I had even been planning to come get her before this. I’d kept her in the dark too, because my mind was already made up and that was all that was needed.

I didn’t need anyone’s permission, not even hers. She was mine plain and simple, had always been. If anyone needed time to play catch up with that shit that was on them. I pretty much didn’t give a left nut about that shit.

She’d better be of sound mind and body when I get there though, or that little town was gonna go up in flames. I sped up a notch and let the wind propel me through the night, taking me to her, my destiny, my babygirl.


I didn't have to see him to know who was out there. Just the sudden wild beating of my heart and the tingle down my spine were enough. “Creed.”

His name was a whisper on my lips as I ran down the stairs just as the engine went dead outside. I was all but vibrating, hopping from foot to foot in my excitement.

Until I remembered that I was no longer a little girl and it was no longer appropriate for me to run and jump into his arms the way I did when I was little and cute.

That only dimmed my excitement for a half a sec. Somehow this time I couldn’t bring myself to care, he was here and that’s all that mattered. It had been so long…

He came through the door like he owned the place just as I reached the bottom stair. “Creed.” I couldn’t hold back the sigh of his name as my knees went weak. Still the same!

It's as if he knew, the way he came in and just stood there watching me without saying a word. I don’t know how, but I felt it. And under that look, that stare that seemed to see right through me, my newfound confidence faltered.

I wanted so badly for the last three years to disappear, to be that same young girl who was still cute and adorable in the way she adored her 'uncle Creed'. But I was afraid those days were long gone, and what made it worst, was that he knew it too.

I’d been careful to keep from giving myself away, but lately, the more I thought about it the more I was convinced that something had let my secret out of the bag.

How else could I explain the long absence? Or the fact that he’d just disappeared from my life with just phone calls between us instead of the visits I had so looked forward to in the past.

I wasn’t about to whine and moan to him though; he’d done so much for me already. I knew it was the greatest folly to expect more. But how I wish…

"Come." That one word spoken in his sweet baritone, which still had the power to make me weak, was all that was needed to have the barriers come tumbling down and send me running towards him, as his arms opened to accept me.

I let myself enjoy, just suck in the enormity of the moment. It had been so long since he’d held me, since I’d inhaled his scent. Home, he felt like home and my poor young heart seized for what could never be.

"You're here." I whispered the words into his neck as I felt the floodgates about to open up and suck me under. I had promised myself that I wouldn't do this. Each time I thought of seeing him again I had sworn to myself that I wouldn't break down like this.

I’d told myself that the next time I saw him I would be all grown up. But just the sight of him had everything flooding my mind at once and I couldn't hold back. He held me closer, tighter, his arms offering comfort as I struggled with my emotions.

Just as his arms closed around me I heard movement behind me, and not long after her voice and I stiffened. Why must she spoil it? I felt the loss I knew was about to come and he hadn’t even put me down yet. I got in one last squeeze and inhaled his scent before the inevitable could happen.

"Stop that Jessie, you're too grown to be acting like that." I started to pull away at the censor and disapproval in that tone, but the arms around me tightened. "Stay where you are." I looked up at his face and my heart hurt. He's so beautiful that it was torture just to look at him.