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Best of Bosses 2008(191)

By:Kate Hardy

Logan was glad that he and Sally had finally decided to live here rather than in his penthouse. They’d spent the past six months dividing their time between both places and it had been fun for a while, but it was good to be settled.

He liked the sense of permanence the decision had brought. Besides, Sally was very emotionally attached to this house and they were renting out his penthouse for an outrageous sum.

Everything was working out amazingly well. In spite of ditching his five-year plan, his business was going from strength to strength. He’d tried to coax Sally into taking his PA’s position, but she’d vetoed that idea. In the end, he’d known she was wise to leave Blackcorp and get a new job in Chloe’s favourite art gallery.

Now, they both shared an interest in his business but, at the end of the working day, they came to each other as lovers rather than co-workers.

Life with Sally was, as Logan had always suspected, incredibly romantic and an enormous adventure.

‘Oh, no! That apron has to go. It makes you look far too sexy.’

At the sound of Sally’s voice Logan spun around. She was wearing a cream silk blouse with black velvet trousers and she’d done something with her hair to make it look sophisticated, yet casual and utterly gorgeous.

He grinned at her. ‘You look good enough to eat.’

‘I’m afraid fiancées aren’t on the menu tonight.’ She smiled as she waved her left hand at him, making the solitaire diamond flash and sparkle. ‘Just roast lamb, followed by poached pears with Mascarpone.’

‘But I can have you for hors d’oeuvres.’

‘Of course you can.’ Laughing, she crossed the kitchen and wound her arms about his neck. Her slender curves pressed close and she touched her lips to his jaw and a soft groan escaped him. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all. With Sally in his arms, he feared he’d be in no fit state to greet their guests.

‘I hope they don’t stay too late tonight,’ she said, grinning cheekily. ‘I can’t wait to tell our families the wonderful news about our wedding, but by the end of this evening I’ll be desperate to be alone with you.’

They shared a smile, a private and intimate smile, brimming with promise, and Logan gathered her close again.

Two nights ago, right here in this kitchen, this wonderful woman had agreed to marry him. Now he created havoc with her lipstick just as the front doorbell rang.