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Beg Me(8)

By:Cassandra Dee

Because every thought of being appropriate flew out of my mind the moment I laid eyes on her up close. WTF? That swimsuit was even worse up close. Her tits were so huge that I could see the top of one of one pale pink areola, the rosy circle sweet and sensitive, it was that low-cut. And oh fuck, but the crotch was no crotch at all. It was more like a string running between her pussy lips, how the fuck could Jim and Brenda let their daughter wear this? A burqa would have been more appropriate, or maybe a full-body scuba suit, yeah that sounded more like it.

So my eyes blazing, I said a rough hello. And fuck, the conversation went off the rails from that very moment, there were no niceties, no “getting to know you” small talk. Because within minutes, the brunette was fucking herself with a coke bottle for me, pushing that green glass up her cunt, the bottle smeared with white as it moved in and out, and I was an animal in response. I grabbed my dick and went at it sixty miles an hour, spraying Lindy with blast after blast of slick semen, painting her torso, her boobs, her stomach with my cream, watching as arc after arc landed on the girl, glistening on those generous curves.

But the brunette was no newbie. Sure, she gasped when the first lash of sperm hit her tits, but soon she was massaging it into her skin, treating it like lotion, even pushing some of it into her cunt as she came all over the coke bottle, her labia gripping the glass tight, hugging and convulsing as she practically shot off the lounger. And oh fuck, oh fuck, we’d done it all within twenty feet of the remaining guests, fuck, within twenty feet of her mom and dad, muffling our moans, letting out silent screams, forcing our bodies not to betray us to the world.

So yeah, that happened. And shit, but the encounter has been on repeat in my mind since it happened, for sixteen fucking hours straight driving me crazy, and now I’m ready to ravage the girl again, abduct her from her parents’ house and bring her back to mine, tie her to a bed and make her cum until she absolutely shatters.

So what could I do? Seething with frustration, I ground my teeth until an idea popped into my mind. I didn’t get to be CEO without some ingenuity, and I realized the solution was right in front of my eyes. Because I didn’t need a reason. I’m Jim’s boss, I own that man, and fuck, if I wanted to go over there now and help myself to his daughter? It was fucking wrong, I was an asshole, a caveman, but so what? The blood was pounding in my groin and I jumped into my SUV, ready to take what was mine.



I was lying in bed re-living my encounter with Mr. Jones for the millionth time when tires squealed into the driveway. What the hell? Even though I’d been in the middle of lightly tracing my clit, absentmindedly stroking my wet cunt, I jolted up in bed to glance out my second floor window. And oh my god, but it was Chris Jones himself, the man of my dreams, his masculine form huge and assertive, stepping out of luxury SUV, the expression on his face grim.

What the hell? What was he doing here Sunday at six a.m.? No one in the neighborhood was awake, there were a couple birds tweeting, a couple rays of sunshine just starting to come out from behind the mountains, what the hell? This was insane, nothing good could come of this. So I rushed downstairs in my nightshirt, a big pink tee that came down mid-thigh with only my tiny panties on underneath.

“Mr. Jones,” I hissed opening the front door and poking my head out. “What are you doing here?”

He stopped for a moment, looking dazed as if caught momentarily unawares. But then recognition dawned once more at the sight of me and he charged up the stairs, seizing my wrist.

“Come on Lindy,” he ground out.#p#分页标题#e#

And god, but his big hand was so warm around mine, so commanding and possessive that I almost went with it, almost let him drag me off.

But reality got a hold of me, and I resisted, pulling my arm back, squeaking a bit even as I tried to keep my voice down.

“Mr. Jones!” I protested, “Stop! What are you doing?”

But with one thrust, he pulled me out from behind the door so that I stood with him on my front porch in nothing but my nightshirt. And that made the big man stop, eyes eating me up, running over every inch of my form, hungry, almost panting.

“What the hell?” I whispered angrily again. “You can’t just come and abduct me, what the hell?”

Chris shook himself but the look of determination didn’t leave those blue eyes, if anything they only got more intense.

“Lindy,” he ground out. “Come and talk with me in my car.”

I shook my head furiously. Hadn’t he just heard my outburst? I wasn’t about to be kidnapped.