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Beg Me(7)

By:Cassandra Dee

And I groaned. I knew what it was, Brenda probably needed help getting the cake ready, lighting candles or getting the dessert plates.

“Sure Mom,” I managed to say in a semi-normal voice, the words a little croaky despite my best effort. “In a sec.”

And with another sweet shove, I pushed the bottle in again, this time frigging my clit at the same time, gasping under my breath, my body pulsing and arching. It was so good, so hot, to know that we were touching ourselves within twenty feet of assorted family and friends that Chris and I came simultaneously, my pussy pumping around the glass bottle as Chris roared under his breath, ejaculating all over my breasts, dripping onto my stomach, running into the sweet vee between my legs.

“Awwww fuck,” he moaned quietly. “Fuck fuck fuck.”

And I was no better. The shower of white electrified me, I loved seeing the sperm jump through the air, sail in arcs before spattering on my tits, globs and rivulets running all over me. My cunt pulsed and spasmed on the bottle inside, gripping it tight, my nether lips seizing the green glass like it was the real thing, a dick inside with a job to do.

“Oh oh oh!” I cried breathily, trying to keep it down. “Oh!”

But we’d both been too loud.

“There’s that damn dog again,” said the disembodied female voice, this time a little louder. “Wonder what’s going on?”#p#分页标题#e#

“Or it could be the squirrel again,” smirked the same male voice. “You know, death throes and all.”

Suddenly, I recognized who it was. It was my Aunt Mildred and Uncle Ronald, my dad’s sister and brother in law. They were middle aged busybodies to the max, always gossiping about this or that, nosy and annoying, I tried to avoid them most of the time. And unfortunately, footsteps were approaching as their voices grew louder.

Chris had the same realization, his dick still stiff, shaking with the remnants of his cum as he stuffed the massive pole back into his shorts. Just as quickly, he threw the towel at me and I covered myself, rubbing some of the semen into my skin as I swathed myself in terrycloth.

And in the next second, Aunt Mildred and Uncle Ronald were on us.

“Oh hey there,” simpered my aunt, looking Chris up and down closely, that big body so devastatingly gorgeous that she’d probably forgotten about the weird noises already. “I’m Mildred, Jim’s sister. You’re his boss right? Chris?”

And to his credit, Mr. Jones looked completely calm, completely at ease even though two dark slashes still decorated his cheekbones.

“Yes, I am,” he said deep in his chest. “Chris Jones. Nice to meet you.”

And I took that as my opportunity to slip away.

“Bye Aunt Mildred, Uncle Ronald,” I squeaked. “Mom’s expecting me in the kitchen so I gotta roll. Talk to you later, okay?”

But Mildred didn’t even notice and her husband was too busy cowering in Mr. Jones’s presence to be aware of me. So I crept off quietly, trying to look as normal as possible as I walked past the remainder of the guests, Chris’s cum warm and hot on my body, smeared all over my breasts. Oh god, this was so wrong, we’d frigged ourselves to orgasms within twenty feet of the other party guests, at my parents’ anniversary party to boot. Oh god, we were such dirty perverts, oh god, oh god.

But I couldn’t resist. When I got to the patio door I shot a quick look backwards in Chris’s direction. And what do you know but he was looking right at me, his blue eyes knowing, a slight half-smile on his face as he took in my curvy form. My pulse jumped, my body flaring with heat once more. Because oh god, what had I done? What had we just done together? Mr. Jones was my dad’s boss … and I had just fucked myself with a coke bottle in front of him.



I couldn’t get the thought of Lindy out of my mind. When had she become so delicious, so irresistible? I’d gone to the party for her, although it was supposedly to help my employee celebrate his twentieth anniversary. But I didn’t give a fuck about Jim, it’ll all been for his daughter.

And as usual, my sixth sense paid off. The brunette was all grown up now, curvy and delectable wearing a swimsuit way too small for her. What the fuck was she thinking? I saw the teen sneak out the side door, skulking by the edge of the lawn before lying on the lounger, sunglasses on. But Lindy caught my eye immediately because her curves were leaking from the black nylon in every direction, her boobs almost busting out and nothing more than a tiny string on the bottom.

And fuck, I had to have it, had to get my hands on that. But I’m a predator who waits for the right time, waiting for the precisely right moment to strike. So I waited until late afternoon, biding my time, when everyone was relaxed with a warm, balmy breeze blowing through the trees. And most folks were gone by now, just a bunch of losers still hanging out by the food table. Perfect, no one was gonna notice. So I strode over to Lindy to reacquaint ourselves, and fuck, but was it an incredible getting-to-know-you-again.#p#分页标题#e#