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Beautifully Damaged(10)

By:L.A. Fiore

And then I disappeared into my room not bothering to wait for a reply.

The club was crowded but Trent and I did manage to get a table. It was karaoke/open-mic night so for the next hour we listened to some truly dreadful singing but it was a hell of a lot of fun. I learned something about myself. Apparently, I was someone who lost all of my inhibitions when I drank because I decided I wanted to give the open mic a shot. When the mic was free I looked over at Trent.

"Will you go up there with me?"


He stood, and reached for my elbow, as he led me up onto the stage. He grabbed the acoustic guitar and took one of the stools while I took the other, the one that sat right behind a mic.

"What song, Ember?"

I thought on that for a minute before I answered, "Do you know Blood Brothers from Ingrid Michaelson?"


I closed my eyes as Trent strummed out the first few measures and then I just lost myself to the song.

I would love to have been a rock star but I am ridiculously shy and fortifying myself with alcohol every night just wouldn't be wise. The song came to an end with a moment of silence before the crowd roared in approval. I sat there just looking out at the crowd as excitement burned through me. I stood and turned to Trent and ran to him throwing myself into his arms.

"Nicely done, Ember." He whispered into my ear.

I pulled back before I smacked a nice, big, wet kiss on his mouth. "That was so much fun."

"Hell, yeah."

Three hours later, Trent and I both were ready to go. I had a few too many drinks and though I wasn't staggering, I knew I was going to be hurting in the morning. I excused myself to the restroom and as I returned noticed a shadow of a man against the wall. I approached and recognized him immediately. My reaction was startling and completely involuntary as my blood warmed in my veins. I had been starting to think that I might be a witch because the chances of seeing him here had been way too improbable.

Part of me wondered if he wasn't stalking me. I knew the thought was crazy and even crazier was the fact that the idea of him stalking me didn't freak me out, it made me warm with desire. He was watching me with those steely-blue eyes and I tried to focus on my behavior from the previous day but luckily my brain was swimming in spirits and I couldn't hold onto the thought.

I knew I should have continued to the bar to Trent but I was feeling nine-feet tall and bulletproof. I walked over and stood in front of him. He was leaning against the wall with one foot casually crossed over the other and his hands shoved into the front pockets of his jeans. He was wearing a t-shirt that bared his fabulous arms for my viewing pleasure and, oh, yes, I did view them before I moved my eyes to his.



I searched the area around him before turning my attention back to him with a coy, little smile curving my lips.

"Alone this evening?"

A slow, sexy grin tugged at the corner of his mouth as his eyes lit with humor. "...as you see. That was quite the performance earlier."

"Ah, you saw that?"

"Yes, I don't remember enjoying anything more."

Pleasure -- pure and simple -- sizzled through me at those words and then he asked, "Do you do that often?"

"No, I'm really very shy."

His eyebrow rose ever so slightly in response.

"Oh." I leaned closer to him he lowered his head to me. "I'm working a very nice buzz."

His grin turned into a full out smile: both charming and wicked; and it quite literally took my breath away. I was staring at his mouth and I knew I should look away but I couldn't because, honest to god, he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. Thanks to the alcohol currently numbing my brain I opened my big mouth and spoke exactly what I was thinking.

"God, you're beautiful."

His expression changed and I imagined that was how he looked right before he made a woman his and the thought of that had my heart beating wildly in my chest. To be under him, gripping those thickly muscled biceps, as he moved deeply inside of me. The visual was so hot I started to fan myself.

"Oh my. I need to go."

"How are you getting home?"

"I might fly." I muttered just as Trent joined us.

"You ready, Ember?"

No! "Yes."

Trent looked from me to Trace and back again before he said, "I'll meet you at the door."

I watched him leave before I looked back at Trace just as he pushed off the wall and moved, in that very sexy swagger, to stand right in front of me. He ran his finger down my cheek and along my jaw before his thumb brushed along my lower lip, his eyes following the progress before they found mine.

"Goodnight, Ember."