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Baby, You're Mine(10)

By:Fiona Davenport

“Let’s do it,” I heard myself say. I hadn’t even known the words were in my head, let alone were going to pop out of my mouth. I clapped my hands over my lips in surprise, my eyes widening in wonder when I realized the ramification of what I’d just said and how much I really meant it. The only thing which had been holding me back from saying yes each time Wyatt had asked me to marry him before was my certainty that he was only asking because of the baby. But hearing him now, I finally understood how wrong I’d been. As impossible as it was to believe, Wyatt wanted me. Just me, baby or no baby. And I wanted him, too.

“Do what, baby?”

I sat up, turning on my knees to stare down at him. “Let’s get married. Now, before heading back home.” His abdominal muscles tightened underneath my palm as he bent upwards. I hurried to explain, afraid he wouldn’t agree with my idea. “We aren’t far from Vegas, right? Let’s hop back in the car and find a chapel and get married. Tonight.”

“You want to get married tonight?” he repeated, a huge grin spreading across his face.

“Yeah,” I sighed. “I really do.”

“Hell yes!” he roared, jumping from the bed and lifting me up to twirl me around. Then he gently placed me back on my feet. He threw his clothes back on before helping me with mine. “I know I should insist you get some sleep and getting married can wait until the morning, but I promised myself I’d get my ring on your finger as soon as I possibly could and I’m not about to waste a single moment now that you’ve said yes.”

My eyes filled with tears as I watched him toss all our stuff back into our bags. “Won’t we need all that stuff when we come back after?”

He zipped the bags up and flung them over his shoulder. “We aren’t coming back, baby. We might be about to do the whole Vegas wedding thing, but I’m not about to spend my wedding night with my beautiful bride in a no-name hotel on the side of the road.”

I glanced up at the moon while he practically dragged me to the truck. “There’s not going to be much of a night left to enjoy.”

He helped me into the passenger seat, buckling my belt for me and then headed to his side of the truck and hopped in, turning the key and pulling out of the parking lot. “It’ll be more than enough since it’s the first night you’ll have my ring on your finger and my last name as your own.”

“Rings,” I gasped, my eyes tearing up again when I realized how unprepared I was for a wedding. “And a dress. Flowers.”

Wyatt stretched his arm out, lacing his fingers through mine and squeezing tightly. “I’ve already got the ring covered, baby. I’ve been carrying it around with me for weeks.”

If he’d really bought a ring weeks ago, there was something I didn’t understand. “You never showed me a ring when you asked me to marry you.”

“Would it have made a difference?”

I thought about it for a moment. “Yeah, it might have.”

“Well, now I know you want me for more than the diamond ring in my pocket.”

I laughed lightly. “And I know you want me for more than the baby in my belly.”

“It sounds like we have the biggest problem solved, then. How about you do a quick Internet search and find out which chapel is the best and make sure they offer dresses, tuxes, and flowers.”

I looked him up and down, thinking of the sight of him in a tux standing at the end of the aisle waiting for me. We were less than an hour from the strip, and I could hardly wait to see if the reality was better than my imagination.

Three hours later, I discovered my fantasies didn’t even come close. Wyatt stood next to the minister and I sped up my pace in my rush to get to him. As soon as I got close, he stepped forward and grasped my hands in his. “You look stunning.”

I felt beautiful. The moment I’d seen the ivory lace wedding dress hanging in the racks of gowns available, I knew it was the one I had to wear. The wedding coordinator, who was now acting as our witness, had told me I’d picked one of the new dresses which had just arrived that afternoon. I’d be the first, and last, bride to wear it because Wyatt had told her to add it to his tab. Of course, I’d teased him about wanting it for when our baby girl got married someday.

“You’re not too shabby yourself.”

The ceremony passed by in a blur and before I knew it, we’d been declared man and wife. Before the minister was able to tell Wyatt he could kiss his bride, his lips were on mine. It was the gentlest kiss he’d given me but still filled with all the passion we felt for each other.

“You’re officially mine, Mrs. Kincaid.”

He went about showing me exactly how much I was his, all night long, before bundling me into the truck the next morning and letting me sleep for the rest of the drive home. Well, except for the following night in the hotel where I got very little sleep.

Chapter 10


I almost couldn’t believe it when I woke up the morning after our wedding, and the next, and even more so the first one where we woke together in our house. I found myself immediately reaching for Bailey’s hand to make sure there was a ring on it. Now the world would know she was mine. Mrs. Kincaid. Damn, I loved the sound of that.

Opening my eyes and realizing that we were finally home in our bed, I breathed a sigh of contentment before I noticed that Bailey wasn’t in my arms. It was surprising since she tended to sleep plastered to my body. Not that I was complaining.

I sat up, looking around. “Baby?” I felt a stirring of panic, thinking maybe she changed her mind and ran. The sound of someone getting sick reached my ears at that moment, and I felt like an idiot for my momentary freakout. I jumped up and walked swiftly to the bathroom, finding Bailey on her knees over the toilet. Grabbing a cloth, I ran it under cool water and swiped it over her forehead before resting it on her neck. “Hey,” I murmured, “are you alright?”

She sat up and glared at me, “No! I’m puking my guts out and it’s all your damn fault!”

“I’m sorry, baby.” I put on my best sympathetic face, I felt bad that she was sick, but I wasn’t at all sorry that she was carrying my baby.

“No you’re not,” she practically snarled. “I can see the macho caveman in there dancing a fucking jig at the proof that he got his woman pregnant.” I laughed, but quickly sobered when her eyes narrowed and the look in her eyes became violent. Scooping her up, I set her on the bathroom counter and grabbed her toothbrush, handing it over after I put toothpaste on it.

While she brushed, I turned on the shower, then returned to her side to take care of my own teeth.

“Om gon ge at,” she mumbled around her toothbrush.

I rinsed, then moved to stand between her legs, the expression on her face was forlorn. I raised an eyebrow. “Want to try that again without a mouth full of foam?”

She leaned to the side, over the sink, to spit and rinse then sat back up facing me.

“I’m going to get fat.” Her voice was morose and her eyes were getting watery. “You’ll look like that”—she gestured to my naked body—“and I’ll look like a whale.”

I rubbed her little baby bump with one hand and placed the other on her cheek. “This belly is going to be swollen with our baby and I can’t wait to watch it grow. You’ll never be less than gorgeous to me, Bailey, and seeing your sexy little body round with my kid will only add to your beauty.”

“But, I’ll be bitchy and hormonal, you aren’t going to want to have sex with a mean, fat lady,” she whined.

I couldn’t hold in the chuckle this time, which earned me a punch in the arm.

“I will always,” I started and placed my palms on her shoulders, “always, want this body,” I smoldered. I took my time admiring every delicious inch of her. Her large tits, her wide hips, so perfect for gripping as I thrust into her, her thick thighs that squeezed so tight, and her pink, succulent pussy. I slid my hands down her arms, then moved them back up to rest on her collarbone before watching them descend to cup her full tits. Her nipples hardened and I gently squeezed them, earning a low moan from her. “These are already mouthwatering and they are getting bigger. How could I not crave them?” Continuing the journey down, I grasped her hips and yanked her up against me, forcing her to circle my waist with her legs or lose her balance.

Her naked pussy was snug up against my cock. He was already standing at morning attention, but the heat and slick moisture of her core had him hardening to the point of pain.

She moaned again and I nipped at her lips, rocking into her slowly. “I could never stop wanting this pussy clamping down on my cock and ”—I dragged a finger through her wet folds, then brought the finger to my lips and licked it clean—“eating this pussy will always be my favorite meal.”

Bailey surged forward and fused our lips together, just as I drove into her soaked pussy. We both cried out, our sounds of passion swallowed in each other’s mouths.

Kissing down the column of her throat, I licked and sucked until I reached one taut little peak and wrapped my lips around it. I loved the sounds she made when we were fucking. It only fueled my need for her and I sucked her nipple deep into my mouth to hear her cry out my name.