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Baby, You're Mine

By:Fiona Davenport
Chapter 1


I stepped inside the dark and smoky interior of Jumpin’ Jacks, the only bar in Red Springs, Nebraska. It wasn’t far out of North Platte, but it was the nearest place to hang out without going into the city. I squinted as my eyes adjusted and scanned the room, but didn’t see the friend I was supposed to meet. Winding my way through the tables, I approached the bar and caught the eye of Wendy, the bartender. I lifted my chin in greeting, and she smiled, winking one heavily kohl-lined eye before grabbing a beer, popping the top, and sliding it down to my waiting hand.

Wendy’s smile widened and she flipped her bleached blonde hair over one bony shoulder. She swept her eyes over my body before she turned to help the next customer. My best friend and I had been coming to this bar since we were of legal age. Wendy hadn’t stopped trying to get into my pants since she poured me my first drink. After years of ignoring the fake boobs in my face and other not-so-subtle hints, you’d think she would get a clue. And yet, there I was, practically being violated by her direct and clearly dirty stare. Not that I had a problem with any woman picturing me naked and dreaming of doing filthy things to me, but I did have some standards.

“Neat trick.”

I froze with my beer halfway to my mouth. The soft, sultry voice washed over me, leaving me with a tightening in my pants and a racing heart. Yes, from just a fucking voice. However, my cock came to full attention when I got a look at the owner of the sexy voice. Long, glossy red curls, large, round, bright blue eyes, high cheekbones, and the most kissable lips I had ever seen in my life. But, what had my mouth watering were her curves. She had an hourglass figure that would give Marilyn Monroe a run for her money. Her tits would spill out of my hands, her hips were perfect to hold while I pounded into her from behind, and she was tall—her legs a mile long and showing off a good amount of skin from her short skirt riding up as she sat on a stool. I had a sudden urge to either tug it down as far as it would go or throw a jacket over them. Nobody should see those creamy, white thighs, but me. I finally realized I was standing there gaping, ok leering, at her and pried my jaw up from the ground.

I put on my best panty-melting smile, making sure my dimples popped. “Trick?” I asked.

She smiled and gestured toward the bar. “The thing where you caught the bottle. If I tried the same thing, it would mostly likely end up in my lap, or crashing into the person behind me.” She laughed and holy fuck, the rich, genuine sound was the last straw, the one that tipped over the mountain of hay.

I fell.

“Wyatt Kincaid,” I informed her, holding out my hand. She took it and started to shake, but I brought it to my lips and brushed a kiss across the back. She blushed, and my heart started pounding, desire coursing through my veins.

“Bailey Cross.”

“Are you new in town?” I asked, taking a seat on the empty stool next to her.

She took a sip of her martini and her eyes darted away. “Sort of.” When her gaze returned to mine, a blush had stolen across her cheeks and she shifted in her chair, suddenly nervous. “I just finished my first year teaching and I’m out for the summer. So, I came here to...” she trailed off and swallowed.

“I’m spending time with family.” She gulped down the rest of her martini and pushed the glass away.

“Another?” I asked, and when she nodded, I signaled to the other bartender, Brad, grateful Wendy was busy. I excused myself for a minute to pull out my phone and send a text to my best friend.

Me: You’re late, asshole. Find yourself another wingman tonight.

Jack: Is that code for you found pussy to chase instead of my finely sculpted ass?

Me: Sure. If that makes you feel better.

Jack: Breaking bro code, dude.

Me: Bro code is null and void if there is a chance to get laid. And, when the fuck did we go back to being teenagers?

Jack: Fuck off

Me: No, that’s what YOU’LL be doing tonight.

Jack: Truth :(

I laughed and stuck my phone back in my pocket, turning back to Bailey and giving her my full attention. We sat at the bar chatting for over half an hour before I led her to a quiet booth in the back. For another two hours, we talked about our jobs, friends, childhood—pretty much anything. I learned she was a third-grade teacher, was still best friends with a girl she went to high school with, and had grown up with a single mom. I couldn’t hear enough, soaking up every little morsel she gave me.

After our third drinks, we both switched to water. There was something about this girl that had my mind wandering to sweaty, naked bodies wrapped up in sheets. I was going to do my best to make those vivid daydreams a reality, and I wanted her sober so she would remember every second.

At some point, I’d scooted across the booth to get as near to her as possible, under the pretense of hearing her over the noise of the music and people. Sitting so close, I could smell her strawberry scent and see the sprinkling of freckles across her nose. She was wearing a loose black sweater which drooped off one shoulder, revealing light freckles there as well. I wanted to connect the dots with my tongue and continue down until I knew where every single one was on her body.

Our conversation lulled and we stared at each other, the silence thick and heavy with want. Her eyes were filled with need, so I closed the distance between us and gently placed my mouth on hers. Her lips immediately parted, and I left gentle behind as my tongue swept in to mate with hers, my head slanting to deepen the kiss. I dove a hand into her lustrous hair and the other landed on her hip, bringing our bodies as flush as possible considering we were seated side by side. The air heated up, and I was no longer satisfied with the angle of our bodies, so I grasped her hips and started to lift her over to straddle me—


I jerked back at the loud crack and Bailey’s muffled cry of pain as she flopped back down beside me, cursing and rubbing her knee. She’d obviously hit it on the wooden table.

“Well, that was smooth,” I drawled sarcastically, causing Bailey to giggle. “How about we try that again?”

Bailey eyed the tabletop skeptically. “I hate to break it to you Casanova, but I think the booth wins this round.” She glanced around as though just remembering where we were. “Besides, I think the direction we were headed was bound to end up with us getting arrested for public indecency.” She laughed and shook her head ruefully.

“You’re right,” I agreed. “I’m a much bigger fan of private indecency.” I leaned down and put my face in the crook of her neck, nibbling my way up to her ear. “How about we try this again somewhere else?”

Bailey tilted her neck, giving me better access to the column of her throat. Damn, she tasted so fucking delicious.

“Um, what did you”—she gasped when I lightly bit her skin and grabbed onto my biceps—“have in mind?”

I licked the spot and whispered, “My house. I live about ten minutes from here.”

Her chin bumped my head when she nodded, and I sat back to make sure I wasn’t assuming anything. Her pink lips were puffy and a little red from rubbing against my scruff. She looked hot as hell.


There was uncertainty floating in her blue depths, a slight nervousness too. I hesitated, worried that I’d misread the situation. She leaned forward and dragged my bottom lip between her teeth, before letting it go and searing me with her blazing eyes. “Ten minutes?” I nodded. “That’s an awfully long time.”

I groaned, forgetting whatever it was I had been thinking and adjusted myself, grabbed her hand, and hauled her up from the booth. I was hard as a fucking rock and only sinking between her thighs was going to give me any relief. She stopped and pulled her phone from her purse to send a text. “Just letting my best friend know where I’m going and who I’m with.”

I’d only known her a few hours, but I was proud of her for being safe and smart. That’s my girl. I shook my head at the sudden thought, surprised when it didn’t freak me the fuck out.

Chapter 2


Not wanting to lose my chance with her, I hurried Bailey out to my jeep, helped her in, and jogged around to the driver’s side. Once I was inside and the door was shut, I turned and tugged her toward me for a deep kiss. The parking lot of Jumpin’ Jacks was not where I wanted to take her the first time. That’s right, first, because it certainly wouldn’t be only once. I dragged myself away, and we both buckled up before I peeled out of the parking lot and drove like a bat out of hell to my place.

After a few minutes, Bailey reached over and slid my zipper down. I sucked in a ragged breath when she slipped her hand in to grab my dick. “Baby, you’re not helping the situation and unless you want to be fucked against the wall the minute we enter my house, you should be a good girl and keep your hands to yourself.”

She didn’t say anything, and I assumed she would do as I’d suggested until I felt her warm palm caress the aching head of my cock. A guttural groan ripped from my chest, and I thanked every fucking star in the sky that I squealed into my driveway at that moment.

Bailey didn’t wait for me, we both unbuckled and threw open our doors, slammed them shut and raced to the house. I caught her on the top step and managed to fuse our mouths together as I unlocked the door. We tumbled inside, almost falling to the ground, barely managing to stay upright. She pushed me against the wall and attacked my mouth with a vengeance. After a few minutes of letting her hold the reins, I took over, twisting to push her back and bending to glide my hands under her skirt and lift her up by her ass. Her round, firm, naked, mouthwatering ass. A motherfucking thong. Her legs wrapped tight around me, pressing her pussy against my aching cock. The heat and friction were my undoing. I wanted to feast on her body, savor her, but it would have to wait.