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A Governess for the Brooding Duke(93)

By:Bridget Barton

“Oh yes, please let’s stay.” Cynthia smiled contentedly.

Although she did not always make the trip with them to North Wales, Cynthia always enjoyed herself when she did. She had told Georgette that she felt closer to Josephine in Beddgelert than anywhere else. It was a heartfelt admission which had brought tears to Georgette’s eyes.

“Is that settled? Might I be permitted to relax upon the point?” Georgette said, hoping against all hope that she could simply remain where she was until the child had been born.

“I certainly see no objection. Yes, let’s stay,” Hamilton said, rising to his feet as he made ready to catch Eleri who was running like the wind in his direction. “What’s the hurry?” he said, before lifting her and kissing the top of her bright blonde head.

“Uncle Hamilton, please will you help me get into the tree? Ffion is already up there, and I cannot get in. She is laughing at me, even though she climbs like a little monkey.”

“Yes, come along,” he said, laughing as he carried Eleri back towards the apple trees.

“I never thought this day would come, Georgette,” Cynthia said, smiling. “I had never dared to hope that my nephew would find a way back to himself. And yet he has, has he not? And I have you to thank for it all, my dear. What a good day it was for this family when you decided to become a governess.”

“Although I could never have seen it at the time, Cynthia, it truly was the most wonderful thing that could ever have happened to me, losing everything and becoming a governess.” She leaned back in her chair and stared up into the bright blue sky. “I rather think that my downfall was the saving of me,” she said and reached out to take her dear friend’s hand.