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Virgin Bride(6)

By:B. B. Hamel

We work for a few hours, and soon it’s already seven o’clock. We’re no closer to solving the problem, but we have a few novel ideas to play around with at least.

“So, what’s the plan for the rest of the night?” James asks as we head toward the elevator together. The office is mostly empty at this point.

“Going home to see my daughter, like always,” I say. “I hate working this late.”

“Can’t be helped,” James says. “I bet it’s hard.”

“It is,” I answer, though I know he doesn’t really understand. James is a bachelor like I used to be, and he doesn’t care about having kids. People that don’t have kids don’t really understand all the complex feelings that develop when you become a parent.

We part ways in the parking garage and I get into my car. As I pull out and head back toward my townhouse, I suddenly feel excited.

It takes me by surprise. As soon as I think about seeing Erin, I get that spiking adrenaline feeling in my stomach. I’m a little taken aback at how intensely excited I feel about seeing her. I don’t normally feel this way about women.

I’ve had my fair share in my life. I’ve had plenty of beautiful women, models, actresses, whatever. I’ve had them all, tasted them all. I always get what I want, whether it’s in business or in love. But I never feel nervous about it, because I’m a winner, and I’m confident.

But I feel nervous and excited to see Erin. I feel like a little kid again, and it’s fucking weird. As I pull into my garage and park the car, I find myself hurrying to get upstairs just to see her.

Erin and Lacey are in the living room again playing with Lacey’s toys. As soon as I come in, Lacey comes running over to me, and for a second I forget all about Erin. For a second, my daughter is the only thing in the world that exists. I pick her up and give her a kiss like always before putting her back down on the couch.

“How was she?” I ask Erin.

“Great,” she says, standing up. “Like always.”

“Good.” I pause and look at her for a second, cocking my head to one side. “Are you hungry?” I ask her.

She looks a little surprised. “Uh, no, I’m okay,” she says.

I smirk a little bit. “You sure? I’m going to eat dinner. I could use some company.”

She blushes a bit and bites her lip. I can tell she wants to say yes, but something’s holding her back. I don’t know what it is.

“I can’t,” she says. “Not tonight.”

“Another time,” I say. “Let me walk you out.”

We head to the front door. I can tell that she wanted to stay, but I’m guessing she doesn’t want to risk messing up the job.

That’s okay. I told James I wasn’t going to get involved with her, anyway, though clearly I was lying to myself. As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to spend more time with her.

I just need to get past that wall. I don’t know why but she’s clearly hesitating to get close to me.

That’s fine. I don’t need to be her boyfriend.

I just want to taste her, pure and simple. As we pause in front of the door and I look at her, I know that I’m going to get that taste. Eventually I’m going to pin her up against that wall and fuck her tight, slick little pussy. I can already imagine what her moans will sound like as she begs for every single thick inch I can slide inside that perfect little cunt.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow,” she says.

I’m a little hard just thinking about her. “Same time?” I ask.

“Sure,” she says. “Just let me know if anything changes.”

“I will. You’re a huge help.”

She hesitates and bites her lip again. “Maybe tomorrow,” she blurts out.

I raise an eyebrow. “Maybe tomorrow?”

“I mean, maybe tomorrow we can have dinner. Or whatever.”

She’s so nervous, I love it. “Okay then,” I say. “Maybe tomorrow.”

She lingers for a second longer. “Sure, right. See you tomorrow.”

“Good night, Erin.”

“Night.” She turns and quickly leaves.

I can’t help but grin to myself. I knew she wanted it, I just didn’t realize she’d take me up on that offer so quickly. Obviously she wants it more than I realized, and that’s okay with me. In fact, it makes me so fucking excited.

I have to take a few deep breaths and get myself together before returning to Lacey. She’s playing in the living room, happy as a clam.

I spend the rest of my night with my daughter, putting her to sleep an hour later. But I’m thinking about Erin the whole time, wondering how she’ll feel as I sink my cock inside of her, and how quickly she’s going to give herself to me.