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The Teacher and the Virgin

By:Jessa James
Chapter One


“Who?” the note read.

I turned my head to the right and met my friend Anne’s curious green eyes. She raised an eyebrow up at me, remaining quiet. There was no talking in class, but I immediately knew what she was asking. Words weren’t needed. Not for this.

Who was I planning to lose my virginity to?

Anne and I, and eight other girls in the senior class, made a pact to lose our virginity by the end of summer. Graduation was next week, so we had a couple months to get the deed done before we all went off to college. All of us being eighteen, we’d felt it was past time, especially since going to an all girls’ school made near impossible to find worthy boys. We wanted to go to college experienced.

I didn’t want to be the last virgin in our group, but I didn’t have to worry. I didn’t have to find a boy I liked. I didn’t have to pretend to be in love, or chase after some stranger at the mall. I knew exactly who I wanted to get naked with.

I wanted Mr. Parker to take my virginity. I wanted my teacher to punch my V card.

Mr. Parker. He was only a few years older than me, and not skinny and awkward like the guys my age. No, he was all man.

While I saw him every day for my US government class, I doubted he noticed me. I was just one of his many students. One more young woman in an endless see of long hair and cherry flavored lip gloss. I existed in an ocean of khaki and plaid, the school’s overly conservative uniform. Underneath, I wore a lace bra and matching g-string panties every other day, the days I had Mr. Parker’s class.

And before class, I went to the ladies room and took off the bra. I loved the way my heavy cotton shirt rubbed my sensitive nipples, and I hoped he’d notice the hard tips that ached for his touch.

He was gorgeous and educated, his hard ass and broad shoulders made my innocent body squirm. I didn’t want to be innocent, not when I was around him. I wanted to be naughty, but I doubted he noticed me.

But I noticed him. Every inch of his well-muscled form.

Yeah, he was the one who I was going to give myself to. I had no idea how, but it was going to happen.

He was gorgeous, dark hair that was overly long for the rules of the private school. He wore a tie to please the principal, but the knot was always loose, as if he hadn’t the time to get completely dressed. I spent most of the class fantasizing about all the ways he could tie me up with that long strand of silk and turn me into a real woman.

“Ladies, I know it’s the last day of classes before exams, so we’re going to do a review on everything the final exam will cover. Colleges still look at final grades.” His deep voice made me shiver and I couldn’t stop staring at the muscles in his neck. I wanted to taste him. Which was weird, but I couldn’t stop imagining kissing him…all over.

I wasn’t worried about the final exam. This was the one class I was getting an A in, the one class where I always paid attention. How could I not stare at Mr. Parker for the entire hour? If the other girls thought I was gawking at the hot teacher, what did I care? They gawked, too. I couldn’t keep her eyes of the flexing muscles in his forearms. He rolled up the sleeves of his dress shirts to write on the board, and I always had to go back and read what he wrote after. I couldn’t stop staring at his hands.

Even Molly seemed hypnotized when he moved, and I was pretty sure she was a lesbian.

He was that hot. But none of the other girls would have him. No. If he was going to have one of us, if he was going to take a young, virgin pussy, then it was going to be mine.

I spent the entire year watching his ass as he walked back and forth lecturing. I studied the veins in the back of his hand as he wrote on the board. I studied his mouth and wondered what his lips would feel like against mine.

When the bell rang at the end of every class, I left the room with wet panties and hard nipples.

His class was the best part of my day. I even raised my hand to answer questions and preened when he smiled at me when I gave the correct answer. I wanted to please him, which was another odd sensation for me. I wasn’t a people-pleaser. But for Mr. Parker? Well, I wasn’t quite sure where I would draw the line, but I wanted to find out.

With Anne’s note in my hand, I stared up at Mr. Parker from my seat in the third row. He was trying to be stern, but he was probably just as ready to be done for the summer as we were. The school was small, one of those girls’ prep schools for rich parents who wanted a sheltered education for their privileged daughters. Yes, we always got teased about the usual stereotype, how we were crazy, spoiled, entitled brats with issues. The school had kept me from boys my age, which is what my parents wanted, but their plan backfired. It put me in front of the one man I craved.