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Taking the Fall(9)

By:Alexa Riley

I lean down and kiss her lips aggressively. I’ve been deprived of her mouth for too long. I can’t go slow. Not yet. I need to devour her right now. I lick her tongue and she starts to kiss me back. Her desire takes over and she matches my speed. The passion and possession I feel is being channeled into this kiss. I feel like I need to kiss her so thoroughly that when I’m gone she’ll still feel it.

Suddenly, I feel her small hand come up to my chest and start rubbing across my smooth pecs. My heart starts pounding. I shave everything. My head, my chest, everywhere. I never wanted anything to come between her touch and my skin. Her fingertips gently touch my nipple and it feels like an electric shock. She moves her hand to the cherry tattoo and covers it. She holds it there while I kiss her, and I know she probably feels my heartbeat through my chest.

“God, Cherry. I’ve waited so long for this. I’m going to savor this and relive it for the rest of my life.”

“Me too,” she whispers. I kiss her with everything I have, but I need more of her. I need all of it.

“These lips are just as sweet as your pussy lips aren’t they, baby? It’s okay, you don’t have to answer that. I’ll find out myself.”

With my tongue, I start tracing the light freckles down her neck and across her shoulder. I move to the creamy skin on her chest and then to her left breast. I lick her areola and then bite her nipple roughly. She cries out, but arches up to my mouth, her body begging for more. I move to her right and treat it the same. I have so much need in me, I’m shaking. I’ve never wanted anything more in my life and here she is, laid out in front of me.

To say she’s beautiful undermines her. It’s not enough. There aren’t any words strong enough to describe how gorgeous she is. I look up and see the desire for more in her eyes. Her red hair is spread out around her on the bed like a pool of fire. Her skin is like ivory shining even in the weak light. My body needs to possess her. I want to consume her soul, to bind it with mine so I know she’s protected and touched only by me.

“I may not survive this, Cherry.” I’m breathing hard, and I don’t know how to put what I feel into words.

She brings her hand up to my face and runs it along my jaw. She looks deeply into my eyes and for a moment, she has all the power. “I’m scared too, Carter.”

I kiss between her breasts and rest my forehead there. Her hands rub the top of my head and down my shoulders. I look down at her cum-covered belly and rub what remains into her skin. Seeing my mark on her calms me.

I smile at her as I move farther down her body. I get to her panties and grip them roughly.

“Time to unwrap the gift you’ve been saving for me.” With a slight tug, the panties are shredded. I toss them over my shoulder and look down at her pussy. She has a tiny patch of short red hair there that she’s kept trimmed. It’s so short and fine, she almost looks bare. It does incredible things to my cock to see her sweet virgin pussy so pure. Her pussy lips are pouty and swollen, and I can see her juices are already starting to run down her ass.

I shoulder her thighs apart, spreading her wide so I can fit and get comfortable. I plan on spending some time getting acquainted with my girl.

Layla makes a move to put her hand over her pussy and I push it out of the way. “Move your fucking hand, Cherry. Nobody ever told you not to get between a man and his meal?”

Giggling, she places her hand on my head. Fuck, I love that sound.

I rest my forehead at the top of her mound and put my face right up against her pussy. I don’t do anything at first. I just breathe in her scent. I’ve waited so long to be right where I’m at and I want to savor it.

“Carter, what are you doing?”

“I’m fucking worshiping your pussy, Cherry. Just lie there and enjoy it.”

“Are you going to kiss me there?”

“Cherry. Goddamn it, do not rush me. I’ve waited years for this. If I want to lie here and smell your pussy all night I will. Hell, if I want to order a pizza and have my fucking dinner while I keep my nose on your cunt, that’s what will happen. Now shut up and let me have my moment.”

“Oh God, Carter. I feel achy. Please lick it.”

“Fine, but only because I want to,” I say, knowing that I will actually give her anything she asks for. I hope she doesn't catch on to how her pleas could have me eating out of her hand. I give her pussy one soft, tender kiss before I use my fingers and spread her lips apart. Once her clit is completely exposed, I dive in. I don’t tease, and I don’t hold back. I lick, suck, and bite every part of her.

Layla, I realize, is loud as fuck in bed. She moans and grunts and says my name over and over. She’s close to cumming and I’ve only been at this a few seconds. Jesus, she’s going to burst my eardrums.

I suck her pussy lips into my mouth and let them out one by one with a ‘pop’. I pull back and look at her. She’s got the fitted sheet gripped in both hands, and I find myself envious of the sheets. I reach up to link our hands together so she has to grab me instead of the sheets. She lifts her head quickly to look at me. “You’re not stopping are you, Carter?” she asks in a panic.

I feel her pussy juices on my mouth and I give her a half smile. “I’m not going to stop until this sweet pussy squirts all over face. You ever made yourself do that, Cherry?”

I look up and see her shake her head. Her hips arch, begging my mouth to go back to where it was. “Challenge accepted, baby.”

I work my tongue all over her clit, flicking my tongue over her sweet little button as fast as I can. Releasing one of her hands I slip my index finger inside her pussy and find her soft g-spot. I apply pressure to it, keeping the rhythm my tongue has going on her clit. I can feel her body climbing towards the peak.

“Carter! I can’t! It’s too much. Please, stop. Please! I can’t!” she shouts, but in the same breath pushes her pussy further into my mouth. Her body belongs to me. I’ve got her pinned down with my hands and my mouth, and her pussy is going to do exactly what I say.

“Just cum for me, Cherry.”

At that moment her back arches, her legs lock, and she lets out a scream. I feel her pussy start to pulse and I move my finger just in time to have her juices squirt onto my chin and mouth. She cums hard and I continue to rub her clit in an effort to prolong her pleasure. I greedily drink down her juices as she cums and cums. My dick feels like it’s turning the same color as her hair, it’s so hard.

Once I’ve wrung her orgasm out entirely, I give her pussy one last sweet kiss. She’s limp and sated as I move to cover her body. I put my elbows on either side of her head to help hold some of my weight off her. I kiss her and let her taste her sweet honey on me. “See how good you taste, baby? That was perfect, Cherry. You’re such a good girl.”

Layla is still spent from her orgasm and slowly kisses me back. I knee her limp legs farther apart to make room for me.

Her eyes lock with mine, and I can see she’s a little scared. “Carter, please be gentle.”

My heart breaks a little that she thinks I would ever hurt her. I will always protect my girl.

“You think I would hurt you, Cherry? You don’t think everything I’ve done up until now is to protect you and to keep you safe? I would never do anything to hurt you, baby. You’re mine.” I kiss her lips softly one last time before I take her.

“From what I hear, it’s going to hurt. But I’ll try to make it good for you. You love me, don’t you?”

She nods her head and I smile. Seeing her acknowledge what I’ve always felt makes this even more wonderful. Feeling her body under mine is amazing, but feeling her love in my heart washes away every bad thing I ever did.

“Then you’ll take me. It’s that simple.” I want her to enjoy this and I hate that she’s going to have this moment of pain. Layla has had enough pain in her life and I don’t want to be the cause of more. I need her to enjoy this. I need her to crave me like I already crave her.

I keep my eyes focused on hers while we have this moment. I move my hips so my cock is lined up with her opening and push straight in. It’s better to just pop it fast than draw out the pain. We both cry out at the same time. Layla does because my ten-inch cock just tore through her virginity, and I do because I just found heaven.

“Oh God, baby. I don’t think I’ll make it three seconds. Just breathe. It won’t take long.”

“Carter, oh God, it hurts.”

“Cherry, I said breathe,” I say forcefully. “Just be still for me and let me get off. Fuck, you feel so good. Don’t you want your man to cum in you? Fill you up with everything he’s being holding in for you for all these years?” I know it’s hurting her but nothing could stop me right now. Being forceful with her seems to work best for her, and thank fuck because that’s the only way I know how to be.

I slowly pull back and I feel her tense up.

“Cherry, relax. Just feel me, baby. Don’t I feel good inside you? Don’t you love my cock?”

“Yes, it just burns a little. Go slow.”

“I’ll go as fast as I want, Cherry. You’ll take it. You hear me?” I can feel her pussy clench and gush onto my cock at my words. Perfect. My girl loves when I just take it. I start to move in and out in quick thrusts. I feel her body relax a little and she begins to move with me. I knew if I could get a few strokes in her, my girl would come around. She wants this as much as I do.