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Taking the Fall(8)

By:Alexa Riley

I gently wrap my hand around her throat and rest it there. Not squeezing, just holding her in a dominant position.

“You didn’t ever let anyone touch what’s mine, did you, Cherry? You saved it for me, didn’t you? You always knew who’d get it first. You thought it was cute when I called you Cherry that first time. You thought it was because of your hair.”

I look at her red mane spread out on the bed, and then back to her eyes.

“No, baby,” I whisper. “It’s because I knew that pussy was untouched. I knew you had a sweet virgin cherry between your legs. I wanted it sooner than I should have. I shouldn’t have been looking at you like that before you were legal. But I’m a dirty fucker and that didn’t stop me from jerking off to your body.”

I grind against her clit and realize I’m soaking the front of my jeans in pre-cum.

“You were such a fucking tease. Walking around in those tiny tops and shorts at sixteen, just begging me to take you. I’ve done everything to protect you, including protecting you from myself, and you just waved those ripe tits around like a cock tease, didn’t you?”

She doesn’t look away from me. “Yes” is all she is able to whisper.

“That’s right, baby. Now you’re all grown up, and you’re still waving it around like a tease. Only this time you’re gonna get what you’ve been begging for. All those years of iron will and protection don’t go unpaid.”

I slide my hand from her neck and down to her, breast squeezing it. “You’re going to give it to me tonight aren’t you, Cherry? You’re going to finally give me what’s mine?”

“Yes, Carter,” she says, so soft I can barely hear her, and then grinds her pussy on my cock, showing me how much she wants it. I finally feel the rest of the tension leave my body at her words. She wants this too and I’m gonna show her how much I already own her body. I’m going to show her how much her body craves what only I can give her. I know what she needs.

“Correct answer, baby,” I say and let go of her hands. I lean back from her body so I’m sitting up, kneeling between her spread legs. I look down to see her shirt has risen up, showing her soft belly. I run my hands over her curves and she tries to pull her shirt down to cover it up. I push her hands out of the way and go back to what I was doing, ignoring her shyness. “I’m gonna do a lot of things to you tonight. I’m gonna do them because I want to, not because you let me. Because you’re mine to do with as I please.” Because you own my soul completely. I don’t say the last part out loud.

I hop off the bed and start taking off my boots. “Get the shirt off, Cherry, but leave the panties on. I want to unwrap my coming home present myself.”

She sits up a little and watches me as I pull my thermal off. Her eyes go to my tattoo-covered chest and I smile. She zeros in on the place over my heart and the cherries tattooed there. The script underneath is twined together, making it difficult to read, but if you look closely it reads ‘Layla’.

“Is that my name?” she asks softly. I see her lean forward as if to get a better look. She’s never seen me without my shirt off.

“I got it when I realized there would never be anyone for me other than you. Figured my useless heart belonged to you long enough, might as well make it permanent. Besides, any chick that ever tried to get near me would see it was already taken.”

Layla starts to say something but I talk over her, wanting to get this all out so she understands. I want her to know how much she means to me. “I never fucked anyone after the day I got this. Fuck, since the moment I laid eyes on you. I think this tattoo cursed my dick. I could only get it up when I thought about a thick redhead with big tits and ass, and skin like vanilla cream.”

I reach down and unbuckle my belt. “I said take the shirt off, Cherry. Now.” I don’t want to talk about the tattoo yet. There will be time for that later. I know if I let her start talking, the questions will pour from her. I also know she’ll ask me if I’m staying. I can’t. There are things that need to be done, but I need this night. Just a taste of heaven before I have to go back to hell.

She blushes so hard she’s nearly the color of her hair from head to toe. “I’ve never been naked in front of anyone before.”

I take off my jeans and stand in front of her, completely naked. Her eyes are wide as she stares straight at my dick.

I reach down and rub my balls with one hand and stroke the shaft with my other. “Cherry, as much as that makes my dick harder, I don’t care. Get the fucking shirt off. Trust me, you don’t want to make me do it because it will end up in shreds.”

She reaches down with a shaky hand, no longer looking at me. She quickly pulls the shirt off and covers her belly and tits with her arms.

I walk over to the side of the bed and look down at her bundled form. “Scoot over to this side of the bed. Move your arms and lay back,” I say. “Now.”

Reluctantly she moves closer to me and stretches out. She puts her arms on either side of her body and looks anywhere but at my face.

I move a little so I’m standing beside the bed, facing her, I can’t count all the times I’ve tried to picture my Cherry laid out for me, but my fantasies don’t come close to the real thing. She is utterly perfect. She has curves built for a man like me.

“Look at me,” I growl and our eyes meet.

I hold out my hand, palm up, and lean over slowly to spit in it. She watches me with wide eyes, and I know she’s wondering what I’m going to do next.

I reach down and start stroking my cock, lubing it up with my spit and pre-cum. “You ran away from me tonight, Cherry. After I marked you, you ran away, came home, and showered me off you. Didn’t you?”

She nods while watching me rub my cock. I can see her pussy getting wetter through her panties and her wetness starts to coat her thighs. All for me.

“You were in such a hurry to get my cum off you. You must not have realized I put it there for a reason.” I glare at her and I can nearly see her heart beating out of her chest. “I put my cum on you, because you’re mine and I want everyone to know that, including you. That’s why. Now you’re going to lie here and let me do it again. Aren’t you?”

“Yes, Carter,” she moans feverishly. “Please, I want it back.”

I pump my cock a few more times and watch as her breathing speeds up and she licks her lips. Between seeing that sweet tongue and her asking for my cum, it does it for me. My balls draw up and I start to cum. Thick streams of it splash across her soft belly and panties. My release is hard and I shout her name at the force of it. I work my cock hard, getting the last of my cum out, marking as much of her as I can before I move.

I look down at her body and see the mess I’ve made. I smile. This is how she’s going to stay—covered in my cum. A primal part of me feels more satisfied than ever as I see the woman I love covered in me.

“Move to the middle of bed, Cherry. I want to taste that untouched pussy before I have it.” She starts to sit up and I stop her. “And don’t you even think about touching that cum I just put on you. If I don’t want it there, I’ll make you lick it up.”

“Carter…” she starts to speak but I talk over her.

“No conversation is necessary right now. My dick hasn’t gone down since the second I saw you tonight. I don’t know how many times it’s going to take before it’s satisfied, but you’re going to lay back and take it all until I’m empty.”

She nods her head and moves to the middle of the bed. She may have said she hated how bossy I was, but we both know she loves it but I want more, I want to hear her say it. I need it.

“You want this, don’t you, Layla? You want me to make you mine, don’t you? To be the first and last man to ever possess your body? If you don’t, I’ll walk out that door and you’ll never have to see me again.” I’m not totally sure what I’m saying is true, if I could really walk away from her. It would be like ripping my heart out. I would have to find another way to have her. Maybe she needs all that cards and hearts bullshit. But if that’s what she needs, I’ll do it. I have no shame when it comes to her. I’ll do whatever it takes, even if it means getting on my knees and groveling. “I want this, Carter. I always have and I think you know that.”

Releasing the breath I didn’t even realize I was holding, I grab the edge of the blankets as she moves and I pull them completely off the bed. It’s just her mattress and a fitted sheet, with nothing to allow her to hide from me. She looks around as if she’s just realized this. “You don’t need anything but me on that bed, Cherry. You get cold tonight, I’ll be the thing to cover you up. You need something to lay your head on, that’s me too. You don’t fucking need anything I can’t give you. And I don’t want to be sleeping next to you tonight thinking about how much I hate that fucking pillow for holding my girl’s head when that’s my job.”

I crawl onto the bed and cage her body with mine. “Your pillow and blankets had their turn. I take care of your body now.”