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Taking the Fall(7)

By:Alexa Riley

In the shower I wash off the remnants of his brand. I wash him from my face, my legs, my thighs—I want him gone. Slipping on a shirt and panties, I glance at the mirror and see the mark he left on my neck. The sight of it makes my nipples hard. I shake my head at myself and flip off the bathroom light. I head for my bed and slide under the covers. I was sure I would have to fight for sleep but I quickly fall under.

“Get up,” the man growls.

I slowly try to stand, feeling like my legs are going to buckle. My whole body hurts and I can taste the blood in my mouth.

All I can focus on is the gun he has pointed at me. The door flies open and my father walks in. Relief washes over me. He’s here to save me from this man, the man in my bedroom.

“She was trying to escape and go to him. I caught her packing and she had this note,” the man I don’t recognize says. I’m confused by how he’s talking to my father. My father reads the note and takes in the packed bag on the floor. My bags. Where am I going? It’s on the edge of my mind.

“You’re a whore just like your fucking mother,” he roars at me with disgust in his voice.

Trying to back up, I run into my bed as my father approaches me. The other man still has his gun aimed at my head.

“At least you’ll be a useful whore,” he snarls, and I have no idea what he’s talking about.

“Take care of her.” These are my father’s parting words before he turns to leave and a gun goes off.

My eyes open and a scream is ripped from my throat. “I DON’T WANT TO REMEMBER!”

Then Carter is on me.


“Shh,” I soothe. I heard her cry and was on her instantly. I reach over and flip on the lamp beside the bed so that I can see her, but I then move back in place quickly.

“Easy, Cherry. It was just a dream, baby. Shh.” I blanket her body with mine and I pin her arms above her head, I don’t want her to hurt herself. She kicked her covers off when she was dreaming so she’s against me in only her tiny panties and a T-shirt.

Layla’s face crumples and she starts to cry. I lean down and kiss the wetness on both of her cheeks, licking my lips to taste her.

“Your tears are so sweet,” I whisper in her ear. I can feel her breathing start to even out. “It’s okay, Cherry, it was just a bad dream. Let it go.”

“It felt so real,” she says and hiccups a little. I rise a little, but still I keep her body and arms pinned down. I look in her eyes and see she’s struggling to remember what just happened. From what it sounded like, she was dreaming of that night. She doesn’t need to think of that again, and it’s my job to make sure she’s safe, both physically and mentally, from that night. I smile a little, looking down at her, and I know exactly how I’m going to distract her.

“Listen up, little Cherry, the next time you choose an alarm code, don’t pick my birthday. I’m flattered, but it was way too easy to break in.” I give her a big smug grin and that does the trick. She goes from worried to pissed in 0.2 seconds. Perfect. At least when she’s mad she’s not crying. Her tears make my chest hurt.

“Get off me, you big giant jerk. This is my house and you’re not welcome.” She’s really starting to struggle and although it’s adorable, it’s completely useless.

“Now, now, Cherry, is that any way to greet your man?” I see her cheeks turn bright red and I know she likes what I said. My legs are between hers and she’s in a prime position for me to tease her a bit more. Thoughts of her have teased me for over eight years so I feel it’s only fair.

“You keep running away from me, people are gonna think you don’t like me.” I push my jean-covered erection against her thinly covered pussy to show her how much we both know she likes it. She showed me at the bar how much she liked it. I knew we would be perfect for each other, but her little show of cumming so fast for me sealed the deal. Her body responded to my forceful approach and it solidified what I had always felt. I’d fill all those dark needs she has and make her crave me more. Get as deep under her skin as she is under mine. She was already tied to me since the day I killed for her. I fought for her these past eight years. She was always going to be mine.

It didn’t take long for me to realize she’d slipped out of the bathroom window at the bar. I saw the exit point when I was doing the sweep of the building. I paid a cab driver to sit out front just in case she decided to make a run for it. Good thing I was two steps ahead of her. I gave her time to get home, all the while keeping eyes on her. I wanted to give her time to calm down, and get control of myself, but no way was she getting the slip on me.

She wiggles against me as I lay my full weight against her pussy. I start to rock slowly against her, mimicking how I’m going to fuck her, strong and slow. Full thrusts, balls deep, slowly in and out. Right now, though, I’m teasing us both.

“Listen, Cherry…”

“Stop calling me that, Carter,” she objects, but it’s so weak I know there’s no venom behind it.

“Listen, Cherry,” I start again, ignoring her. “We’ve got a lot to cover tonight, so I expect you to shut that pretty mouth of yours unless my cock is in it.”

“Carter, you fucking assho—”

I quickly grab both her wrists with one hand and pin them above her head. I use my other hand to cover her mouth.

“Cherry, that mouth of yours is going to get you a red ass if you don’t cut that shit out. You’ve been loud enough tonight with all that begging for my cock you did in the alley. You were walking around that fucking bar showing off what’s mine. Your body is mine. Nobody sees it but me. Nobody touches it but me.” I continue rocking against her, alternating with hard thrusts to make my point clear. “You don’t need to say anything but ‘yes, Carter’. You got me?” I know this might be a lot for her to take, but seeing her tonight, being away from her for so long, has only made my obsession grow. It’s like I have something inside me clawing to get out and claim her. I need this to take the edge off so I can do what needs to be done after tonight. For her. The need to dominate her is all-consuming and unstoppable.

She moans around my hand and nods her head.

“I’ll take my hand off your mouth when you learn how to speak to me with respect, and I don’t think you’re there yet.” I want her to know I’m in control. For the past eight years I’ve had almost no control. I slow my thrusts and begin to make slow circular motions, grinding against her clit. Her eyes roll back and I know I’m hitting her sweet spot. “You owe me a lot more than a quick jerk off against your pussy. You owe me for all those years of protection, and you owe me even more after the last time you came to see me in the prison. I bet you like the idea of me collecting with your body, don’t you?” Again, she moans into my hand and I can see her eyes begging for more.

My circling hips are driving her to the edge but I need her to listen to me.

“I was always too dirty to touch you. I was never good enough. My hands are filthy with the things I’ve done. But I figure now you owe me, we’re bound together by blood and I’m going to collect. Doesn’t matter if I’m worthy or not. I’m taking you. I have to have you.”

She blinks up at me, my words seeming to shock her.

“Now I’m gonna ask you some questions and I’ll go easy on you depending on what you say. You got me?”

Layla blinks again and nods once.

“Good. First question. That boyfriend you got is out. He’s no longer your boyfriend. You fucking clear on that?”

She hesitates, but nods her head. I feel some tension leave my body. The thought of her having any real feelings for another man would have gutted me worse than anything else I’ve gone through. But I need more.

“Faster with the answer next time, Cherry. I don’t like the hesitation.”

She nods quicker this time. My girl is learning and it makes me smile. I continue slowly working my hips against her and I can see her breathing quicken. She starts to work her hips with my rhythm and she’s getting close.

“You try to cum, and I’ll flip you over and blister your ass. You can listen to me and enjoy what I’m doing, but don’t you dare cum yet.”

Her eyes go wide, but she nods yet again and I feel her lick my hand.

“Next question. That limp-dick pussy you used to date ever touch what’s mine? And you better be real fucking honest with me right now. Because if I find out you lied to me, it will be a lot worse.”

She looks directly in my eyes and shakes her head once.

I stop grinding against her because I want her full attention.

“I’ll ask one more time, just so you know I’m dead serious. Did. He. Ever. Touch. My. Property?”

I slowly take my hand away from her mouth and watch for her response. The tip of her pink tongue comes out and wets her lips. Once again, she locks eyes with mine.

“No, Carter. I never let him touch what’s yours.”

Thank fuck. I don’t think I could have handled anything but that answer. It gives me hope that she has been waiting for me. Maybe not on a level she realizes, but subconsciously. I’ve been waiting from the moment I laid eyes on her, and she turned my whole world upside down. I knew no one else would ever do, and I wouldn't ever waste my time with someone that wasn’t her.