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Taking the Fall(5)

By:Alexa Riley

“Fuck you, Carter. You can’t just show up and then expect me to fall all over you. Get off me!” She struggles against me, but I’m three times her size. I squeeze her arms and twist her around, making her face the brick wall. I push her up against it and she lets out a little moan.

“Oh Cherry, you remember how much you liked it when I told you what to do. And watch the language, baby. You’re my sweet Cherry, and I don’t like hearing that shit come out of your pretty mouth.”

She tries with all her strength to push me off her. “Damn it, Carter, I hated your bossy ass! Let me go!”

“That’s it, baby. Get loud. Let everybody hear how much you like it.” I lean my big body against hers and run my hands roughly down her sides. “You’re gonna let me do this, Cherry. I need this and you fucking owe me. Coming in that goddamn prison looking like an innocent virgin begging to get fucked. You know how many fights I got into after you walked out? How many men wouldn’t shut up about you and that sweet-smelling pussy you got? Now hold still. For as long as I’ve been jerking off imagining this moment, I’m sure I won’t take long.”

I put my forearm against her shoulder blades to hold her still while my other hand goes to the bottom of her dress. I pull it up and see her tiny panties barely covering anything. I run my hand across her luscious ass and squeeze both cheeks hard. “You walked in there waving this juicy treat in front of everyone, knowing it belonged to me, didn’t you?”

“Carter,” she moans and pushes her ass into my hand. I slip my hand under her panties and push just my index finger inside her. She so tight it’s hard to work it in and out. She sighs heavily and starts to move her hips in time with my movements.

“It’s okay if you like it, Cherry. I know I will.” I take my finger out and draw it into my mouth. I want the taste of her pussy on my tongue for what I’m about to do.

I reach down again, but this time I undo my pants and free my cock. It’s hard, thick, and leaking pre-cum everywhere. She feels it when my cock touches her ass cheek and she starts to struggle again. “Be still,” I say and hold her down a little tighter. I reach back in her panties and coat my fingers in her honey, using it to lube up my cock.

“You’re so fucking soaked for me, aren’t you, Cherry? You like the struggle, don’t you?”

She moans and moves her hips again and I know she’s torn between hating this and loving it. “You remember how mad you used to get when I made you do something, right, baby? You remember that time I forced you to change out of that white bikini because I could see your nipples through it? You were so mad at me, Cherry. Do you remember you stamped upstairs and fingered yourself until you came?” She starts to deny it but I cut her off. “Say what you want, baby, but I stood outside that door. I know exactly how much you hate my bossy ass.” Her moan is all the answer I need.

I stroke my cock against her ass and my pre-cum leaves trails on her peachy skin. “It’s okay, pretty girl, you don’t have to answer. I can smell your pussy. I know you want it. I’ve got you on my tongue too.” I lean down and kiss the side of her face softly as I keep jerking my cock off against her ass.

“Oh God, Carter. What are you doing?” Her eyes are closed and I feel her body trembling. She’s right on the edge, between fear and arousal. Perfect.

“I’m marking what’s mine,” I growl, and jerk my cock off fast and hard. “It may be between your legs but it belongs to me.” She must like my words because she starts rubbing her ass against my cock. I know she’s just as hot as I am for this.

“Take me, Carter. Fuck me. Please.” She’s begging now and I love the sound of it.

“Not yet, Cherry. You’ll get it when I give it to you. But for now, you’ll take this.” I pull her panties to the side and she sticks her ass back, exposing her pussy to me. I nudge the tip of my cock right up against her wet warmth, and I cum. My need to claim is so powerful, I pull back and rub my cock against her sweet pink asshole, branding it with my hot seed. While I’m still going off, I move my cock and smear it all over her pussy lips and clit.

I feel her hips jerk and she cums, screaming my name. All it took was that one little swipe? Holy fuck, I had no idea she would go off so quick. The sound of my name on her lips while she comes is like a jolt to my system, and my cock is fully hard again.

She’s completely covered in my cum and I’ve never felt more drained. That orgasm hit me like a truck. Masturbating on her was the hardest I have ever cum in my life. I don’t care if I haven’t been with a woman in years; I had a feeling that with her, it would always be like this. I always knew that, even if I had her moments ago, I would want her seconds later.

I reach down and gently move her panties so that none of my cum is lost. She’s still coated in me and I want it to stay that way. Once her panties are in place, I gently pat her there, as if to say “good job”. I step back and put my still rock-hard cock back in my jeans. Immediately, she spins around and glares at me, but before she can speak I softly grab her by the jaw and look directly into her eyes.

“We’re going inside to say goodbye to your friend. You’re going to get your shit, and then we’re out of here.”

I know I’m being harsh but I’ve been away from her for too long and I need to be alone with her as quickly as possible. I’m trying to rein myself in, but the hard edge of prison can’t be blunted so easily.

“But,” she starts to say but I interrupt. “Now.”

I reach down and pull her dress back in place. I think about making her wear my leather jacket because I hate the idea of her walking around in that dress. It looks like it was made just to fucking piss me off, but I know if I take my jacket off, my gun will be visible.

I lean down and give her a quick kiss on the nose, and she looks at me with a mix of anger and shock. I turn her towards the door and lay a loud smack on her ass. She lets out a loud yelp and glares over her shoulder at me.

“Move it, Cherry.”


Carter’s here. Not only that, I just begged him to fuck me.

In my fantasies I always beg him. In fact, the more I grew to hate him over the years because of his rejection, the rougher my fantasies became. It was like my mind, body and heart were always at war. To reconcile myself with these thoughts, I would just think about him taking what he wanted. I could fight him and act like I didn’t want him, but I did. I think it’s part of what I’ve always wanted, why I was drawn to him to begin with. He has this dark edge that I seem to crave. I want him to take it out on my body, because only I can soothe it. I want to take away his darkness and give him some of my light.

What the hell is wrong with me? It took my intoxicated mind a beat to realize it was him. At first I thought I was seeing things, but there was no way what just happened wasn’t real. I can still feel his warm cum sliding down my thighs. I thought he was big the last time I saw him, now he looks like a freaking mountain. A terrifying, treacherous mountain.

My mind is racing with a thousand questions, but my body is dying for another release. God, as shameful as it is to think it, I just wish he would have taken me out there—turned me around, put his hand over my mouth and just drove in. I came for him with just a little touch, even though I was fighting it. Now he knows what I really like and that terrifies me. He might just take what he wants from me, and as much as it scares me, a voice in the back of my head wants it too.

I have to remind myself that the last time I saw Carter he wanted nothing to do with me so maybe this is part of his game. I still can’t remember what happened that night eight years ago, but one thing I know for sure is that Carter went away for manslaughter. He had killed one of my dad’s lackeys. Maybe he blames me and he’s here for revenge. Men like Carter don’t leave anything unfinished. If they think they’re owed their pound of flesh, they're going to collect. Over the years Carter worked for my father, I could see this dark edge and the fear he instilled in people. He wasn’t a man to be messed with. I often wondered if my father kept him around because of how good he was at his job or because he feared getting on the wrong side of him.

Carter never looked at me before like he did tonight. His eyes would always go soft when he looked at me, but I haven’t gotten those eyes in a long time.

Pulling my dress down farther and hoping I’m covering up as much of my cum-soaked thighs as possible, I look for a way out. I need to get away for a minute and process what’s happening. Why is Carter here and what does he want from me? Did my father send him? Whenever I think of my father, a jolt of fear shoots through me and I’m not even sure why.

At that thought, I stumble.

Grabbing my waist, Carter pulls me to his chest to straighten me before I fall. “You and those fucking shoes, Cherry,” he murmurs in my ear.

I spin around and poke him in the chest. Damn, he’s huge. Even in my heels I only come up to his pecs. So much for never having to look up to a man again. “What’s wrong with my shoes?” I snap. Seriously? I’m fighting with him about my shoes? “And stop calling me Cherry!” I finish. Oh my God, I’m losing my mind. I need to focus. I need to get the hell out of here.