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Taking the Fall(10)

By:Alexa Riley

“That’s it, baby. Good girl. Fuck me back, Cherry.”

Her hip movements begin to counter my thrusts and before long my girl is fucking me too. She goes faster and faster and I feel her pussy gripping my cock when I pull out.

“Fuck, your greedy cunt won’t let me out. Fucking begging for it, aren’t you?” I kiss her mouth so she doesn’t have to respond. She doesn’t need to.

We’re a sweaty, rutting pile of flesh. Layla moans loudly in my ear. She’s getting close and there’s no way I can last much longer. I reach down with one hand and thumb her clit, rubbing it fast and hard. I lean in close to her shoulder and bite her neck. My mouth gripping her flesh is all it takes for her to arch her back and scream out my name.

“CARTER!” she shouts. Her pussy squeezes my cock in time with her cries. As her release pulses through her, I muster every ounce of willpower I possess and pull out of her sweet heaven. I start jerking my cock off. It’s slick with her cream and I can see small red traces of her virginity around the base.

“Only good girls get cum in their pussy, Cherry. You ran away from me tonight, so you can just lie back and watch what should have gone inside you.”

My body locks up and I squeeze my hand around my cock, trying to mimic how tight her pussy was. I start shaking and my cum splashes on her pussy. I pump my cock and it just keeps cumming. When I think I can’t possibly have any more, another wave of pleasure hits me and I keep unloading on her.

When my cock is finally spent, I fall over beside her and pull her against me.

Layla starts to talk and I cut her off. “Go to sleep, baby. I plan on having you a few more times tonight so rest up.” I know where it will go if she starts talking. If she asks me to stay with one of her little pleas, there won’t be any denying her.

I position her on her side with her head on my chest, and I lie there, smiling. I don’t know if I’ve ever been this happy. We are both a sticky mess, but I couldn’t care less. I’ve finally got my girl right where she belongs.

“You were perfect, Layla. Absolutely perfect.”

She snuggles into my side and I feel her love brand my skin. “I miss the sound of you playing the piano while I fall asleep, baby. We’re gonna have to change that.”

I feel her head nod in agreement. She’s too tired to answer. Moments later I feel her body relax and she finds sleep. Then I feel my own eyes grow heavy. I dream of Layla. Always Layla.

I wake up and feel Layla against me. Her hot breath kisses my chest and her small hand strokes my hard cock while she makes little moaning sounds. I reach down to find her other hand.

It is—as I suspected—between her legs. She’s kissing my chest, gripping my cock, and finger fucking herself at the same time. Jesus. Am I still dreaming?

Immediately, I sit up and push her chest down against the mattress. I lie on top of her until she’s completely flat against the bed, her arms spread out, my legs bracketing hers.

“Be careful when you tease the beast, baby.”

I hold her hands down against the mattress and push my hard cock against her.

“Keep your legs together, Cherry. I want to fight my way in.”

Her head is turned to the side and I stretch out on top of her. This position is powerful yet intimate. I’m holding her down but still protecting her. I can whisper in her ear, and kiss her face, but still force my way into her body.

I push my hard cock against her and she lifts her ass a little. She wants it, but doesn’t want to beg for it. Her arousal is slick on her thighs and my cock slips its way inside her pussy. Her legs are held tight together. I hold her arms down with mine and I lean in to kiss her cheek. I shift my weight to my knees and start to thrust hard against her.

“You woke up horny and wanted a quick fuck, didn’t you, Cherry?”

I fuck her hard and she fights it. Her eyes squeeze tight and her mouth opens in a silent shout.

“You remember this, baby. You remember when you’re tender and so sore you can’t sit, that you asked for it. Now stick that ass up in the air, Cherry, I’m gonna give you what you need.”

I give her room to arch her back and she pushes her ass against me, opening her pussy a little more for my pleasure. I hammer into her, and then reach around and find her clit.

“Oh God, Carter! It’s so good, please.”

“Please what, Cherry? If you’re gonna beg me for it, make it pretty.”

She pants and moans, and I know she’s just on the edge of tipping over. “Please, Carter. I’m sorry for teasing you. Please make me cum.”

“Oh, sweet Cherry, that’s it, baby. That was so pretty. Just for that I’ll let you have my cum in your pussy this time, okay?”

“Yes, please!”

It’s a quick fuck but I’m so goddamn hard I won’t last much longer. I pinch her clit and it sends her little pussy into convulsions. She throbs and squeezes my dick and I have no choice but to shoot my load deep inside her.

As we both come down, I roll to the side, pulling her body against me and we spoon with my hard cock still inside her.

I grab her hand and use it to cup her pussy, around where we’re connected. “Hold your hand here, Cherry. My cum is everywhere and I don’t want any of it leaking out.”

“Are you kidding me?” she asks lazily. She has almost fallen back to sleep as she does what I tell her.

I kiss the side of her neck. “Yes, I’m serious. I want as much of me in you before I leave.”

She mumbles incoherently as I continue to kiss her shoulder and trace her freckles with my finger.

“I’ll be gone a while, but I’ll come back. You’re free now, Cherry. You’re safe.”

“Yes, Carter,” she breathes dreamily and it makes me smile.

“You can live your life and not be scared anymore, baby. I’ve got you.”

Her breath is soft as I continue to kiss her freckles.

“I love you, Layla.”


The morning light is flooding in through the bedroom blinds. Rolling to my side, I notice I’m alone in bed, but Carter’s scent still lingers in the room. I must have finally passed out some time late into the night. Each time I would start to fall asleep, Carter would climb on top of me again. It was like he knew what I needed more than I did. He completely owned my body. By the time he was done with me, I felt like every part of me had been worshiped by him. There wasn’t an inch of me he left untouched. Glancing down, I can see the love marks he left all over my well-used body. He even whispered he loved me.

I look at the bedside clock and see it’s already ten o’clock. I stretch out and feel the pleasant ache in my muscles. Slipping to the edge of the bed, I reach for the sheet and wrap it around myself. I make my way through the house and check all the rooms, looking for any sign of Carter. When I get back to the bedroom I plop down on the bed and it causes me to wince. I didn’t notice the ache between my legs at first, but it’s a dull throb now. I’ll need to take some Tylenol.

I snatch my phone off the bedside table and go to call him, but then remember I don’t have his number. Maybe he had to run somewhere, or went to get us breakfast. That’s when I look over and see it. The picture I dropped in the prison four years ago. A picture of him. I had snapped it one day when I was playing around and had kept it close for years. It was always with me. I pick it up and it looks three times more worn than I remember. Carter wears that half-smile that only I could ever get from him. Flipping it over I see he’s written something on the back.

Everything I do is for you.


What does that even mean? I can’t believe he’s left. Lying back on the bed, I pull the sheet to my nose and inhale his scent, trying to fill my lungs with him. I attempt to convince myself he’ll be back any minute now. He wouldn’t leave me after last night. The things he said to me, the way he treated me—like I was his and his alone. At first I was pissed he was here but I knew I was just lying to myself. I kept telling myself I was moving on from him over the years, but I wasn’t. He still entered my mind every day and my obsession with him never lessened with time. The pain did, but not the need or want for him. I’m not sure it ever will after last night.

When my phone goes off I grab it, clicking the accept button as fast as possible, praying it’s him.

“Carter?” I say hurriedly, hearing the panic in my own voice.

“Carter? Who’s this Carter you speak of, Lays?” Jeanette says. At the sound of my friend’s voice, tears spring to my eyes, and I feel the warmth of one slip down my face.

“Lays, you totally slipped out last night and hooked up with someone didn’t you, you little ho bag? Give me the details. Every. Single One.”

Closing my eyes tighter, I try to stop more tears from falling. I know if I start, I may never stop. I’ll just lie in this bed crying forever, until my body can’t produce another tear.

“Get your sweet ass back in here, Mama, I’m not done with that pussy yet,” I hear a man say in the background.

“Hold up! Can’t you see I’m on the phone, you fucking caveman? My vagina needs a freaking break. Doesn’t your jaw hurt by now? And holy fuck, did you take something? How is your cock hard, again? Jesus H. Christ,” Jeanette says in an irritated voice that doesn’t really seem that irritated at all.