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Stealing His Heart( Nehalem Pack 25)(7)

By:AJ Jarrett

"No." Kam brought his hands up to grip his head. "It's not possible."  Kam seemed to recover really fast. His face was now hard, and his eyes  were narrowed at PJ as if he were the enemy. "I gotta get out of here."  And with that, Kam pushed opened the doors and took off.

Every bone in his body told PJ to go after him, to chase his mate, but  he didn't. The human part of his brain, the part that understood the  confusion and turmoil going on inside his mate, respected Kam's need to  have some space right now. Deep down, PJ knew that no matter how hard  Kam tried to fight it, it was pointless.

PJ turned around and headed out the door that led to the baseball field.  He started walking, then broke out into a run. He hopped the fence that  surrounded the outfield and darted toward the woods that surrounded the  campus. Once he was in the safety of the trees he took off his clothes  and stood naked under the night sky. PJ closed his eyes and brought  about the change from human to bear form. He bent over and fell to all  fours as he jerked and shifted. His bones reshaped and broke to make his  grizzly bear body. Dark hair grew out of his pores to make his thick  shiny fur. His nose stretched and elongated to make his snout. After  only a few seconds, the transformation was complete and he took off  running.

The great thing about Silver Creek was the miles and miles of uncharted  forest that surrounded the large town. It was beautiful out here. It  reminded PJ of home. The plush green grass was soft under his paws and  he ran through the trees. The scent of damp mud and wildflowers whirled  around him as he sped through the forest. PJ had no destination in mind.  He just knew he had to get as far away from Kam as he could. If he  didn't, he'd take Kam whether Kam wanted him to or not.

PJ slowed his trot to a slow walk. A break in the trees allowed the  crescent moon to shine down on him. PJ stood on two feet, let his head  fall back, and released a loud, rumbling roar. He let out all his  frustration and unrequited affection toward his mate.

It wasn't PJ's fault, and he couldn't blame Kam for reacting the way he  had. Kam had probably kissed a ton of girls but never a guy. That had to  be a little disconcerting for the young man. But PJ didn't understand  the anger. Didn't the connection Kam felt ease on the uncertainty that  clouded his mind?

PJ fell back onto all fours and walked over to a spot under a tall oak  tree. He lay on his side and tried to breathe through the ache in his  chest. He wanted Kam without a doubt and after that one kiss it became  abundantly clear waiting was no longer an option but he couldn't make  Kam feel and act the way PJ wanted him to.

A warm summer breeze blew over his body, ruffling his fur. PJ yawned and  settled in for a long rest. PJ was a patient man. He'd give Kam the  time he needed but only so much. A shifter could only be denied for so  long before the beast broke free and took over. For Kam's sake, PJ  really hoped the kid got his head on straight and saw reason. They were  mates, and destiny couldn't be ignored.

Chapter Six

"Holy shit." Kam winced at the feeling of his nails digging into his  scalp. He'd been so flustered he hadn't felt his nails shift into that  of his cougar claws. "Breathe, Kamden." Kam tried to calm himself down  but it wasn't working. Kam jogged toward his jeep and climbed inside. He  wasn't sure where he was going but he knew he couldn't stay on campus  that night. If he did, he'd do something totally out of character, like  go find the head coach of the baseball team he played for and beg the  man to fuck him.                       


"Fuck!" Kam screamed once safely in his car. So many thoughts were  bouncing around his head. The main one was that kiss he had shared with  Henson.

The kiss wasn't bad. No, it was magical, earth shattering, toe curling  great except for one thing. Henson was man, a very large man and, from  the feel of it, huge all over. Kam clenched his eyes shut as he  remembered the way Henson's cock felt pressed up against his own. It was  amazing, and it made Kam want more. Never in his life had he thought  about touching, let alone putting another guy's dick in his mouth, but  in that moment Kam wanted it all. His cougar whimpered in submission to  the larger man, eager to be taken. That view was not shared by the human  part of Kam's brain.

For twenty-one years Kam thought he knew who he was. He was the adopted  son of Seth and Caleb. He was Ryan's brother, Carson's best friend,  Riley's uncle, a member of the Nehalem pack, and a horny young guy who  liked to fuck women. These were all things he felt and knew without a  doubt. This was his life but now all that was changing. He was still the  same person, but instead of picturing what lucky female would be his  mate, all he saw was Henson. A man, a gorgeous man that made Kam feel so  many different things. It was so confusing.

Kam wasn't a small man by any means. He was tall and strong and didn't  lack an ounce of self-confidence. He still felt that way but he also  felt a little vulnerable. After that kiss Kam realized he liked being  wrapped in Henson strong embrace. He liked not having to be in control.  Henson knew how to kiss, touch, and move him to make Kam succumb to his  needs, and Kam wanted that. Never in his life did he think he'd ever be  in this position. Kam was a man. He didn't want to be some guy's bitch  even if they were mates.

"Mates!" Kam gasped for a breath, feeling as if the oxygen was being sucked from his car. "How in the hell did this happen?"

Kam pulled up alongside the curb to Maurice's apartment building. He  hadn't realized he was driving there until he stepped out of his jeep  and hustled up the steps. He hated to wake his friends but he really  needed someone to talk to and now. He raised his hand and knocked.

A couple minute had passed before he heard the shuffle of feet and Asa  cursing as he ran into the coffee table. When the door finally opened,  Asa, his face sleep-wrinkled, glared at him.

"This better be good, Kam." Asa held open the door and waved for Kam to come inside.

"It is." Kam walked straight to the back hallway toward Asa and Maurice's room. "Is Maurice awake?"

"I am now." Maurice whined as he sat up in bed. "What are you doing  here?" Maurice looked over at the clock on the table beside his bed.  "It's almost eleven." Maurice's eyes widened. "Is it Dylan? Is he home?"  Maurice started to climb out of the bed.

"Babe, stop." Asa rolled his eyes, then tackled Maurice back to the bed.  He moved so he had one leg and one arm draped over Maurice. "Dylan is  at Ryan and Carson's tonight. He fell asleep watching a moving with  Riley."

"Oh thank god." Relief was clear in Maurice's voice. "Being a parent is hard work."

"Parent?" Kam squinted at Maurice. "That kid is seventeen years old. He doesn't need you to mother him."

"That's what I said." Asa glanced over at Kam. "I worry about him too, but we can't watch over him every minute of every day."

Kam nodded. He remembered being seventeen and all the things he got  himself, along with a shy Carson, into. He smiled fondly at the  memoires. Good times.

"Not to be a dick." Maurice pushed himself up into a sitting positon. "But why in the hell are you here?"

"Yeah, right." Kam started to pace the bedroom floor. He was doing his  best to get his thoughts put in order. So many things had happened  tonight and he didn't know where to start. "Why am I here," he mumbled  to himself.

"Dude, will you stop moving?" Asa tossed a pillow at Kam's head. "Just spit it out."

"Okay." Kam stopped in front of them. He took a deep breath and let the  words just fly out of his mouth. "I think I met my mate tonight."

"Really?" Maurice's face lit up in happiness. "That's awesome, Kam-Kam."

"And it's a guy." Kam flopped onto the bed and buried his face in his hands.

"Whoa wait a minute." Maurice's voice cracked when he spoke. "Did you say a guy?"

"Okay, yeah, this is better than sleeping." Asa chuckled.                       


Kam frowned over at his friend.

"What? You can't possibly blame me for finding this entertaining. Ouch!"  Asa grabbed at his side from where Maurice elbowed him. Maurice glared  at his mate, and that seemed to be all it took to put Asa in his place.  "Sorry, Kam. I don't mean entertaining as I want you to suffer but you  have to admit it's interesting."

Kam jerked back and looked at Asa. "Interesting? How so?"

"Well, you've been straight all your life." Asa shrugged. "I'm forever  amazed at how the mating bond between shifters and humans works out.  It's fascinating."