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Stealing His Heart( Nehalem Pack 25)(6)

By:AJ Jarrett

Two things became completely obvious to PJ. One, he was distracting Kam.  And two, Kam didn't have a clue as to why. The way he looked at PJ made  it clear he was interested, but just as quickly as the flare of desire  flashed over his eyes, Kam jerked back as if in shock. PJ knew that Kam  was straight, and this had to be tough on the kid. But fate was fate and  their destinies were entwined, and there was no escaping that.

Practice ended, and the players walked off the field to the locker room.  PJ hung back to talk to the pitching coach. The starting pitcher for  the Grizzlies had pulled a muscle water skiing while on summer vacation.  PJ was livid, but he couldn't make his players avoid any and all  activities outside of baseball. The kid was coming along, and PJ was  happy with his progress.

PJ tried as hard as he could to avoid going into the locker room until  the players were done showering and changing. He desperately wanted to  see his mate naked or partially naked, but he was a gentleman and  refused to make his mate uncomfortable. But it was really hard not to  push open that door and rush over to Kam's side. Being surrounded by  Kam's citrus scent all day had PJ's cock half-hard during the entire  practice. The agitation caused his skin to itch and his temper to flare.

This mating bond was a lot stronger than PJ had ever expected. While  growing up he saw how in love his parents were and thought that was how  it would be for him, an easy, gentle love. But he was so freaking wrong.  Every cell in his body was on fire with the need to claim his mate and  soon.

After about twenty minutes, PJ made his way into the locker room. A few  players were still lingering but headed for the exit when they saw PJ.  The guys said good-bye as they made their way out.

PJ went into his office and sat down in his chair. He reclined it back  and let out a heavy sigh. It had been a long day, or at least it felt  that way. PJ wasn't exactly sure how he was going to get through the  next few weeks, let alone the next few hours without touching, kissing  or just holding Kam in his arms.

"Key, key, where are you?"

PJ sat up in his chair at the sound of Kam's voice. It was as if his  thinking about his mate conjured the man out of thin air. PJ got out of  his chair and walked over to the open door of his office. A low groan  bubbled in his throat, and he clamped his mouth shut just in time before  he let it out. In front of him on hands and knees was Kam. The thin  material of his shorts was pulled tight over the hard globes of Kam's  ass. PJ's fingers tingled with the need to map out that hard, muscled  flesh with his fingertips.                       


"Kline-Kemp, what are you doing?" PJ asked.

"I can't find my key." Kam pushed to his feet, ending PJ's enjoyment of  staring at his ass. Kam turned around to face him. "I got all the way  back to my dorm, and it wasn't in the pocket of my bag where I left it."

PJ pushed away from the wall and walked toward Kam. His mate chewed on  his bottom lip as he stared down at the ground, still searching for his  key. "I hate to be the one to break it to you, but I think your  teammates are having a little fun with you."

PJ had seen it before. The new guys got a little hazing. Nothing  extreme, just stupid stuff like putting their shoes in an empty locker,  taking their room key, or taking their clothes out of their lockers.

"That's what I was thinking." Kam chuckled. "It was probably that  Killian guy." Kam ran a hand through this damp hair. "I don't think he  likes me too much."

"Understandable." And it was. PJ had a feeling the hotheaded Killian  wouldn't be to pleasant to Kam when he arrived. Both men played  shortstop, and Killian should be worried. Kam was an amazing player, and  Killian would have to work ten times harder to keep his positon in the  starting lineup. "I'll help you look for it."

"Thanks." Kam looked up at him and smiled. "I really appreciate it."

"Don't mention it." PJ looked on the far left side of the locker room  while Kam took the right side. PJ rummaged through the other players'  open lockers and checked the empty ones. He made his way to the showers  and started searching through the dirty towel bin, and lo and behold,  there it was.

"Found it," PJ hollered out to Kam. He held up the shiny steal key.

"Oh thank god!" Kam was out of breath when he reached PJ. "If I had to  look through one more locker I think I would have puked. Some of these  guys need to wash their gear."

Kam reached out for the key, but PJ pulled it back at the last minute. PJ smiled at the surprised look on Kam's face.

"Can I have my key please?"

"Sure." PJ held his hand out palm up toward Kam. When Kam reached for  it, PJ closed his fingers around Kam's wrist. He knew better than to be  so bold, but he couldn't resist. It was as if the air around them  crackled and sparks flew from where they touched.

A soft gasped seeped past Kam's lips, and his hand trembled in PJ's  gasp. PJ took a step closer to Kam-close but not to close. He didn't  want his young mate to have a panic attack and pass out. Kam wasn't a  small guy, but he wasn't nearly as big as PJ. Bear shifters typically  were on the large size in bear and human form. PJ didn't want his bigger  size to intimidate his soon to be mate.

"What's happening to me?" Kam asked in a whisper.

PJ had to give it to the guy. Kam looked shocked and a little terrified,  but he didn't let go of PJ's hand. He held PJ's hand in a loose grip.

"I think you know," PJ said in a soft tone and took another step closer.  The heat radiating off Kam made PJ start to sweat. PJ stared down at  Kam's plump lips. He eased his tongue out to wet his lips, and his eyes  darted up when he heard a low groan come from Kam. His mate was just as  affected by him as he was of Kam.

"But I don't." Kam shook his head, pleading for PJ to answer the question he wasn't asking.

"Let me ask you this." PJ raised his right hand, laid it on the back of  Kam's neck, and gave Kam a gentle squeeze. "Do you like my touch?"

PJ took another step closer, now standing as close as he could possible  get. Kam nodded his head. His pupils were blown and his eyes had a  glossy sheen to them.

"Do you want me to stop?"

Kam's eyes held his gaze. PJ saw the struggle in his mate's eyes. Kam  was fighting the inevitable. PJ was sympathetic to Kam. This was all new  territory to him, but there was no escaping it. The sooner Kam allowed  nature to take its course, the sooner his life would be more relaxed. A  shifter finding his or her mate was a good thing, not something to run  from.

"I'm not sure." Kam finally answered.

PJ used his left hand to gently grab Kam's chin to raise his face up  higher toward his. PJ leaned down, his eyes never leaving Kam's.  Everything around PJ disappeared the moment his lips touched Kam's. The  plush skin felt like clouds against his lips. PJ moaned and moved in  closer, wrapping his arms around Kam's waist. He nipped Kam's full  bottom lip, and when Kam gasped, he was able to slip his tongue inside  Kam's mouth to get a better taste.

Kam's mouth was sweet and tasted like freshly squeezed orange juice.  PJ's muscles grew tight, and his hard cock ached. He needed so much more  than this.

PJ hadn't realized he'd backed Kam up against the wall until his mate  grunted when his back made contact with the hard surface. Once he had  Kam trapped, he deepened the kiss even more. PJ sucked and licked his  fill, knowing it would never be enough. Kam had PJ's shirt fisted in his  hands, and he wasn't letting go, but he also wasn't pulling PJ closer  either.

PJ wasn't sure how long they'd been standing there. Time seemed to lose  all meaning when he was with Kam. The hard cock in his shorts demanded a  little attention so PJ pressed his hips into Kam's. Kam's own cock was  thick and full.

"God, I want you so fucking bad," PJ said against Kam's lips. "I want to  bend you over my desk and claim that virgin hole of yours." PJ had lost  all control of his words.

And just like that the spell was broken. Kam shoved PJ in chest,  catching him by surprise. PJ stumbled back a few steps. Once he regained  his balance, he stepped toward Kam, but the younger man held his hands  up.

"Stay away from me." Kam walked backward, edging closer to the doors.

"You know that's not possible." PJ followed Kam as he tried to make his escape. "And you know why."

Kam's brow scrunched up and he shook his head. He looked so scared that  all PJ wanted to do was hold him in his arm and tell him everything was  going to be okay.