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Stealing His Heart( Nehalem Pack 25)(4)

By:AJ Jarrett

Kam looked up and met Carson's concerned eyes. This was the moment he  could tell his best friends what was going on in his head, but he  couldn't do it. This was something he had to figure out on his own.

"Yeah." Kam sighed and relaxed back in his chair. "I'm just a little  overwhelmed. I'm starting a new school and joining a team with guys who  already know each other. A little stressful."

"Oh, I hear ya." Maurice took a drink of his coffee. "You sporty types  can be really competitive. I just hope the other guy who plays shortstop  isn't some prick who wants to kick your ass for taking his spot." At  Kam's confused expression, Maurice snorted out a laugh. "Oh, come on,  Kam-Kam. You are an amazing player. Whoever is playing shortstop now  doesn't stand a chance. Ultimately you coming to play here is going to  screw that guy."

"He has a point." Carson's face scrunched up as if he tasted something  sour. "I'm not just saying this because we're friends but you are really  good. Like professional baseball player good."                       


"I'm not that great." Kam wasn't one to boast on his athletic abilities.  His dads had taught him at a young age not to brag about himself yet  everyone around him liked to give him praise for his playing ability.

"Bullshit." Maurice shook his head. "That right there is what makes you  an amazing guy. Yeah, you joke around a lot, but you don't have a big  head. You're down to earth and genuinely a sweet guy. I envy the lucky  girl who snatches you up."

"Aww, thanks, Mo." Kam forced a smile. It was nice to hear the kind  words from his friends, but something nudging him at the back of his  mind told him it might not be a girl snagging him after all but a man, a  big muscular, dominating man-a man like Coach Henson. His dick twitched  inside his boxers, threatening to grow to a full hard-on. Kam had to  get out of there and fast. "I gotta go." Kam stood.

"You're leaving all ready?" Carson looked down at his watch.

"Yeah, I have to finish filling out some paperwork for school." Kam  leaned down to give Carson a hug, then did the same to Maurice. "See you  guys later."

Kam rushed out of the café and toward his Jeep parked out front. He got  inside and drove as calmly as he could home. His mind was racing with  images he himself couldn't believe were playing inside his head.

Very graphic pictures of Henson danced before his eye. The strong older  man with his shirt off, wearing only a pair of faded blue jeans with the  button unsnapped and the zipper pulled down just enough to showcase his  dark pubic hair, a distinct bulge pressed against the front of his  jeans. Kam tightened his hands on the steering wheel at the visual. His  dick was full-on hard now, and a cool sweat had broken out long his  skin.

The house he grew up in came into view, and he pulled his Jeep into the  drive and hoped out. He raced for the front door, unlocked it, and  breathed a sigh of relief when he realized no one was there.

"Thank you, Jesus," Kam whispered as he rushed to his room, shut the door, and pushed in the lock.

His dick was so hard that it had grown painful. Kam unfastened his jeans  and yanked them down his thighs. The hard length of his cock bounced  forward, the tip wet with pre-cum. Kam sat down on the edge of his bed,  staring down at his hard shaft. He'd never seen his dick so hard and  thick before. The poor thing was a dark purple with the need to come.

Kam closed his eyes and wrapped his fingers around his silky smooth  member. He squeezed it tight and gasped at the sensation it sent  rippling across his body. Kam did his best to think of the last girl  he'd had sex with. She was pretty, tall with a swimmer's body and  dark-brown hair. In fact, she was a competitive swimmer. He remembered  how her long, strong legs wrapped around him.

Kam started to move his fist up and down but the more he thought about  the pretty woman he'd had sex with his dick started to deflate.

"No, no, no!" Kam groaned as he moved his hand faster, but it didn't  help. His cock went limp. "Damn it." Kam flopped back on his bed. He  stared up at the ceiling breathing deeply. Any sexual thoughts of women  were like a boner killer. Every dirty thought he had did nothing for his  aching cock and balls.

With his eyes closed, Kam found his mind wandering back to Coach Henson.  He smiled at the way Henson's eyes lit up when Kam spoke to him. Even  now Kam could swear he smelled the rich burning smell combined with an  earthy scent. Kam didn't know what exactly Henson was shifter-wise, but  it didn't matter. The cougar inside Kam didn't care. All it wanted was  to touch and feel Henson pressed against him. He wanted to know what it  felt like to have another man's lips pressed into his, taking control.

Kam had never entertained any ideas of having sex with another man. It  just wasn't something he thought about, but now it was all he could  think about. He found himself wondering what it would be like to lick  his tongue down Henson's muscular body, to tug on his erect nipples  until the older man forced him lower.

Kam reached down and discovered that his cock had woken and was hard as a  rock. He gripped it tightly in his hand as he imagined what it would be  like to lick and suck on Henson's hard cock. Kam sucked in a deep  breath, wishing he could smell the rich aroma that no doubt clung to  Henson's balls. Coach looked like a strong, domineering man, and that  set something on fire inside Kam. In all his life he'd never felt this  way. When it came to sex he was the man, and he called all the shots,  but that wasn't the case when he thought about PJ Henson.

Henson's sex-filled voice rippled through his head. "You like my cock don't you, boy."                       


"Yes, sir," Kam answered aloud. He moved his hand even faster, and his back arched up off the bed.

"Taste it. Go on and put it in your mouth."

Kam squeezed his eyes shut, but he allowed his mouth of fall open as if  he could really put that hard piece of man meat into his mouth. In his  imagination Henson's cock was huge, like nine, almost ten, inches long.  That was a lot compared to his seven-and-half-inch cock. But it wasn't  intimidating to Kam. If anything, he was eager to please his coach.

The taste of the soft, spongy head on his tongue, leaking pre-cum had  Kam's cock jerking in his hand. Kam had never sucked cock, but in his  daydream he was going at it like a pro.

"That's right. Such a good boy for me." Henson crooned as he ran his  large warm hand through Kam's hair. "You've got a nice mouth on you but I  wonder what that virgin hole of yours feels like."

"Oh fuck!" Kam moaned as he cock erupted. Cum splashed on his chest. One  shot went as far as to paint over his cheek. Kam gasped for air, his  heart racing as if he'd just run a marathon.

Kam lay on his bed doing his best to regain control of his body. His  mind was reeling with what he'd just done. He'd masturbated to thoughts  of his fucking new baseball coach. It was insane. First off, Kam wasn't  even gay, and second, Henson was his coach. Nothing could happen between  them. It was against the rules. Kam was a student and Henson, a coach.  That gave Kam a little peace of mind. For some crazy, bizarre reason, he  was a little attracted to his coach, but that was all it was. All it  had to be. All it could ever be.

But you want more. The voice inside his head laughed at him.

Kam lay there staring up at nothing. He wanted to deny what that little voice said but could he really?

Chapter Four

It had been a week since Kam had seen Coach Henson. He did his best to  not think of the man, but in the darkness of his room every night he  succumbed to his desires. It was annoying the fuck out of him because  once he shot his load and his brain turned back on, he wondered how in  the hell his life had come to this. In his fantasies, he was always the  one taking Henson huge cock and he liked it. Kam couldn't figure out  how, a week ago, he had been straight or how no other man he came into  contact with excited him like Henson did.

Kam did his best to keep busy. He moved into his dorm room just that  morning. It was nice. It was a single, and his neighbors were fellow  members of the baseball team. Grant and Spencer were really nice. They  hung out and helped him unpack his room. Meeting Spencer and Grant  helped calm the ball of stress he'd had in his stomach when he thought  about meeting his new teammates. Kam just hoped all the other players  were just as welcoming.

After a quick lunch in the cafeteria Kam rushed back to his room. He  changed into a pair of gray baseball pants, grabbed his bag that held  his cleats, glove, and bat, then ran out the door.