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Stealing His Heart( Nehalem Pack 25)(3)

By:AJ Jarrett

After that game, once he was back in town, PJ made a point of  introducing himself to Caleb, one of Kamden's adopted fathers. Caleb  being the chief of police in Silver Creek made him easy to find. PJ had  already met his mate, Seth and the area alpha. Being a shifter in a new  town, PJ had to introduce himself not only to the young alpha Asa but to  Devon Carsten as well. The shifters and the humans in the quiet town of  Silver Creek were great.

PJ didn't let on to anyone his attraction toward Kamden. The guy was an  amazing shortstop and could hit the seams off a baseball. Had it not  been for Louisiana already having a terrific shortstop, the coaching  staff there might have been harder to work with, but as it was, the  school was understanding to Kamden's need to be closer to home. Once the  coaches at Louisiana gave their blessing, PJ got to work trying to get  Kamden back to Silver Creek.                       


PJ had only lived in Silver Creek for about a year, but he fell in love  with the town instantly. He sort of thought it was a subconscious  reaction to knowing his mate was from here. Whether that was the case of  not, PJ would never know. He was just glad things turned out the way  they had.

Life was good and was only getting better with the arrival of his mate.  PJ was certain that Kamden would come to school at Hemsworth and play  baseball for him. The offer was too good to refuse, and Kamden's family  lived in Silver Creek. He saw the look of awe in Kamden's light blue  eyes once he saw PJ. Kamden might be really confused at the moment, but  before long the pull to be near PJ would become too strong, and Kamden  would be unable to deny it.

"Kamden," PJ whispered his name. His eyes fell shut, and he smiled as Kamden's image shined bright in his mind's eye.

The short blond hair, light blue eyes, and the most handsome, sculpted  face were pleasing to the eye. He had a straight average-sized nose and  bushy dark-blond eyebrows over his eyes. Kamden's lips were full and  looked soft. PJ was eager to taste them.

Then if Kamden's striking facial features weren't enough, there was his  body. A body made of strong bone and thick muscles. Kamden wasn't nearly  as muscular as PJ, but he wasn't far behind. Kamden's body was still in  the early stages of his youth. Over time his body would fill out more,  and he would grow stronger.

What PJ wouldn't give to see what Kamden looked like under his light  blue button-up shirt and khaki slacks. When PJ saw Kamden standing by  the fence he nearly shot a load in his shorts. Between Kamden's scent,  his captivating blue eyes, and his hot-as-fuck body, PJ could barely  control his animalistic nature.

"I'm so screwed." PJ groaned as he brought his right hand up to rub at his forehead.

Getting Kamden to come play at Hemsworth sounded like a great idea in  the beginning, but now PJ wasn't so sure. Yes, he wanted Kamden near  him, and yes, he wanted to make Kamden his mate, but Kamden was still in  college and PJ was the guy's coach. Fraternizing with the students was  frowned on by the school and with good reason. But this was different.  PJ and Kamden were mates, and no matter how hard they might try to fight  it they were going to be together. PJ just had to find a way around it.

Chapter Three

"So you accepted the offer to play at Hemsworth?" Carson asked.

Kam nodded. "You're going to be a Fighting Grizzly?"

Kam nodded again. "Yes!" Carson held his hand up for Kam to smack. His best friend was so excited.

Kam smiled at Carson. After his meeting at Hemsworth he went home to  change and relax. It wasn't long before Carson called and told him to  meet him and Maurice at the Early Bean Café in town.

"Great, I'm stuck with this meathead here at school and in my personal life," Maurice teased.

"Oh shut it." Kam wadded up his napkin and tossed it over at his new friend.

Carson and Kam grew up together. They'd been best friends since they  were just little boys. Maurice and Carson met when Carson was away at  college in San Francisco. When Carson moved back to Silver Creek,  Maurice followed not far after. There was a little animosity between Kam  and Maurice when they first met. Both wanted to be number one in  Carson's life, but they soon realized they had a lot in common and got  along great. Before long they'd grown so close Carson had started to get  jealous of their relationship. It was good to have friends.

"Come on, Maurice." Carson kicked Maurice's chair. "You're excited. Just admit it."

"Fine!" Maurice rolled his eyes and let out a heavy sigh. When Maurice  looked back at Kam, his eyes shined just a little bit. "I am really  happy you're going to be attending school with us in the fall. I really  would have missed you if you choose to go back to LSU."

"Thanks, Mo." Kam chuckled. "I knew you couldn't live without me." Kam  brought his arms up and curled them in, flexing his muscles. "I know how  much you like drooling over my body." Kam made a few grunting sounds as  he brought his arms down to flex some more. "Oh yeah, you like it." Kam  couldn't resist teasing Maurice every chance he got. It was their  thing. Maurice gave him shit, and Kam gave it right back.

"I'd like to see you do that in front of Asa." Maurice leaned in to rest  his elbows on the tabletop. "I'm sure he'd love to see this little  display."

"See! Why did you have to go and bring your scary boyfriend in on this, huh?" Kam waved a hand at Maurice.                       


"He's not scary," Maurice shot back.

"Oh yes he is." Carson started to laugh. "He's my cousin, so I can say  this. The man is scary jealous. I wouldn't want him coming after me."

"True." Maurice's eyes went a little hazy. "He is an aggressive one. Just last-"

"No!" Kam covered his ears with his hands. "Stop right there. I do not, I  repeat, do not want to hear about yours and Asa's love life." Kam's  body did an all over shudder. "I'm still having nightmares from the last  time you started a conversation with those words."

"You are no fun, Kam-Kam." Maurice sat back in his chair crossing his arms over his chest.

Carson and Maurice started talking about something else but Kam wasn't  paying attention. His thoughts kept wandering back to Coach Henson.  Every time he closed his eyes, he saw the man's face behind his eyelids.  Hell, it was getting to the point even with his eyes open all he saw  was Henson-the dark blue of his eyes, the sharp lines of his symmetrical  face, and his lips. Oh dear god Henson's lips were a deep shade of pink  with the bottom lip being just a little more fuller than the top. Even  Henson's bright white teeth were sexy.

Kam's brain shouted at him. What the hell? It was unnerving how he was  reacting to this man. A man! Not a hot woman but a man. A strong  handsome man that Kam's dick couldn't stop trying to stand up and  salute.

Did this mean he was gay? Kam glanced over at Maurice. He was a  good-looking guy, he guessed. He was tall with a tight, lean body. Kam  had seen the way Maurice's mate Asa looked at him like he wanted to eat  Maurice alive, but Kam didn't see it.

Kam furrowed his brow as he looked harder at Maurice. His head titled  from side to side but nothing happened. His body didn't react to the  other man. His dick lay limp against his thigh. When he looked at  Maurice he just saw him, his friend, nothing more. But just like that,  his mind flashed to the image of Henson smiling down at him, and his  dick grew hard and thick.

"Fuck!" Kam shouted and banged his hand on the table.


Carson's loud voice and the nudge in his arm brought Kam out of his  arousing thoughts. Kam glanced around and saw that a few other customers  were staring at them. He mumbled an apology then dropped his head to  bang hard on the tabletop. What was wrong with him? That question was  starting to become a broken record on repeat in his head.

"What is with you?" Carson rubbed a hand over Kam's shoulders. "Do you feel okay?"

No! He wanted to shout at the top of his lungs, but he bit his tongue to  keep from saying anything. He didn't need his friends laughing at him  or judging him or giving him advice. Kam wasn't gay, so the feelings he  was having toward his coach meant nothing. It had to be because of  stress. Yeah, that had to be it. Moving back home and transferring  schools were a lot to deal with. And he was nervous about joining a new  team. Most of the guys on the Hemsworth baseball team had played  together at least a couple of years, and here Kam was coming in middle  of the game, so to speak, wanting to play.

Say what you will, but you know the truth. Kam covered his eyes and  groaned at that little all-knowing voice in his head. He could swear it  was his dick talking back to him, not that inner voice of reason that  lived inside a person's brain. No, his dick wanted Coach Henson, but as  more time passed, Kam was starting to think he might want him, too. But  that was ridiculous, right?