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Stealing His Heart( Nehalem Pack 25)(24)

By:AJ Jarrett

Spencer had gone on to play for the San Francisco Giants minor league  team. After only a year he got called up to play in the majors and Kam  and PJ flew out a few times every season to watch him play. Kam was  happy for his friend. Spencer was a great guy and an amazing third  baseman, but Kam got a lot of calls from Spencer complaining about all  the traveling and being alone. That right there cemented Kam's decision  to let his dreams of playing baseball go.

"Jeez, babe, are you trying to make me nervous?" Kam climbed up into his  Jeep and took a deep breath. After only four years of working at Silver  Creek High Kam was offered the positon of head coach. Clevenger had  decided to retire after teaching for twenty-five years. He was excited  but a little anxious. It was a big responsibility but one he wanted to  have.

"Make Kam Henson, nervous?" PJ smirked. "No way. It's not possible to  make you nervous about anything." PJ shut the door to the Jeep and  leaned in through the open window. "You're too cocky to allow that to  happen."

That was another thing that had changed. After Kam graduated and they  were able to live out in the open, PJ had proposed, to which Kam  accepted. They got married in a little ceremony out at the Carsten house  with all their family and friends surrounding them. It was the best day  of Kam's life. Never once had he regretted meeting PJ or wished that he  was still straight. PJ showered Kam with so much love and affection no  one else would ever compare to the greatest love of his life.                       


"And don't you forget it." Kam flicked his finger gently over PJ's nose.  "But speaking of cocks"-Kam shifted in his seat and thrust his hips up,  pointing down at his crotch-"if you're offering a blowy, by all means  I'd make an acceptation and be late."

"Dear god!" PJ looked up toward the sky and sighed. "What am I going to do with you?"

"Nothing." Kam leaned toward PJ and kissed him softly on the lips. "You  love me just the way I am." Kam put the key in the ignition and started  the Jeep.

"That I do." PJ shook his head. "I must be a glutton for punishment."  Kam chuckled and PJ winked at him. "I love you, have a good day at  school, and I'll see you after practice."

Kam waited until PJ got into his truck before pulling his Jeep out of  the driveway. It always amazed Kam how much his life had changed from  what he thought it would be. He was mated to a man, and he coached high  school baseball instead of playing it. It wasn't the dream he had as a  little boy, but it was a new dream, a better dream, because PJ was in  this one.

Kam counted his lucky stars he got homesick and came back to Silver  Creek to play for the Fighting Grizzlies because if he had never met PJ  his life would be incomplete. Kam found himself looking forward to  arguing with PJ over baseball lineups and coaching strategies, making  dinner together, going on runs, and making love every chance they got.  This was what happiness was and Kam wouldn't change a single thing.