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Stealing His Heart( Nehalem Pack 25)(22)

By:AJ Jarrett



Will Waterson, the emergency-room doctor on duty, came over to talk to  Kam when he arrived. Will was a human member of the Nehalem Pack. His  mate was Ian Tanner, and he was a wolf shifter. Kam had grown up knowing  Will. In fact, one of Kam's best friends was Will's younger sister  Kelsey, who was studying in Europe.

"Kam, how you doing, kid?" Will pulled Kam in for a tight hug.

"Not to good, Will." Kam swiped a hand over his eyes as his tears started up again. "Is Spencer going to be all right?"

"Come here." Will put his arm around Kam's shoulders and guided him away  from the crowded waiting room. "I'm really not supposed to tell you  this, but you're part of my family, and I know Spencer is your friend,  and you might be able to help me here." Will glanced over his shoulder,  than back to Kam.

"What?" Kam asked.

"We're running a blood test on him right now to check for drugs in his  system. When they brought him in, he was showing symptoms of a drug  overdose. We had to pump his stomach, and I'm not sure that even helped.  He's still unconscious, so we can't ask him any questions. Do you know  if he was on anything?"

"No way!" Kam snapped. "I'm sorry, Will, but Spencer is a good guy and  an amazing player. He'd never pump anything into his body that could  hurt him." Kam might not have known Spencer for that long but he felt  confident in saying that Spencer wasn't using.

"Okay, I believe you." Will reached up to rest his hand on the back of  Kam's neck. A nurse came out of the heavy wooden double doors, walked  over to Will, and handed him some papers, then walked away. "Shit." Will  shook his head in disgust.

"What?" Kam glanced down at the papers. "What is it?"

"Have you ever heard of Rohypnol?"

Kam shook his head.

"It's better known as the date-rape drug. The user loses all muscle  control, and they become tired and usually pass out, leaving them  helpless to anyone wanting to do them harm. But the dose Spencer had in  his system was outrageous. He's lucky he didn't die."

"But why would Spencer take that? It doesn't make any sense." Kam  couldn't fathom why a person would willingly take a drug of that nature  during a ball game. It was ludicrous.

"I'm guessing he didn't take it willingly." Will looked out over the  waiting room at all the baseball players taking up every available  chair. "Did anyone have an issue with Spencer? Did someone on the team  not like him?"

Kam started to shake his head. Spencer got along with everyone. If  anything, he was the peacemaker of the team. But then something struck  him. Kam turned his gaze toward the tall, dark-haired baseball player  sitting way in the back, Killian. Spencer didn't have any enemies, but  Kam did.

Without even thinking, Kam darted across the waiting room. He shoved through the crowd until he got closer to Killian.

"You selfish fuck!" Kam shouted as he grabbed Killian by his jersey and yanked him to his feet. "You could have killed him."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Killian grabbed at Kam's wrist, trying to pry himself free.

"You did this." Kam's eyes widened as he moved in close to Killian, nose  to nose. He could feel his teeth begin to sharpen, ready to rip out  this prick's throat. "That water you gave me, was it just water? I'm  guessing not."

"You're fucking insane." Killian sneered.


The sound of his father's voice barely registered with Kam.


"Why did you do it?" Kam asked, his knuckles turning a bright white from  the force with which he grabbed Killian's shirt. "Is playing at the  expense of others that important to you? Admit you did this." Kam shook  Killian.

Killian leaned in close and whispered, "Prove it."

Kam lost it. He pushed Killian away, the man stumbled back a step. Kam  pulled back his right arm and sent it flying forward with everything he  had, but he never made contact.

"Son, that's enough," Seth said softly against his ear. "This isn't the way."

Kam looked over his shoulder at his dad, and he let his arm drop to his  side. Kam turned his attention back to Killian. "I might not be able to  prove it, but I know what you did. Look around you." All eyes were on  them. "You say you didn't do it, but the seed of doubt has been planted,  Killian. With your winning personality, it isn't hard to guess that  someone like you would be responsible for this." Kam took a menacing  step toward Killian. "And if I were you, I'd make sure you stay clear of  me because so help me god, if I get the chance I'll make you pay for  what you did."                       


Killian didn't say another word. The sound of him swallowing and his  slight tremble made Kam smile. He had gotten his point across.

"What is going on here?" Caleb went into full police mode.

Will came over and pulled Caleb to the back. Since being the chief of  police in their town, he had to be informed of the facts involving what  had happened to Spencer.

"Kid, what just happened?" Seth asked as he pulled Kam away from the crowded room. "You could have really hurt him."

"I know and wanted to, Dad." Kam reached up and covered his face with  his hands. Kam wasn't a violent person. He hated confrontation maybe  that was why he was always cracking jokes but still he wouldn't stand by  and watch as some waste of human flesh hurt those he cared about.

"Talk to me, son."

And Kam did. He told Seth all about the troubles he'd had with Killian.  His dad listened without saying a word, and by the time he'd told Seth  his suspicions about what Spencer had done his dad's eyes were glowing a  bright blue as his anger rose.

"I'd be mad to, Kam, but we, as shifters, can't take justice into our own hands." Seth gave Kam a hug.

"I know, Dad. I know."

Kam and Seth walked back into the waiting room, and Kam immediately saw  PJ. He was talking to Caleb and Will. His face was grim, and his face  was wrinkled with anger and stress. When PJ saw Kam he smiled slightly,  then looked back at the other two men. Whatever was said, Caleb nodded  his head, then took off. He had his phone up to his ear.

"What's going on?" Kam asked when he stood in front of PJ.

"After what happened to Spencer the school gave the okay for the police  to check in the locker room. They have reason to believe they'll find  drugs." PJ shook his head. "I can't fucking believe this."

"Join the club." Seth patted PJ on the shoulder. "Some people will stop at nothing to get what they want."

Seth, Kam, and PJ sat in the waiting room with the rest of the team.  After about four hours, Will came out to say that Spencer had finally  woken up and that the team needed to clear the waiting room. Will said  it'd be okay for all of them to come visit tomorrow. Will had put a call  into Spencer's parents, and they'd be arriving within the next couple  of hours.

Kam walked out to his Jeep with a few of his teammates. He could feel  PJ's eyes on him as he got into his car and drove away. Once back at the  dorm, Kam showered and changed, then headed out to the woods. He  shifted then ran as fast as he could toward his mate, his home, thankful  that he had PJ to lean on in times like this.

Chapter Sixteen

PJ hated that he couldn't leave the hospital together with Kam. They  still had to pretend they weren't a couple and in love. After the day  they'd had all he wanted to do was hold his mate close, knowing he was  safe in his arms.

He'd just walked in to his house when he got a call from Caleb. They had  found a bottle of unmarked pills in Killian's locker. They were having  it sent off to be tested, but Caleb felt confident in saying it was  Rohypnol. The dean of the school was handling Killian's suspension, and  Caleb was on his way to arrest the young man.

Spencer was still in the hospital, but he would make a full recovery.  The most Killian stood to get was a fine, parole, and community service.  It didn't seem like enough, but it would have to do. PJ was just happy  to be rid of him. It wasn't just that Killian was targeting Kam, but to  know a human being would go to such lengths to further his career. It  made PJ sick to his stomach.

The sound of the back door opening had PJ stepping out of his bedroom.  He'd just gotten out of the shower, and all he had on was a pair of  loose pajama pants.

"Hey," PJ said as he walked into the kitchen and saw Kam pulling on his  shorts. He leaned against the counter and watched his mate. "You okay?"

"Honestly?" Kam leaned back against the door, his head tipping back to  thump against the glass window. "I'm not sure I'll ever be okay about  this." Kam clenched his eyes shut. "If only I'd drunk that water,  Spencer wouldn't be in that hospital right now. The drug wouldn't have  affected me."