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Stealing His Heart( Nehalem Pack 25)(19)

By:AJ Jarrett

Kam reached the locker room with ten minutes to spare. He quickly  changed, then headed out to the field. Spencer hollered out to him, and  Kam ran toward him, catching the ball his teammate tossed at him.

"Did you hear the news?" Spencer asked and he caught Kam's ball and threw it back.

"What news?" PJ hadn't told him anything and surely his mate would have filled him in if something big was about to happen.

"Word in the locker room we're going to play in a fall league. It starts in a week."

"Really?" That was exciting news to Kam. Not every college participated  in fall baseball because of risk of injury toward the players.

"Yeah. From what my little ear overheard." Spencer tapped his left ear,  and an evil grin curled his upper lip. "It only lasts about four weeks.  With school starting the coaches don't want to overwhelm us too much."

"Fuck overwhelmed." Kam pulled his arm back and launch the ball at  Spencer. "I came here to play baseball, so let's get this shit started."

"No doubt." Spencer chuckled.

The rest of the team wandered onto the field. With classes having  started a week ago, the practice times had changed. They had gone down  to one a day practice starting at four o'clock Monday through Friday and  an early one on Saturday morning. The coaches really focused on  strength training and the players who were struggling got a lot more  one-on-one time with the coaches.

"All right, guys. Bring it in." PJ's loud voice echoed in the small  stadium, and the players all walked over toward him. "I've got some  exciting news to fill you all in on." PJ's eyes sought out Kam's, and he  smiled. "We're going to play fall ball. It's a league that only last  for a month, but we coaches feel it'd be good for you boys."

"When does it start?" the starting catcher asked.

"Our first game is next weekend." PJ thumbed through the papers on his  clipboard. "We're playing a division two school in from Ohio. The game  will be played here so we got the home-field advantage."

"Division two team?" Killian, the asshole as Kam came to refer to him,  sneered. "No offense, Coach, but I really don't want to waste my talent  on a school that doesn't stand a chance. I mean what happens if I get  hurt?"

"Well, Fletcher, it's mandatory you play." PJ's voice drop to a low,  menacing tone. "And just because we're a division one team doesn't mean  we are any better than them. As the saying goes we are only as good as  our weakest player."

Kam watched as Killian fidgeted under PJ's heavy stare.

"If you think you're too good to play for the Grizzles then by all means  you're free to sit the bench or find another school to attend." PJ  slapped the clipboard against his hand. "Does anyone else have anything  they want to say?" No one was dumb enough to answer that. "Good. Let's  get to work."

Kam followed the infield coach over toward the third-base line. He  glanced over his shoulder toward PJ, and he honest to god blushed when  he caught his mate staring at his ass. Kam nodded his head, and PJ shook  his, knowing he'd been caught. Kam had to force his attention away from  his mate and concentrate on what his coach was saying.

* * * *

When PJ made it home that night, he wasn't surprised to see the light on  in the kitchen. He parked his truck and got out with a smile on his  face as he unlocked the front door and stepped inside. The smell of  seasoned hamburger meat filled the air, and he set his backpack by the  door and headed toward the kitchen.

"You're home!" Kam stood at the stove only in a pair of lightweight gym  shorts. They were white and did nothing to hide what he was packing  underneath the material. "I got done with my homework, so I figured I'd  come over and make you dinner. You do like tacos, right?" Kam asked, a  worried look flashing over his face.                       


"I do." PJ walked over toward Kam, wrapped his arms around his waist,  and pulled him in for a deep kiss. "God, I'm so happy to see you." PJ  dipped his head down to kiss his way down Kam's neck. "Missed you,  baby."

"You see me every day." Kam fisted PJ's hair and gently pulled PJ up to  face him. "Why don't you get something to drink while I finish making  supper?"

"Okay." PJ gave Kam one more kiss, then turned toward the fridge. "I'd  rather have you for dinner, but tacos will do, I guess." He winked at  Kam.

"I know the feeling," Kam said to himself as he finished browning the hamburger meat. "But we can't starve ourselves either."

"No, we cannot." PJ got out the plates and napkins to set the table  while Kam finished making dinner. "So you excited about fall ball?" PJ  asked once they were both sitting and eating.

"Hell yeah I am." Kam used his napkin to wipe off his mouth. "Like I  told Spencer today. I came here to play baseball, getting my criminal  justice degree is just an added bonus."

"I'm glad to hear that." PJ took another bite of his taco, then set it  down. He chewed slowly, then swallowed it down. "I wanted to let you  know I've talked with the other coaches, and we're going to start you in  the game on Saturday."


Kam's eyes lit up the way PJ knew they would. "Really, really. You're  the best man for the job. And just so we are clear my decision isn't  based on the fact that we're mates and sleeping together." PJ grabbed  for Kam's hand. "You really are the best shortstop. Killian has been  struggling this past year, and he's too pigheaded to take direction from  us coaches. It'll be good for him to sit out a few games."

"Thanks, babe." Kam stood, walked over toward PJ, pushed his chair out,  then straddled his lap. "Not to toot my own horn, but I am a pretty good  shortstop," Kam teased as he ran his fingers through PJ's hair.

"That you are." PJ caressed his hands up and down Kam's bare back. He  traced down his spine, smiling as he felt goose bumps pop up over Kam's  tan flesh. "But you are better at other things, too." PJ nipped at Kam's  chin.

"Oh yeah." Kam's breath hitched in his throat and he circled his hips  against PJ's. The hard length of his cock pressed in tightly toward his.  "Like what?"

"Taking my cock." PJ fisted Kam's short blond hair in his hand and  jerked his head back, pulling a desperate moan from Kam's lips. "You're  also such a good little cocksucker. There isn't anything I do to you,  you can't handle."

"Yeah." Kam moaned louder, his hips humping up and down on PJ's lap.  "I'm not so sure I can agree with you on that." Kam pulled his head out  of PJ's hold. He turned his steely hot gaze on PJ. "I think you need to  show me again."

"Is that right." PJ curled his fingers around Kam's hard firm ass cheeks  and pulled him even closer. "You want me to fuck you, Kamden?"

"You know I do." Kam crushed his lips down on PJ's. "Fuck me, PJ. I want it hard and fast. Please, baby."

There were a lot of things in PJ's life he could refuse but listening to  his mate begging him for sex wasn't one of them. He stood up, carrying  Kam in his arms. He made his way toward the bedroom, stopping every now  and again to push Kam up against the wall to ravish his mouth.

Finally in their room, PJ laid Kam down and covered Kam with his body.  Kam tore at PJ's clothes, his sharp claws shredding the material to  nothing. PJ chuckled at his mate's excitement, but it quickly faded as  warm, smooth fingers curled around his cock.

"Come on, PJ," Kam said as he stroked PJ's hard length. "Make love to me."

PJ sat up on his knees and pulled Kam's shorts the rest of the way down.  His hard cock bounced back against his hard stomach. The swollen head  glistened with pre-cum, and PJ's bear roared inside him, wanting to have  a taste. PJ let his gaze roam over Kam. A fine layer of sweat covered  his tanned, muscled form as he lay breathing heavily on the bed.

"Please, baby." Kam pleaded.

PJ leaned toward the side table drawer to get the lube out, but Kam grabbed his wrist to stop him.

"No." He shook his head. "I want it hard and rough." Kam's eyes glowed a  brilliant blue in the dark room, and the right side of his mouth  quirked into a devious grin. "Can you give me that, PJ?" Kam asked in a  sticky, sweet tone.                       


PJ growled down at his mate. He shoved away from Kam's hold, grabbed the  back of Kam's thighs, and pressed them in close to his chest. His dick  twitched and begged for attention the moment he saw Kam's smooth pink  hole winking at him. PJ's mouth started to salivate at the sight. PJ  looked at his mate. Kam whimpered and begged PJ to fuck him, and he lost  all control. PJ spat on Kam's eager hole, then used his right hand to  guide his hard, wet cock to Kam's opening and smear the wetness around  the tight bud, tapping his thickness against the rippled skin.