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Stealing His Heart( Nehalem Pack 25)(14)

By:AJ Jarrett

Chapter Ten

PJ had gone out for his nightly run when he caught Kam's scent. Never in  a million years did he think he would so easily run into his mate and  that Kam would be so receptive to his advances. It was a good sign for  their relationship.

Shifters didn't have a say in who was going to be their fated mate. PJ  had never heard any bad mating stories, so destiny must be a perfect  matchmaker. In his case, PJ had to agree with that. Kam was everything  he had ever wanted in a lover.

PJ had always been attracted to athletic men, strong guys who could take  whatever PJ dished out to them sexually. The moment he saw Kam on that  baseball field, he knew that this man was his dream come true. The blond  hair, blue eyes, and hard, fit body were all things PJ had always found  attractive in a partner. Now the Kam-being-straight thing had thrown  him for a loop, but in the end it had all worked out. Kam didn't freak  out when he had PJ's dick in his mouth or when PJ was sucking him  off-all good signs.

The walk back to his house didn't seem as long as it usually did. It  must be all the nervous energy coursing through him. From the moment he  met Kam, he wanted to have him in his bed, and now he was finally  getting his wish, but he was nervous. Kam had never been with a man  before and PJ wanted to make it good for him.

The little voice in his head did its best to ease his nerves. You can do  this, PJ. Just take it slow and stretch the hell out of his hole before  you go and stick that monster cock inside him.

Once they reached his house PJ shifted back to his human form and headed for the back door.

"Nice house," Kam said from behind him. "I like that it's so secluded. Was that by design?"

"Yeah." PJ pushed open the door and held it open for Kam to follow in  behind him. He shut and locked it. "Being a grizzly shifter makes it  kind of hard to just shift and run in the forest surrounding these  parts."

"Yep, grizzly bears are pretty rare in this area." Kam set his bag on the table.

PJ nodded his head. He couldn't stop staring at Kam's naked body. Fine,  silky blond hair covered Kam's legs and arms, and his chest was smooth  as can be. Kam's muscle definition was impressive, and PJ wanted to map  out each dip and valley with his tongue.

"So … " Kam crossed his arms over his chest and rocked back and forth on his heels. "What should we do now?"

"What do you want to do?" PJ pushed off the counter he was leaning against and slowly walked toward Kam.                       


"I don't know." Kam looked down at the floor, unable to meet PJ's stare.

"Sure you do." PJ sniffed the air. Kam's heady scent and his arousal were thick. PJ's cock jumped in excitement.

"I don't." Kam snapped. His head shot up, and he glared at PJ. "You're the gay guy here. Aren't you supposed to show me?"

"The gay guy?" Studying his mate, PJ cocked his head to the side. "Well  after what just happened in the woods, I think you might just be a  little gay yourself." PJ held up his thumb and forefinger a half inch  apart.

"No." Kam shook his head. A shit-eating grin curled his lips. "I'm only  gay for you, PJ." Kam closed the distance between them and rested his  open warm palms on PJ's chest. "Now why don't you show me what I've been  missing all these years." All innocent and bashful, Kam looked into  PJ's eyes. "Please."

PJ crashed his lips down onto Kam's. His mate seemed to know what to say  and do to get him all worked up. PJ wrapped his arms tight around Kam's  waist, bent his knees, then stood and carried his mate to his bedroom.  Kam didn't seem to mind. He was too busy shoving his tongue down PJ's  throat to really care about anything it seemed.

Once in his room, PJ laid Kam gently down on his bed. He held up a  finger than turned toward his bathroom to grab some lube. He walked back  into the room and held up the small bottle when Kam looked at him. PJ  set the bottle on the bed then climbed up between Kam's legs. Kam  trembled with every touch PJ placed on his smooth, tanned skin. PJ loved  that he had this effect on his mate.

PJ sat on his knees and moved Kam's legs until they were bent at the  knee. He very slowly and softly rubbed up and down Kam's inner thighs.

"How bad is this going to hurt?" Kam asked.

"I'm not going to lie to you, Kam." PJ bent down to kiss the inside of  Kam's knee. "It'll be a little uncomfortable, but the more we do it the  easier it will become." PJ smiled. "And the better it'll feel."

"Okay." Kam nodded his head. His Adam's apple bobbed hard when he swallowed.

"Baby, don't be nervous." PJ continued to rub on his mate's body to  sooth his nerves. Kam might be scared but his dick wasn't. That  appendage stood straight up begging for it. "I won't do anything that  would ever hurt you." PJ leaned down to kiss him. "You're my mate, and I  intend on taking care of you for the rest of your life, promise."

Kam nodded his head and closed his eyes. PJ kissed him one more time,  then sat up. He grabbed the lube and covered his fingers in the clear  gel. PJ gently shoved Kam's thighs farther apart and ran his wet fingers  down Kam's crack. Kam groaned and jerked on the bed, moving his ass  around as if chasing PJ's fingers. Slowly PJ eased one finger into Kam's  tight, silky channel.

"Oh fuck," Kam groaned and arched his back. Kam clamped his fingers down on his thighs, holding his legs slightly up.

"Doing okay?" PJ asked as he worked his thick finger in and out.

Kam nodded, and another groan shot out of his throat when PJ added  another finger. PJ wrapped his fingers lightly around Kam's cock as he  slowly worked open his hole. The muscle was so tight and hot. PJ loved  knowing he would be the only man to ever know what it felt like to be  inside Kam. The slick walls clung to his fingers, sucking them farther  in. PJ kept tugging on Kam's cock as he added a third.

"Oh my god, this feels way better than I ever imagined."

Kam's eyes were wide open as he stared at PJ. His hips rocked down into PJ's fingers faster and faster.

"That's a good thing, but if you like that you'll love this." PJ curled  his fingers, massaging over Kam's prostate. His mate jerked, tensing as  he gasped for breath.

"Holy shit! What was that?" Kam's body glistened with a fine sheen of sweat.

"That, my mate, is your prostate." PJ rubbed over the little ball of  nerves again. Kam's head fell back on the pillows as he shouted his  pleasure. "God, you look so fucking good like this. I can't wait to get  my dick inside you." PJ finger-fucked Kam faster and harder. "Do you  want that, Kamden? Do you want me to fuck you?"

"No." Kam opened his eyes and shook his head.

PJ stopped moving his hand as he looked at his mate, his heart pounding in his chest. Had he done something wrong?

"I want you to make love to me." A smile curled Kam's lips. "We're mates, so let's try to make this a little romantic."                       


"You little shit." PJ bent down for a hard kiss. He nipped down on Kam's  lip hard enough to draw blood. His mate whimpered and did the same to  him. The coppery taste of blood coated their tongues, and they both  seemed to grow more enthusiastic. "I need you now."

"Yeah, now is good." Kam nodded his head.

PJ pulled his fingers from Kam's tight heat and grabbed the lube. He  smeared the wetness over his cock, then walked forward on his knees  while holding his stiff shaft in his hand. PJ looked up at Kam as he  rubbed the blunt tip over his gaping hole. Very slowly, but with enough  force to break through the muscle, PJ slipped inside Kam. Kam threw his  head back and moaned as he reached up and grabbed the railings on the  headboard.

PJ held still, giving Kam a moment to get use to the full sensation. The  pressure on his dick was so tight it bordered on painful and PJ loved  every second of it.

"Ready for more?" PJ asked and Kam nodded.

Still moving slowly he fed the rest of his hard length into Kam. Every  so often, he'd pull back, then press back in slowly, not wanting to make  his mate uncomfortable. By the time he buried all nine inches, they  both were gasping.

"So good." PJ fell forward, panting against Kam's open mouth. "I'll never get enough of you, Kam."

"Then show me."

Kam grabbed PJ and yanked him down for a passionate kiss. Their tongues  tangled together, creating a tidal wave of erotic emotion to swirl deep  inside PJ.

PJ sat back up and propped Kam's legs over his shoulders. His fingers  dug in tight to Kam's meaty hips and he rocked his cock in and out of  Kam's slick hole. With each stroke it became easier and easier to slip  his cock inside the tight walls. PJ thrust a little harder and angled  his cock to jab at Kam's prostate. Without warning Kam tensed up, his  legs locking around PJ's neck as his cock shot rope after rope of pearly  white cum on to his chest. In all PJ's years he'd never made a man come  hands-free before. It was hot as hell.