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Stealing His Heart( Nehalem Pack 25)(13)

By:AJ Jarrett

"Some might say that's a good thing." PJ took a step closer to Kam.  "You're not bad yourself there, Kam." PJ cocked an eyebrow and glanced  down at Kam's hard cock. "But to be precise I'm a grizzly bear shifter."

"Wait a minute." Kam giggled. "Did you just say grizzly bear?" PJ  nodded, and Kam started to laugh so hard he bent over, tears filling his  eyes.

"What's so funny?" PJ crossed his massive arm over his chest and glared down at Kam.

"You're … " Another fit of laughter over took him, and Kam had to work  really hard to stop himself. "You're a grizzly bear, and the school's  mascot is a grizzly. You must take your job seriously." Kam gasped for  air.

"You think you're so funny, don't you?" PJ lunged forward and wrapped  his arms around Kam's waist, locking them tight at the small of his  back. "Always joking around and laughing. Do you take anything  seriously?"

Kam stiffened as PJ pressed in closer. All coherent thoughts left him,  and the ability to speak. All he could do was feel. Hard muscles pressed  in close to his. Sweat and heat combined to make a new scent, one from  both of them. Kam groaned and thrust his hips against PJ's. Nothing had  ever felt so damn good.

"I'm seriously turned on right now." Kam glanced up through his tick eyelashes. "Does that count?"

"What am I going to do with you?" PJ asked as he leaned in close to Kam's lips.

PJ loosened his grip, trailed his hands downward, grabbed a hold of Kam's firm ass cheeks, and squeezed.

"Anything you want," Kam said breathlessly. He moved his arms up and  around PJ's neck and rubbed his face over his hairy chest, wanting to  cover his exposed body in PJ's heavenly rich scent.

"You sure about that?"

PJ caressed up and down Kam's crease. He jumped when a long finger  probed deeper, slipping between his hard cheeks and rubbing over his  hole.                       


"No." Kam chuckled, but it quickly turned into a moan as PJ rubbed on  the outer rim of his hole harder. "But I know I want you." Kam raised  his head to look into PJ's startling blue eyes.

"I want you too," PJ whispered as he moved in for a kiss.

Kam's nails extended, and he dug the sharp tips into PJ's shoulders as  their tongues dueled. PJ kneaded the hard muscles of Kam's ass, pulling  his cheeks apart and exposing his hole to the warm night air. Kam thrust  his hard length up against PJ's over and over. The scent of their  pre-cum filled the air, and Kam sucked harder on PJ's tongue.

PJ gripped Kam tightly and lifted him off his feet. Kam found himself  lying on his back on the hard ground. PJ kissed his way down Kam's  smooth, sweaty chest, stopping to suck and lick at his hard nipples and  Kam grunted in pleasure.

No one had ever played with his nips before, and Kam felt like he'd been  missing out. God! The way PJ flicked his tongue and sucked hard had Kam  whining and begging for more. All too soon, PJ moved down farther,  tonguing Kam's hard abs as he went lower.

"You're so hard for me." PJ fisted Kam's cock and looked up at him. "And  juicy." PJ held Kam's gaze as he stuck out his tongue and flicked it  over the weeping tip. "So delicious. I need more."

PJ encased Kam's stiff member with his hot mouth. Kam's eyes clenched  tight, and lights flashed behind his eyelids. Never had a blow job felt  so good, and he was pushed to the edge so quickly. Already Kam could  feel his balls tighten and drawing close to his body. He was so close to  shooting his thick load down his mate's mouth, and there was nothing he  could do to stop it.

"I'm coming," Kam cried out and PJ sucked harder, swallowing the thick length.

A loud roar bubbled up Kam's throat and out his mouth. He couldn't  control himself. Rope after warm thick rope shot from the tip of his  cock, and PJ never once stopped sucking. All too soon, his cock became  too sensitive, and he pushed lightly at PJ.

"Stop, please." Kam chuckled. "My dick can't take anymore."

"I don't know about that." PJ sat up. He had his hand wrapped around his  long shaft, tugging in fast movements. "I think you'd be surprised with  what your body can do." PJ grunted. "Don't move."

Kam stilled at PJ's order. PJ climbed up Kam's prone body until his  nine-inch cock was so close to Kam's face, he could reach out and touch  the wet hot tip with his tongue. PJ's hand moved over his cock in a  rapid movement. His face was contorted and his muscles tense. Kam raised  his hands and ran them lightly over PJ's thighs. A drop of pre-cum  landed on Kam's lip, and he stuck out his tongue to taste it.

"Open your mouth." PJ reached down and shoved two fingers into Kam's  mouth to open him up wide. He hadn't needed to do that. Kam was hungry  for more. "I want you to drink down every fucking drop."

Kam raised his head and captured the blunt red tip in his mouth. PJ  groaned in surprise, and Kam hollowed out his cheeks wanting to taste  more of his mate. Sucking dick was all new to him, but it was as if his  body knew exactly what to do. Kam knew what he liked done to him so he  just did that for PJ. He ran his tongue around the flared cap and stuck  his tongue into the tiny slit.

"Oh fuck!" PJ shouted as his cock erupted.

Thick, hot cream filled Kam's mouth. It was bitter and strong but tasted  like the best thing he had ever put in his mouth. Kam groaned as he  drank down his mate's seed.

"So good." PJ was out of breath. He fell onto his side to lie beside  Kam. "I didn't know straight boys could suck cock that good?"

"Ha-ha. Funny." Kam rolled and lay on his side so he could look at his  mate. Mate. Kam couldn't believe how fast everything was moving and how  he was so accepting of this huge change in his life. "You do realize  straight guys like blow jobs too, and I must admit I've had quite a few  in my young life." Kam teased. "I just did to you what I like done to  me."

PJ jerked his head up, and his eyes grew hard. Kam wasn't sure what he'd  done wrong. PJ lunged forward and tackled him to his back. PJ, with his  heavy, stronger body, had Kam pinned to the ground.

"If you haven't figured it out I'm a bit of the jealous type so can you please not bring up past lovers to me."

"Even if they just helped me give you the best blowy of your life?"  Kam's face scrunched up, and it took everything in him not to laugh.  "That's harsh, bro. You should send all those lovely ladies a thank-you  card and flowers." Kam waggled his eyebrows, and that seemed to put a  crack in PJ's anger.                       


"And what makes you think it was that good?" PJ cocked an eyebrow. "I  myself have had quite a few-what did you call it, blowies-in my time."  PJ shrugged. "I guess yours wasn't that bad. Needs some work, though."

"You dick!" Kam wrapped his legs and arms around PJ and used his  strength to flip PJ on his back with Kam straddling his hips. Kam had  never considered himself the jealous type, but right now at that very  moment he wanted to tear the shit out of every man who had ever touched  his mate.

"Not fun, is it, talking about ex-lovers?" PJ caressed the back of his fingers down Kam's cheek.

"No." Kam fell forward, catching himself on his elbows on either side of  PJ's head. "I've never felt like this before about anyone." Kam stared  into PJ's eyes. "It's a little scary."

"Yeah, but so worth it." PJ pulled Kam down to him for another kiss. His  lips were soft and tender as he stole the very breath from Kam's lungs.  "I know this will be hard for you, for both of us, but I've waited my  whole life to find you and I'm not giving you up."

"Me either." Kam smiled. It wasn't until this moment that he really  believed that. The mating bond between them might have brought them  together, but he was going to stay with this man because he wanted to.  Nothing was forcing him to want this.

"Will you come home with me?" PJ asked. His gaze darted between Kam's  eyes, and he looked so vulnerable. Kam liked seeing his strong, dominant  mate like this.

"Yeah, I will." Kam smiled and dip down for a quick kiss, then stood.

They both shifted back to their animal form, and Kam followed behind PJ.  Kam's stomach twisted into knots with what he was about to do. He was  walking into the bear's cave, so to speak, and he knew exactly what was  going to happen. Kam was going to let PJ fuck and claim him. Kam  squirmed a little as he walked along the path to PJ's house.

Kam was nervous, and he'd be lying if he said he wasn't a little  frightened but also eager. He wanted to know what it felt like to be one  with his mate. Kam found himself walking a little faster.