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Stealing His Heart( Nehalem Pack 25)(12)

By:AJ Jarrett

A knock at the door had them pulling apart. Kam shoved at PJ's chest and  jumped off the desk. Another knock was followed by the door swinging  open. Coach Johnson had his head down looking at some papers and hadn't  seen what he had walked in on.

"Johnson, can I help you?" PJ asked, his eyes darting toward Kam.

"Oh yeah, I wanted to go over Henderson's and Pattinson's pitching  stats." Johnson finally looked up. He glanced over at Kam then back to  PJ. "Am I interrupting something?"

"Nope." Kam rushed for the door. "I was just leaving."

"Kam!" PJ called out to his mate. Kam hesitated at the door for a moment  before turning around to face him. "We'll finish this conversation  later."

Kam's eye fell to half-mast, and his lips were puffy from PJ's kisses.  The skin around his jaw was red from PJ's stubble. The stiff bristles  abraded Kam's soft skin. Kam nodded again and left the room. PJ  continued to stare at the door even after he couldn't see Kam anymore.

"You okay, PJ?" Johnson asked.

"Yeah, just concerned about Kline-Kemp." PJ looked at Johnson and forced a smile. "That ball did hit him pretty good."

"No shit it did." Johnson shook his head as he sat down in the chair in  front of PJ's desk. "I'd bet this year's salary that Fletcher did that  on purpose."

"I agree with you on that." PJ flopped into his chair. "I'm starting to wonder if Fletcher is going to be a problem."                       


"He already is, PJ." Johnson crossed his right leg over his left. "The  question is can we get that attitude problem of his nipped in the bud  before the season begins."

"We better, or he's going to have to find another team to play for." PJ  meant what he said. He couldn't stand for his players to be cruel and  vindictive to one another, and most of all he couldn't allow for his  mate to be hurt again.

Chapter Nine

After having dinner with Spencer, Jarrod, and Grant, Kam went back to  his room. He smiled when he saw that his dads had thoroughly cleaned his  room and had even left a batch of chocolate chip cookies on his desk.  He had to admit he had the two best dads in the world.

Kam lay down on his bed, flipped on his new TV, and proceeded to eat  half a plate of cookies. The TV blared in the background, but Kam wasn't  watching what was on the screen. He was too consumed with thoughts of  what had happened earlier in the day.

Coach Henson, no, PJ not only kissed him but also touched him. Kam  shuttered as he remembered how good it felt to have PJ's hand gripping  his hard cock then when he … Kam could barely bring himself to think about  it, but when PJ touched his asshole, never in his life had he had any  desire to explore that part of his body. Now all he could think about  was when he could get PJ to do it again.

Kam glanced at the desk drawer that held the dildo Maurice had given  him. Lucky for Kam that drawer hadn't been ransacked when his room was  trashed. Trying to explain away a sex toy of that nature in his room  would have been a little hard.

The minutes clicked by as if in slow motion. Kam set the cookies aside  and sat up on his bed. His heart was pounding away in his chest. He  closed his eyes, hoping that when he opened them, he could think of  something else other than what it would be like to have PJ fuck him. If  the real thing was anywhere near what Kam imagined in his own dirty  mind, he was a goner. His hole clenched around nothing as if begging Kam  to fill it. Kam glanced over at the drawer one more time, reached  toward it then stood up.

"I've got to get out of here." Kam grabbed his drawstring backpack and  walked out of his room. He made sure to lock the door before he ran down  the stairs.

The warm night air was a blanket surrounding him. Kam took in one deep  breath then another. He could feel his cougar pouncing back and forth  wanting out, wanting to run. Kam took off toward the woods that lay  behind the baseball stadium. He needed to shift and run until his mind  went blank. All his thoughts revolved around PJ and what he looked like  naked and what his body would feel like pressed flesh to flesh with  Kam's.

Kam groaned then took off at a run. His skin was on fire with want and  desire. Every caress of the wind made his dick pulse harder and harder.  When he finally made it to the thick trees, he walked a little farther  in human form. About a mile into the forest, he removed his clothes and  shoved them in his bag. He pulled the drawstring tight, then set it  aside. Kam knelt, pressed his hands into the soft forest floor, took a  deep steady breath, and brought on his change.

His claws were always the first thing to shift, then his eyes. His  vision grew stronger and clearer, and his hearing became enhanced until  all he could hear was the symphony the creatures in the woods made. It  was heaven. The uncomfortable part was his bones cracking and popping to  allow his form to take on that of a cougar. Fur sprouted from his skin,  and his face molded into his animal form. Just as soon as it began, it  was over. Kam let out a low roar, stretched out his arms, and pawed at  the ground. After a few minutes of getting reacquainted with his cougar  body, Kam snatched up his bag in his teeth and took off running.

Over the years Kam had figured out it was easier to carry a bag of  clothes with him just in case he wanted to shift back to human. There  was nothing worse than shifting only to be caught naked out in the open  once he shifted back. That had only happened to Kam once while away at  LSU. Lucky for him the older man who saw him just assumed Kam was a  college student who had just had a little too much to drink the previous  night, and Kam didn't feel the need to correct his assumption.

Kam ran full out, leaping through the air. So many smells and sounds  surrounded him. It helped him relax. The trees overhead were thick with  leaves, making it that much darker but Kam didn't care. His senses were  heightened, so he wasn't bound to fall down and hurt himself. The  farther Kam ran into the forest he noticed a strong woodsy scent, one  that reminded him of a burning fireplace.

Oh shit!

Kam came to a stop. He dropped his bag and sniffed the air. It was  faint, but he was certain he smelled PJ's scent. Kam flicked his tongue  out to taste the air.                       


Kam grabbed his bag and jogged toward the bold scent of his mate. He  still hadn't figured out what type of shifter PJ was, so maybe this was  his chance. Kam followed his nose and eased his way farther and farther  away from the campus. PJ's scent grew stronger the more he walked.

The sound of a loud roar stopped Kam in his tracks. He glanced from side  to side but didn't see anything. There it was again.. Kam had grown up  in Silver Creek, and never once did he ever see a bear because without a  doubt, he was certain that was the roar of a bear. A rustling in the  bushes to Kam's right had him skittering back. He might be a cougar, and  a large one at that, but he was still no match for a freaking bear.

Kam's heart beat a little faster as PJ's scent grew stronger. He wasn't  sure where it was coming from because all his focus was on the large  animal he could hear stalking closer to him. He hadn't seen it yet, but  he could tell from the heavy footfalls that it was huge. Kam knew he  should run away as fast as he could but PJ's smell was too strong. He  didn't just find his mate to have him get eaten by something.

Just then the bear broke through the trees. It came to a stop when it  saw Kam. The large beast had dark black fur and glowing blue eyes. That  seemed a little unnatural for a bear, but who was Kam to judge. He  wasn't an expert in animal characteristics.

The bear sat back on its haunches and roared again. Kam shrank back  farther into the trees. The bear stopped moving and suddenly the air  around the animal started to shimmer, then slowly the form shifted and  Kam watched as the huge bear melted into a man.

Kam stared wide eyed as PJ looked up at him from where he was kneeling  on the ground. A shy smiled curled PJ's upper lip, and Kam calmed a bit.  He allowed his change to come over him. It took less than a minute, and  Kam was standing on two feet, naked in front of a naked PJ.

"You're a bear?" Kam asked. He was a little stunned. He obviously assumed that PJ would be something large, but a bear?

PJ pointed at him. "And you're a cougar."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Kam raised his hands and shook them in front of him. "You're a motherfucking bear."

"Yep." PJ put his hands on his hips. "Is that a problem for you?"

"No. It's just I've never met a bear shifter." Kam gazed down the front  of PJ's naked body. Thick black hair covered his chest, and a narrowed  strip that led to his long, thick cock hanging down between his muscular  thighs. "You are big everywhere," Kam said without thinking. His cock  had taken notice of PJ's well-defined body, and his brain had  short-circuited.