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Stealing His Heart( Nehalem Pack 25)(11)

By:AJ Jarrett

"Fletcher, my office now." PJ walked around his desk and sat down. In  his opinion, it really didn't matter what Killian had to say. Killian  had attacked not only a fellow teammate but also PJ's mate. Both  accounts made PJ want to rip the man's throat out. PJ knew Killian was  going to be a problem the first time he met the guy. He was too  conceited and rude, and not many of his teammates even liked him.

"Coach, it wasn't my fault." Killian instantly went into a long excuse  about how he was only trying to throw the ball back into the field since  it went foul. "I never meant to hit him. I didn't realize he wasn't  paying attention."

"Is that your story, kid?" PJ crossed his arms over his chest and stared  down his nose at Killian. "You expect me to believe a player of  Kamden's skill missed a ball you were trying to throw at him? And that  you had absolutely no control of where you were throwing the ball? That  sounds like horseshit, and you know it."


"Save it, Fletcher." PJ leaned forward to rest his elbows on his desk.  "I saw what you did. You can sit there and spin any lie you want, but I  know the truth. All this boils down to jealous."                       


"I'm not jealous of anyone." Killian's face hardened, and his lips were as thin as paper.

"Yes you are, and I get it. You're in your senior year here and you're  worried that some new guy is going to come in here and steal your spot.  It's only natural to have a little animosity toward him, but I don't  play favorites. Everyone out on that field has to work for his starting  position. If you want to keep yours, you better work hard and cut this  petty bullshit out." PJ stood up. "I don't want to see you in my office  again. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir." Killian got up and left his office.

PJ knew this wasn't over by a long shot. Killian had a hard head and a  strong will. Now PJ had to worry what the kid would come up with next to  put Kam out of commission.

A few minutes later PJ heard a light tap at his door. He turned around  to see Kam standing in the entryway. Kam had changed his clothes and a  few water droplets clung to his skin. The fresh clean scent of his soap  filled PJ's office, and he wanted to pounce on his mate.

"How are you feeling?" PJ asked instead.

"Fine." Kam blew out a sigh. "It hurt like hell, but only for a few  minutes." Kam knocked his knuckles against the side of his head. "My  dads always said I had a thick skull."

"Good." PJ looked up from his laptop to meet Kam's gaze. "I'm not saying  what Fletcher did was acceptable, but he's panicked you're going to  take his positon. It doesn't make it right, but try not to take it too  personally."

"Kind of hard when he trashes my room and hits me in the head with a baseball."

"What?" PJ asked. He hadn't heard anything about Kam's room being vandalized.

"Never mind." Kam groaned. "I can't prove Killian messed up my room, but  who else could it be?" Kam spoke so softly as if talking to himself.

"Your room was trashed and you believe Killian is responsible?" Killian was a hothead but PJ didn't peg him for a criminal.

"Yeah, but like I said I can't prove it was him. It could have been  anyone, but it doesn't matter. My dads and Spencer helped me clean up my  room and get everything put back together."

"If anything else happens I want to know immediately." Kam nodded. "Good, now sit. We need to talk."

"About?" Kam cocked an eyebrow.

"About whatever I want now sit." PJ pointed at the chair in front of his  desk. Kam wavered for a moment but then stepped into PJ's office and  sat down. PJ stood up, walked around his desk to shut the door, then  moved back to his seat. "By now I'm guessing you figured out what we are  to one another." Kam nodded his head. "Do you have any questions?"

"Only about a million." Kam leaned forward in his chair. "But that's  only because up until I met you I liked women, and now apparently I only  like you, a man."

"Is that a bad thing?" PJ traced a figure eight patter on his desk.

"Bad, no. Strange, yes." Kam raised his arms and rested them behind his  head. "I never thought about being with another guy and now all I can  think about is getting into bed with you and what it would be like. It's  crazy."

"I can understand that." PJ coughed to clear his throat. The thought of  getting Kam naked and underneath him had his cock waking up. PJ reached  down to adjust his cock to lie against his thigh.

"Can you? Really?" Kam narrowed his eyes at him. Anger flashed in his  eyes. "Let me ask you this, are you a gay man, or are you just gay for  me?"

"That's an easy question." PJ chuckled. "I've always known I was gay."

"Then you have no clue what is going on in my head right now." Kam  rubbed at his eyes. "I don't know what you expect from me, Henson."

"PJ," he said, correcting Kam.


"When we're together like this call me, PJ." PJ wanted Kam to see him as  an equal. On the field he might be Kam's coach, but when it was just  them PJ wanted them to be on the same playing field so to speak. "Kam I  knew you were a straight man, and I'm sorry this happened to you, but I  won't apologize for wanting you. You're my mate, and we will be  together. There's no way around that." PJ wanted to lay that out on the  table right away. Life as both of them knew it had forever been changed.

"I'm not saying I want out of this," Kam said in a defensive tone.

"Oh really? Then what was that earlier today?" PJ still hadn't forgotten the way Kam flirted with that girl.                       


Kam's brow furrowed as if he didn't know what PJ was talking about.

"Don't play stupid. You know exactly what I'm talking about. The girl."

"Oh, Madison." A huge smile split Kam's face. His cheeks pulled up  tight, and his lips were drawn back from his teeth. Kam looked like a  kid on Christmas morning with that smile. "Cute, huh?"

"If you're into that sort of thing, and I'm not." PJ tapped his fingers on his desk. "Did you find her attractive?"

"Sure." Kam shrugged. "Before I met you, I dated girls like that. She  was exactly my type." Kam's eyes fell shut, then opened slowly. "Pretty  smile, soft hair, sexy body. I would have definitely been into her."

PJ's nose flared as his temper skyrocketed. The smile on Kam's face just irritated him.

"Well, not anymore." PJ stood up and leaned over his desk, planting his  hands on the hard surface. "You're mine, and I don't share not even with  some college coed. If you're going to be fucking anyone, it's going to  be me or more to the point me fucking you." PJ's voice was barely above a  whisper. "Do you understand me?"

"What gives you the right to tell me what I can and can't do?" Kam stood up. "And who said anything about me being the catcher?"

"What?" PJ shook his head in confusion.

"You said you'd be fucking me. Maybe I want to fuck you." Kam poked a finger into PJ's chest.

That one simple contact set PJ off. He grabbed Kam's wrist and yanked  him on top of his desk. Kam's eyes widened and he tried to pull away but  couldn't compete with PJ's strength.

"You might say that, but that's not what your body wants." PJ sniffed  the air around Kam's head. He allowed his sharp teeth to extend, and he  snapped them right in Kam's face. Kam quaked from lust not fear in his  arms. PJ could smell his arousal. "You want me to thrust my long fat  cock deep inside you. Your body craves it."

Kam's head fell back on his shoulders and to the side. PJ's grip  tightened as Kam went limp. PJ stuck out his tongue and licked down the  side of Kam's neck, moving slowly around his jaw then up to his lips. As  PJ kissed him, he pulled Kam the rest of the way across the desk until  Kam's legs hung over the edge. He shoved Kam's legs apart and positioned  himself in between them. His mate's cock was rock hard, and PJ reached  down and, gripping his length, could feel the wet spot the leaking head  was leaving on his shorts.

PJ deepened the kiss and eased his hand down the front of Kam's loose  fitting shorts. The hot, silky skin of Kam's cock caused PJ's hand to  tingle. He groaned into the kiss and jammed his tongue as far as it  would go into Kam's mouth. PJ wrapped his fingers tightly around Kam's  shaft and jerked it. Then he moved his hand down lower, scraped his  fingernails over Kam's taint, and reached back farther toward his virgin  hole. Kam whimpered, and PJ felt as the rippled skin at his back  entrance twitched against his finger.