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Ral's Woman (Zorn Warriors #1)(7)

By:Laurann Dohner

“It feels good but the hais is the most sensitive.”
“Inside me that rubs no matter what position you are in.” She released him and moved back.
Ral nodded. “When Zorn men punish a woman some of my men will breed a woman in a position that will keep her from pleasure.”
“I don’t understand.”
He grinned. “We are a male-dominated society.”
“I still don’t understand.”
He pulled her into his arms so they were curled together. “If a woman is too willful and needs a reminder that her man is in charge he will breed her without her pleasure until she submits to him.”
“You’d hurt a woman?”
“No. Imagine me arousing you but I refused to let you come.”
“That’s mean.”
He laughed. “It is a lesson. When a woman submits then we make her come.” She rubbed his chest with her fingertips. Ariel loved touching Ral. “That won’t work with me.”
“I would find a way around it. What would happen if I didn’t rub your unis in front?”
“I’d still enjoy it. Just not as much.”
Ral’s Woman
“How else do you enjoy being bred?”
“Do you have oral sex?”
He got a confused look.
She grinned. “Using your mouth on my unis or me using my mouth on your hais.” The confused look disappeared. He nodded. “Women can but unless a man has a very long tongue we can’t reach a unis with our mouths. They are about six inches inside a woman.”
“That sucks for your women.”
“They enjoy finger stimulation.” His hand ran down her body. He stopped at her hip. “Your unis is very accessible.”
She nodded.
He lifted her, pinning Ariel on her back, and smiled down at her. “Let’s see how this works.”
She hesitated. “I should take a shower first.” He chuckled. “Because I’ll taste me on you? I don’t mind.” He moved down her and gripped her thighs. “I want to experiment on you.” She spread her thighs wide. “Anything you want.” Ral moved between her thighs studying her body closely. He lowered his head to stare between her spread legs. Fingers parted her to give him a perfect view of her clit. 
“So pretty.”
Ariel laughed. “You think I’m pretty down there?” He inhaled. “You smell really good too.” His mouth lowered and his tongue touched her clit. He sucked on her. Ariel moaned. His mouth released her.
“You taste good. I will do to you what I like to see how you like it.” 39
Laurann Dohner
“I can’t wait,” she said breathlessly.
Ral licked her and sucked. He used his teeth lightly to scrape against her clit. Ariel moaned louder and clawed the bed. “Ral, that feels so damn good.” He growled, vibrating against her. His mouth was merciless as he played with her.
It didn’t take long at all for Ariel to scream out his name when she came.
Ral lifted his head from between her spread thighs. “I want to do this often.”
“I’ll let you.” She lifted her head, grinning at him. “Your turn. Roll over on your back.”
He chuckled as he sprawled flat on his back for her. Ariel rose up and climbed between his spread thighs. She stared at his hard erection.
“Tell me what you like.”
“Show me how your men like this.”
She licked her lips, gripped him and ran her ran tongue over the top of his cock. He groaned softly, fisting the blankets. His muscles tensed all over his body.
“Good,” he growled.
She ran her tongue down the underside of his shaft and licked upward. She wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked him into her mouth. Groaning loudly, Ral clawed at the bedding.
“Lord of the Moons. That feels so good.”
Ariel slowly took him deeper. Ral’s body twisted a little under as she moved faster, sucking on him harder, and used her tongue to tease him unmercifully. Ral shook. Ariel swallowed as he came in her mouth. His semen was warmer than anything she’d ever experienced and he tasted sweet like candy. She moaned and kept milking him until every drop was taken from him. Ral took a shaky breath.
“You are killing me.”
She released him with her mouth. The dazed look on his face made her laugh. “You liked that?”
Ral’s Woman
He yanked her on top of him. “I like your way better. Lord of the Moons, was that amazing.”
“What was different?”
“Our women only lick the top. They don’t take us into their mouths like that. Your way is…” He shivered. “So much better.”
She cuddled into Ral. “We have great sex together.” He laughed. “We do. I am ready for sleep. Are you ready for sleep? We did not sleep enough last sleep cycle.”
“Ummm. Someone wore me out.”
She snuggled closer to Ral’s large body. Ariel shut her eyes feeling happily sated wrapped in Ral’s arms. Both of them were about to drift off to sleep when someone pounded on the door.
Ral growled as he moved Ariel. He grabbed the blankets and covered her body completely from neck to toes. “Stay,” he ordered her. He jumped from the bed, grabbing his pants and yanking them on.
Ariel clutched the blanket over her body, feeling a moment of fear. Were more men at the door wanting to fight Ral for her? Ral shoved the door open and glared at whoever was there. Ariel couldn’t see around Ral’s large body that blocked her view.
She heard a soft male voice but she couldn’t make out the words.
“I will be there in minutes.” He shut the door. “Dress, Ariel. We must go fast.” She was alarmed, but climbed out of bed to dress quickly. Ral helped her with her belt. She looked up at him. “What is wrong?”“We have a meeting to go to. It is very important. One of my pack heard something they need to share.”
“What does pack mean? I don’t understand the term.” 41
Laurann Dohner
“It means loyal to me and my family. They are trustworthy and won’t turn on me.
They have earned my trust and that of my family. It is a deep friendship bond. Do you understand?”
Ral gripped her face and studied her. “Do you in love with me, Ariel?” She stared up at him. She knew what he was asking her even if his words weren’t exactly right. He wanted to know if she had feelings for him. She nodded. She wasn’t sure how it had happened but she did love Ral. He’d killed to protect and keep her. He made her laugh. He made love to her. How could she not love him?
“I love you.”
“Can I trust you?”
She nodded, never looking away from his eyes. “Yes.”
“I have no doubt but I had to ask. Let’s go. This is very important.” He pushed open the door and grabbed her hand. He walked so fast that Ariel had to run to keep up with him or risk being dragged along. They ended up in someone’s sleep room very similar to the one she shared with Ral. The room was crammed with men. Ral pulled Ariel in front of him, his arms locked around her possessively. The door was pushed shut behind them.
“What has been heard to help us?” Ral’s voice was low.
A man stood up. He nodded at Ral and then his eyes flashed to Ariel. “We can trust her?”
“She is bound to me,” Ral growled. He sounded angry. “Do not insult my woman.” The man paled. “I meant no insult to your woman.” The man lowered his eyes.
“Speak,” Ral sighed.
The man nodded, looking up again meeting Ral’s eyes. “They are preparing one of the large ships. There is a large planet they are going to visit for more workforces. Their 42
Ral’s Woman
plan is to house them inside the ship until they can have us dig out more area for them to move down here with us.”
Ral grinned. “When?”
The man grinned back. “They leave tomorrow morning right at first shift. It is perfect. The plan we overheard was that they will bring back a few hundred workers they are plotting to steal.”
Ral’s grin faded. He eyed the men around him. “Our time has come. This is it. Make all the arrangements and do it very quietly. Do not tell the others what is to happen. We will surprise all. You all know what to do. We will wake two hours earlier than first shift to prepare.” His gaze swung to the man. “Is everything in place?” 
Ral chuckled. “We are so close.”
The men were all smiling. Ariel eyed each one of them. Why they were so excited about new prisoners was beyond her. Maybe they hoped that most of the prisoners would be women. Maybe they were just lonely and wanted new faces. She held her silence until Ral returned them to their room. He shut the door.
“Undress.” Hunger burned in his eyes.
She stripped. Ral suddenly grabbed her to lift her up his body. Their eyes locked.
They were almost nose to nose.
“If I take you facing me while I’m standing will you enjoy it?”
He growled softly at her. Ariel locked her legs around his hips and wrapped her arms around his neck. Ral entered her in a heartbeat. Ariel loved the feel of him stretching her. He moved, gripping her ass, and slammed her up and down on him.
Ariel threw her face into his shoulder moaning loudly. She wasn’t sure what brought on Ral’s wild streak but she was enjoying the hell out of it.
Laurann Dohner
“Lord of the Moons,” she whispered after she came and Ral exploded inside her hard enough for her to feel.