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Ral's Woman (Zorn Warriors #1)(3)

By:Laurann Dohner

“You won,” a voice growled softly. “Who will you give this one to, Ral?” Ral stopped walking. “She is mine.”
There was a pause. “But you always give away what you win. I have been waiting the longest.”
“Not her,” Ral growled. “This one is mine.”“But—”
“Enough,” Ral snarled. “Move or I’ll move you.” She heard the other man growl. “Will you at least share her?”
One word made Ariel feel relief. She didn’t want to be shared. The man holding her snarled. “Move out of my way. If you wanted a woman you should have fought harder to win.”
“Move,” Ral snarled. “Get out of my way now.”
Laurann Dohner
The man must have moved out of Ral’s way since they were moving again. She heard soft voices but she didn’t push against the man holding her to look up. She was afraid that whatever was around her wasn’t something she wanted to see. The man carrying her made some turns before he stopped. His hands left her, but he kept her tucked over his wide shoulder. Rock scraped against rock. He moved and turned.
Another scraping noise followed. He gripped her again so she wouldn’t fall. The room was dimly lit. Ral bent over slowly.
Ariel’s bare feet touched cool stone. The arm around her legs released her and the hand on her ass let go. They both straightened up to face each other. Ariel’s chin lifted.
She met his eyes before turning her attention on the room around her.
It was a small space. Rough rock walls surrounded them. A thick mattress with blankets sat in one corner and a pile of clothing took up another. She saw a rough door made out of a thin slate of rock. It was the only way in or out.
“What are you called?” His voice was deep as he growled the words.
She started, her eyes flying to meet his. “Ariel.” He blinked, his eyes glowing. She swallowed, locking her eyes with his. A deep breath made his massive chest expand even further.
“I am Ral. I am Zorn. What are you?”
“Human. I’m from Earth.”
“They took you from your home planet as well?” She nodded. “Days ago. They said they are looking for breeders but I am not compatible with them.”
His eyes lowered to her body. “Remove your clothing.” Ariel backed up. Fear hit her hard. “No.”
He frowned. “Now.”
She backed up farther, shaking her head. “What do you want?”
“To see if you are compatible with me.”
Ral’s Woman
Her throat went dry. “No.”
He softly growled. “I will not hurt you. I want to look at you to see if we are compatible.”
She shook her head again and looked for an escape. The man moved fast to grab her around her waist. She gasped as her feet left the floor. In seconds the man had her flat on her back on his mattress. It was soft and it smelled like him. His body straddled her hips as he grabbed her wrists. She fought but he was much stronger. He pulled her wrists together and locked them in one of his large hands. 
She stared at his hands. They were like hers only larger. He had roughened skin on his palm and the pads of his fingertips. He reached for his waist to yank off the ropelike belt holding up his pants. He wound it around her wrists and shoved her hands above her head.
“Don’t move.”
She was terrified. “Please don’t hurt me.”
He blinked and frowned at her. “I have no intention to hurt you.” She didn’t move her arms. The man was too strong and big. She knew she didn’t stand a chance to win in a physical fight with him. His eyes went to her bra as he reached for it. Ariel tensed. The man gripped the material between her breasts. With a tug her bra ripped apart. He shoved her bra cups to the side so he could stare at her breasts. He softly growled.
“The same.”
She fought the urge to move. Her heart was pounding and she was fighting the urge to whimper. “What is the same?”
“Your breasts are like our women.” He scooted down her until he straddled her thighs. He eyed her underwear and reached for them.
“Don’t,” Ariel pleaded softly.
Laurann Dohner
He froze. His eyes lifted to meet hers. His intense eyes narrowed slightly. “I want to make sure I won’t hurt you.”
Ariel tensed hard as the man gripped her underwear and tore it off. He shifted his body, lifting up a few inches. He gripped her thighs, pushing them apart to put one knee between hers. He shifted again until he was sitting on his heels with his body between her spread legs. Ral’s complete attention went to where her underwear used to be.
He softly growled and his eyes rose. “Explain how you have sex on your world.” Ariel pleaded with him with her eyes. “Don’t do this.”
“We are doing this. I want you.” He reached for the waist of his pants. “I will try to have sex your way but if you won’t tell me what I want to know then we’ll have sex my way.”
Her heart was pounding. “I don’t know what to say.” He growled. “Have you shared your body with a male before?”
“Yes.” Her voice shook.
“How do you and your males have sex?”
“Look, until I was kidnapped I never even realized other people from other planets existed. Please don’t do this.”
He tilted his head. “Your world doesn’t have space travel?”
“We do but there is no planet close enough for us to reach where life exists. We looked at the nearby planets. They didn’t hold life.”
“Life exists on many other worlds.” He spread her thighs wider. His eyes roamed down her body. “Tell me what arouses you. This will happen so tell me what you need to enjoy it.”
She was afraid.
He growled. “I want you. Show me what you like or you might not enjoy what I will do to you.”
Ral’s Woman
She fought a sob. She nodded. Her eyes traveled down his body. “What do you do for sex?”
He opened his pants. Ariel gasped. She stared at his cock. Mild fear hit her. He was very similar to humans only he was a little larger, thicker, and the head of his cock was more mushroomed.
“Do I look like your males?”
She swallowed hard. “You’re a little bigger.”
He touched her, spreading her labia with his fingers, and looked between her folds.
With his other hand he explored her slit. One finger sank into her pussy. Ariel gasped.
The man had thick fingers. He pushed into her deeper and growled.“You can take me.”
“Please don’t do this,” she whispered.
He shook his head at her. “It is happening. I have a strong need. There is no use fighting, so show me what arouses you or tell me.”
“Release my wrists. Please?” Her voice shook.
He nodded. He held out his hand to her after he withdrew his finger from inside her. She lifted her arms holding them out to him. He unfastened the ropelike belt binding her wrists and tossed it away. He growled at her.
“Show me. Touch yourself the way you like touched.” She stared up into his eyes. “Please don’t do this.” He growled again and bent down until a foot separated them. “You have been taken. You are a slave now like we are. They won’t permit you to go home. You belong to me. I will protect you and feed you. I will be the only man who touches you. In exchange you will let me have you for pleasure.” His eyes narrowed. “I won’t hurt you if you show me how you like to be touched. Show me what you like so we both share pleasure or you can take your chances of me hurting you when I take my pleasure. Do we understand each other? I am your life now.” 19
Laurann Dohner
She blinked back hot tears and nodded. “I understand.”
“Touch yourself and show me how you feel pleasure.” She was shaking as she put her finger in her mouth. She wet her finger and reached between them. He leaned back to get a better view of her. He spread her thighs wider.
His eyes glued to her as she used her other hand to spread herself. She touched her clit with a fingertip and drew slow circles.
Shutting her eyes made it easier for her. She’d never masturbated in front of someone before. She was embarrassed. She was having a hard time getting over her fear. Opening her eyes, she gazed at him. He was watching her finger move in tight circles against her clit. He was breathing harder, his chest rising fast and harsh, and a look of hunger masked his features.
He suddenly inserted his finger inside her pussy again. He pushed in another finger a few seconds later. He pumped his fingers slowly inside her as she rubbed her clit. The sensation made her breathe harder. She moaned. He softly growled back.
She was getting turned on as her fear lessened and the feeling of him finger-fucking her while she rubbed her clit made her excited. Even his soft growls excited her. She felt perverse but it was too good of a feeling for her to care. She rubbed faster on her clit, crying out as she climaxed. A low moan rumbled from the back of his throat as he slowly withdrew his fingers.
“I feel you. You are tight against my fingers. You are wet now. You are ready for me.”
He gripped her hips as he moved back and turned her over. She gasped at his strength. Ral spread her thighs and moved back between her them. He sat back on his heels with his knees together. Gripping her, he lifted her by her hips off his mattress. 
She fisted the bedding. Her inner thighs were against his outer legs. He had her facedown as he yanked her higher on his lap until he was pressing against her wet slit with his cock. He pushed into her slowly.