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Pulling Her Trigger(28)

By:Alexa Riley

I reach over and put my hand over hers, still holding the gun.

“You did the right thing, and I would have done the same. You weren’t able to save your mom. But you saved his new wife and that little girl from a lifetime of hell. You can go to the grave knowing that little girl won’t have your scars.”

She nods her head and looks up at me. I let go of the gun, and she tosses it overboard.

I row us back to the dock and we make our way to the cabin. When we reach the bikes again she gives me a puzzled look.

“How in the fuck did you get Pres’s bike? And please don’t tell me you stole it.”

“Nah, just kicked Savage's ass.”

“You did what?” she shouts, and I laugh, pulling her in for a kiss.