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Out of The Dark (The Grey Wolves #4)(50)

By:Quinn Loftis

Jen and Decebel stepped up next to Jacque and Fane.
Jen nudged Jacque. "You seen Sally?"
"She's working with Rachel and Peri again."
"Let's hope that fairy has some tricks up her sleeve. I have a feeling we're going to need them," Jen muttered, then nearly jumped when she heard Peri's voice from behind her.
"Oh, I've got more than tricks, mate of Decebel. I've got legends come to life."
Peri made her way quickly to the front and pushed through the other Alphas, ignoring their snarls.
"Vasile, we need to talk. Now."
Vasile looked at the others. "I apologize, gentlemen. If you will please give me just a few moments."
The three Alphas muttered their consents and turned to clear out of the room.
Vasile then addressed his wolves. "Romanian pack, if you would please step into the other room for a few moments. Thank you all for your help and patience."
The area began to empty. Peri turned to see who still remained and rolled her eyes when she saw all the ones who had been with her across the veil.
"I suppose nothing I can say will get you lot out of here."
Decebel stepped forward. "If this has to do with any of us in this room, then we stay."
Sally and Rachel entered the room. The look on Sally's face told them something was up.
"You okay, Sal?" Jen asked, her eyebrows raised in question.
Sally swallowed with some difficulty before she spoke. "It's just a lot to take in."
Peri looked at each person in the room, pausing briefly on their faces before she spoke.
"Desdemona -"
"I thought we weren't supposed to speak her name." Jen interrupted.
Peri frowned at her. "At this point it's not a concern." She waited, watching Jen to see if she had a response. Naturally, she did.
"I see. Okay then, you may proceed."
Peri snorted and rolled her eyes. "Desdemona," she began again, "is not going to play fair. Sally, Rachel, and I have been seeking out her intentions and what we have found is disturbing. Just like she used the animals in the forest to attack, she is amassing an army of animals to do her bidding. She is more powerful than I imagined if she can control so many at once. Wolves, bears, birds, wild boar, lynx, foxes, deer, and anything else she can get to obey her." Peri turned to look at Vasile. "You know what I'm going to ask of you." 
"Their mates will never agree," Vasile told her, and the glint in his eyes said that he himself did not agree either.
"Wait, wait, wait. Let's call a timeout on the clock." Jen took a step forward, which was matched by Decebel, who stood behind her with a hand on her hip. "This has to do with us, as in myself and Jacque, doesn’t it?"
Peri nodded.
"What exactly is it we won't agree to?" Decebel spoke over Jen's head.
Peri squared her shoulders as she looked Decebel in the eye. "Your mates must join the battle."
Decebel and Fane both snarled at the same time.
"They cannot fight. They are human – the wolves would tear them apart.," Fane growled at the Fae. His blue eyes glowed dangerously.
"You are incorrect, prince," Peri challenged. "They are not fully human."
"What are you saying?" Decebel asked as his hand tightened on his mate.
"I'm saying that your mates also have Canis lupis blood in them. They have a wolf inside, a wolf that can be drawn out."
Jen's breathing sped up and she felt her chest tighten. She looked over at Jacque, who an identical deer in the headlights look.
"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" Jen asked apprehensively.
Peri nodded as she moved to stand in front of the two girls. "I'm saying you can phase."
Chapter 29
"Come again?" Jen and Jacque both said in unison as their eyes widened.
"It sounded like you said that we could phase. So, for clarification purposes, are you saying Jacque and I are able to turn furry? Complete with tail, pointy teeth, glowing eyes, and fleas?" Jen tapped her lips with nervous fingers.
Peri chuckled at Jen's description. "I'm not sure about the fleas, but yes."
"Alpha, is this true?" Decebel addressed Vasile.
"How? How can this be possible? I'm over a century old and I've never heard of such a thing." Decebel's eyes narrowed at Peri.
"In all those years have you been around a dormant?" Peri asked simply.
"Then why would you need to know? Some things are better left untouched until such a time as they are needed. We need every resource we can utilize."
"What makes you think we would let them fight even if they could phase?"
Jen's head whipped around and looked up at her mate, then down at Jacque. "Did I hear him correctly?"
"If you mean, did he just imply that he can control your actions by telling you what you can and cannot do? Then yes, Watson, you heard him correctly." Jacque cocked an eyebrow at Fane, who was growling at her.
"Do we really have to go over this again?" Jen asked Decebel in an exasperated manner.
"I've told you, Jennifer, I will not allow you to be put in danger." Decebel's voice was calm and reasonable, which only ticked Jen off more.
"Would you keep Cynthia or Crina from fighting?" Jen had pulled out of his grasp and was glaring at him with her hands on her hips, chin jutted out defiantly.
"That's different."
"The hell it is," Jen snarled. She turned to look at Alina. "Are you going to fight?"Alina nodded as she took Vasile's hand, indicating that where her mate went she followed.
Jen looked back at Decebel. "I'm your mate, I stand by your side. Not behind you, not in front of you. Where you go, I go. Do what you have to in order to get over it. Throw your hissy fit, snarl your teeth, glare at me with your freaky glowing eyes – if absolutely necessary, punch a hole in the wall – but you will deal with this and get over it. You cannot put me in a bubble unless your goal is to suffocate me. Got it?" Jen was toe-to-toe with her mate, looking straight into his amber eyes.
Decebel growled and then shocked her by gripping the back of her neck and kissing her roughly. When he pulled back he wasn't any less agitated or angry, but there was resignation in his eyes. "If anything happens to you..."
"Chillax, man. If I kick the bucket, so do you. So no worries about you tearing the world apart or Vasile having to kill you," Jen interrupted.
"Man, you have a way with words," Jacque muttered to her mouthy friend.
"Just telling it like it is, Jac. No need to sugarcoat it." Jen turned back around to face Peri, stepping back so that she was pressed against Decebel's chest and stomach.
"What do we have to do?" Jacque asked. Fane had tried arguing with her through their bond, but Jacque had shut him right down. Fane wasn't quite as stubborn as Decebel, so he relented more quickly, but he was still angry.
"Under the light of the full moon, your mates will pour passion vine-infused water over you. The pull of the moon is powerful; I can amplify it and call on the Great Luna. The passion vine will absorb into your pores and call upon the passion of your wolf. The last part is the blood of your mate, which your wolf will recognize and be drawn to. All three combined with a little Fae magic and your wolves will surface."
"And when exactly is the next full moon?" Jen asked Peri.
Peri smiled mischeviously. "Wouldn't you know? It just happens to be tonight."
Jen felt Decebel tense behind her. She figured that, like herself, he hadn't expected it to be so soon.
Sally stepped up to her two best friends and smiled gentle. "You guys are going to be okay. And I will admit, I'm slightly jealous."
"Don't worry, I'll share my fleas with you. No need for me to be stingy," Jen teased.
Cynthia, Crina, and Alina had come over and each hugged Jacque and Jen.
"You two are going to be kick ass she-wolves." Crina grinned.
"Is there any other kind?" Jen asked, cocking her a single eyebrow.
"Not in our pack," Cynthia piped in.
Night fell over the Tavern and the moon boldly lit the sky. Jen and Jacque said their farewells as they headed out the door with Peri, Fane, and Decebel. 
Jacque had spoken with her father and he was about as receptive as Fane and Decebel had been. She gently reminded him that she was an adult and it was her choice. He hadn't said anything more, but his face remained in a permanent scowl.
Peri led them out into a clearing near the opening of the woods. She had told them she would be cloaking them so the witch would not disturb the ritual if she happened to be seeking them out. Which she most likely was.
Jacque and Jen both wore a simple pullover shift, but – thanks to Fae magic – were being protected from the cold.
Peri directed Fane and Decebel to stand with their backs to each other to give their mates privacy from the other male. The girls each stood in front of their mate and waited for Peri to tell them what to do next. They watched as the fairy closed her eyes. Her lips began moving with silent words. The air around her began to shimmer and in each of her hands a large basin of water appeared. The water had a purple tint to it.
Peri handed Fane a basin and then Decebel.
"Remove your shifts," Peri told Jen and Jacque. "Then, males, you will pour the potion over your mate. The potion will last until all of her has been covered."
Jen pulled the shift over her head and, though it was the first time she had been truly naked in front of her mate, she boldly looked him in the eyes.