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My Most Precious One(9)


“So it’s your painting?” He said amused.

“I’m sorry did I stutter, yes its mine!”

I walked by Ruth’s booth and said good bye.

“Did you see Emmy Andriesse’s photos?” She asked, she was a photography major.

“Sorry wasn’t in the mood, maybe next time.”

She waved back “Kay.”

He held the door open for me and I walked out, it was mid day now I lowered my head a little, a habit I picked up being a waitress.

“So thank you again for the exhibit.” I pointed to the museum doors. I began to walk away not waiting for him to say anything.

“So I’m not going to see you till Thursday?” That stopped me dead in my tracks.

“I’m sorry.” I stammered. He gave me a small smile.

“You only work four days a week, Thursday till Sunday.” I nodded again.

“At least come with me to have a coffee or something?” He asked and he smiled again but this time he grinned from ear to ear. If this would turn out to be my own version of American Psycho I would be okay with it. Please don’t turn out to be my own version of the American Psycho. He nudged his head to one side. I could see his car was there, holy shit it’s the Aston Martin Vanquish, up close and personal.

“Holy shit it’s the Aston Martin Vanquish!” I cried out running towards it.

“You know about cars?” He asked his face was skeptical.

“Not really. But a good friend of mine is a gear head and she loves them.” It looked beautiful, slick black with black mags and with its black leather seats. It screamed money. I honestly don’t know how much, not in the budget of anyone I knew well not personally anyways.

The Blondie from before had walked out and saw him next to his car, she had no shame, she bee lined towards him.

“Umm hi remember me from before?” Her little high peaked voice made nails on a chalk board sound like an opera. I rolled my eyes and stepped away from the car, humiliation number two coming right up.

“I think you forgot to take my number.” She handed him the same piece of paper I saw her with before.

“No sweetheart I didn’t forget.” He gave her no smile and looked over to me.

“Alexia!” The car beeped, signaling the doors were opened.

“Let’s go.” He reached for the passenger door and opened it for me, I looked over, his eyes were only on me. He nudged his head again.

“Get in! I want to hear more about your gear head friend.” I gently stepped in the supple leather seat; they just were like the ones in racing cars. Inside was immaculate not one thing was out of place, it smelled new and clean. I gathered my things close to my body not wanting my presence to ruin the car’s image.

Blondie tried to speak to him again but I could barely hear what she was saying since the car was sealed tight. Lukas opened the door and she scoffed

“Why is he going with the big nose frumpy chick?” She asked her friend next to her loud enough so we could both hear. Lukas looked at me and I faked a smile trying not to pay attention to how many times I had to hear about my nose. It wasn’t big but it was Greek, to say I was super model material was a joke but I was far from being ugly or ordinary. I knew I looked exotic but since it was my most prominent feature everyone saw fit to use it to hurt me.

Lukas got right back out of the car which made me jump out of my little self pity slow dance that I was having. Blondie jumped as well maybe she thought he had finally seen the light, maybe she was right.

“Listen sweetheart, I don’t do blondes that pay more for plastic surgery than what my car is worth, if you didn’t understand before I’ll explain it to you now. What I did before upstairs was a brush off, what I did there” he pointed to the doors of the museum “was another brush off and what I just did just now was also a brush off. So instead of paying god only knows how much money for your very cheap looking body you should have spent it going to school and actually getting a brain.” He slowly sat himself right back down into his custom leather seats and started the engine. I sat in silence as we drove away I watched Blondie through the side mirror she was practically in tears, her friend was consoling her.

“Fucken bitch!” He said under his breath, his hand gripping the wheel.

“You seriously went over the top with her.” I said. “She annoyed you that much?” I asked.

His jaw was locked tight making the muscles of his face move in a very hot way, angry Suit was definitely the sexiest.

“Her comment. I didn’t like it.” He snapped. I looked at him. His hand was on the top of the stirring wheel while the other was shifting gears. We came to a stop at a light.