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My Most Precious One(8)


I began walking towards the elevator when the doors opened I walked in. As I turned and leaned on the railing, the doors began to close, I saw him walking towards me but it was too late.

I rolled my eyes at my stupidity waiting to reach the two floors down maybe I’ll go see my painting. I called it that because I loved peonies and the painting was so beautiful, so it was an easy assessment that it would be mine, no? The elevator doors opened and Mile End started to play from Pulp, it brought my morale up from my slight burn from before. Remember I’m only the waitress in their eyes nothing else.

I walked through the small group in front of me I hated crowds and headed to the permanently collection. I turned the corner and there she was my painting. Well it wasn’t really my painting but I loved her anyways, it was Henri Fantin-Latour’s Peonies. He can seriously paint flowers as though they were real, I Googled him and saw more of his work, wow.

The song ended and Sade took Pulp’s place with The Sweetest Taboo, I began silently singing to myself. Don’t judge me, Sade is the shit. The music was making me want to dance but I wasn’t going to bust a move here, I’ll wait till I’m in my condo cooking.

“Holy Jesus mother of God!” I nearly screamed out my lungs. Someone had tapped me on the shoulder and I almost jumped out of my skin. The security guard next to the door brought his fingers to his lips and shushed me which made me give him a dirty look. I turned ready to give whoever was behind me a murderous stare and a fucken beat down, when I realized it was Lukas.

Still just because he was my walking wet dream didn’t give him the right to scare me to death. I yanked my ear buds out of my ear, losing the beginning of the Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen. I licked and bit down on my lips not because he made me nervous but rather I needed to calm down before I was going to open my mouth.

“Just to throw this out there but you could just step in front of me or maybe wave your hand in front of my face. I don’t like be scared out of my mind, at least not twice in one day!”

He stood tall all six feet something and stared down at me. He was seriously glaring at me. Oh I don’t think so. He leaves me in the middle of a non date, yes granted it was a non date but there’s etiquette. So why the fuck is he glaring at me?

“Do you mind explaining to me why you left?” His nose began flaring, hmm angry Suit much sexier than brooding Suit. He was seriously waiting for an answer, like I had abandoned him.

“Look thank you for the tickets and the company but I saw you with the tall leggy blond, which by the way.” I pointed out through the door, which prompted him to follow my finger. She stood by the column leaning to one side her tall leggy legs wrapped around each other with the come hither look. Wow she was really going all out for him. “Is still waiting outside for you, so I don’t like to cock block or clit block anyone, so?”

I figured it was sufficient explanation, wow I was losing sexy Suit as a customer, but I figured my dignity was worth more than the awesome tip he gave me every morning I worked.

He put his hands onto his waist and let out a heavy sign.

“Sorry, I guess you must have had the wrong impression.” What just happened? Sexy Lukas was apologizing to me, even though it didn’t really sound like one.

“Well apology accepted, you can go off now.” I gave him the shoo shoo fingers “to Blondie over there and I’ll get back to the Sex Pistols and my friend Henri Fantin-Latour.” I showed him my ear buds and proceeded to place them back onto my ears. I noticed that he wasn’t leaving and the tall leggy blond was getting annoyed. His hands were still on his hips, the look of sheer irritation shown clearly on his face.

I relaxed my shoulders. Almost understanding what he wanted. Why was I understanding what he wanted? The Sex Pistols had ended and Sigur Ros’ Untitled 3 started to play, I don’t know why but the music just fit. It fit like a puzzle piece that had started to come together, the melancholy sound of the piano mirrored how I was feeling, even how he must have been feeling. I yanked out my left ear bud and offered it to him.

I shrugged “I love music. Here.” I extended my hand. “At least hear some Sigur Ros and I’ll talk about monsieur Henri.” He relaxed his stance and looked at me his features becoming gentler, he reached for the ear bud and placed it in his ear. God this man can make any action sexy.

I saw Blondie roll her eyes at me and the look of disgust was not missed. Fucken bitch if I was next you right now I would so Muay Thai your ass. But I let it go, not wanting to break the moment I was having, I began to explain about monsieur Henri and how much I loved his work. He smiled.