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My Most Precious One(6)


I explained how the Greeks used imagery to convey a story and a political stance. I just kept talking, taken in by all that I loved, not everyone asked me about what I studied and those who have just ignored what I’d say and just quoted some history channels which were wrong most of the time. So I kind of relished in the idea that a super hot gorgeous made me wet in my panties kind of a guy, took some kind of interest.

I didn’t notice till I reached the end of the exhibit that I had been talking the whole time. I bit the inner part of my lip again, trying to stop the words from coming out.

“Stop that!” He ordered.

I laughed nervously. “Sorry I let myself go crazy in there.” I pointed to the room behind us. “Well at least you know what everything here is about.”

He leaned against the door frame that was leading us out. He crossed his arms, holding onto his large biceps.

“Not everything.” He stood peering down at me. Were we still talking about the exhibit?

He broke the silence “Did you go yet?” His finger peeled itself from his large arm and pointed to the large canvas that had the Dali exhibit dates on it.

“No, I was going to go after I walked around here.” I pointed to the room behind us. I suddenly got really nervous.

“Well let’s go together then.” He said not waiting for my response but rather began to walk ahead of me.

I stood pinned to the ground, don’t over think this. You’re reading this wrong, he probably doesn’t want to go alone and just wants company. He stopped where he was and looked behind to find me where he had left me. He huffed shaking his head and began to walk back. “Are you coming?” I nodded nervously. He reached for my hand and grabbed it; the heat from him was immense. He took my hand like it was so natural so real, I could feel the tenderness of his touch, it overwhelmed me. I yanked my hand from him and took two steps ahead of him,

“There’s a shortcut through here to get to the main exhibit floor.” I nudged my head to where the escalators where and began walking towards them.

He stood right in front of me, we where now eye level since he was one step lower on the escalator. His intense gaze was still on me. Oh Jesus I wasn’t going to survive this Dali exhibit if he kept looking at me like that.


We entered the main floor where the ticket booths were, I saw a friend of mine working as a teller.

“Hey Ruth!” I waved. Ruth was a girl I met in University in art appreciation class.

“Hey Lexi, here to see Dali?” I started to take out my wallet from my blue leather Co Lab tote that I had bought with my sister.

“Two please.” His voice bellowed over me. Ruth eyed me carefully, I slightly shrugged.

“Um, listen I can pay my own ticket.” I turned to face him but he already had the money in his hand. I turned and looked at Ruth like you better not take that money.

She hesitated but he threw her his million dollar smile and she was lost. Damn him and his sexy smile! Which from the side view I could see a small dimple, oh my god, even his small imperfections are cute.

She gave him the tickets and wished us a good time, as he walked away she mouthed, ‘holy shit’. I gave her a small stare, betrayer. I turned to see where he was and immediately found him as I walked right into a wall of sheer muscle and mass with a very manly scent. It made my inner mistress whimper.

He looked down at me and crooked one eyebrow up. I lowered my head

“Sorry.” I murmured under my breath. What the hell was wrong with me in a span of twenty minutes with my Suit I’ve constantly said sorry. He held up the tickets and gave me one.

“Thank you.” I said as I took it. “You know I can pay for my own ticket. I realize that you think I’m some sort of poor meager waitress but I do work hard for my money.” I did work hard. Waiters are good actors. Well the good ones are. They know how to manipulate and convince a customer they’re right even though they’re not. The good ones make a lot of money doing that and thank the heavens I was one of them.

He lowered his head towards me “I know I just wanted to be nice, is that ok?” He asked his look fusing me to the spot. I looked up at him and tilted my head. His intense blue gaze warmed my body. If I just leaned forward and went on my toes I could kiss his soft well pronounced lips. I licked my lips in anticipation.

“Hey Lexi?” Ruth called out from her booth. Betrayer.

Our moment was broken, well my fantasy was.

“Don’t forget that there’s Emmy Andriesse exhibit on the third floor, it’s pretty great.” She waved at me smiling.

“Thanks.” I cried.

As we walked over to the elevators I could feel his hand on the small of my back, it was a light touch but it was there, guiding me. The heat from his touch sent little shockwaves throughout my body making me shiver.