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My Most Precious One(5)


“Sorry” I murmured, Jesus I was gawking again.

We both stood up and he stared at me intently.

“Well I took your advice and decided to come and have a look.” He said all cool like. I nodded again, hello Alexia did you forget how to talk? God this man is making me into a bubbling idiot.

“Well I hope you enjoy it.” There you go girl a nice full sentence. I mentally patted myself on the back. He smiled, damn it, I was lost again.

“So why are you here?” He asked. Fair question, I had to answer but how? I could hardly formulate the previous statement. I took a deep breath and calmed myself.

“I helped catalog some of the artifacts here.” I smiled looking over the exhibit. “This is my favorite part of the museum.” Ok I did it, yeah for me! The inner me jumped a little.

He furrowed his brows, “But don’t you work at the bistro in old Montreal?” I rolled my eyes at him and I swear I could see a flash of annoyance on his face.

“Yes by day I’m a waitress and by night I’m an archaeological superhero. I come here to catalog artifacts and save Montreal from dangerous criminals!” I took a long breath, fuck I hated how waitresses were always looked down on and pigeonholed. I had a life outside of the bistro.

“You’re a sarcastic one aren’t you?” He added. His tone not too pleased. “Sorry” I murmured. He looked at me like he was thinking something twisted, I brushed it off.

“I go to Concordia University for ancient studies and I help out my professors, its part of my masters’ program.” He nodded still not talking to me. Hmm, brooding Suit was a lot hotter than ordering breakfast Suit. I only noticed I was holding my breath when I let out a heavy sign. Okay, is the air condition off or something? Can he stop looking at me like that?

“You study as well as work?” His chiseled face was too beautiful to look at, it nearly hurt my eyes, nearly, but it didn’t, I wanted to keep staring at him but I couldn’t, I shouldn’t, it would turn ugly. Me plus gawking and drooling was not something that was extremely attractive and the fact that he stood here in front of me and actually spoke to me made me happy and my stomach flutter. So I’ll take what I could get and enjoy it.

“And you said you traveled too?”

I still held my earphones in my other hand but I forgot to pause the music. I could hear David Bowie’s China Girl murmuring loudly though the ear buds. I loved that song; I even made it my ringtone. I pressed pause and wrapped my ear buds around my iPod.

“Yeah I’ve been traveling since I was little.” I started to walk towards the amphora that was in front of me, I needed to get away from his manly smell. His cologne alone was getting me wet.

“Really? Where?” I could see from my peripheral vision that he was looking down at me, the man was at least six feet something. I swallowed hard and turned my head, ok I wasn’t imagining things he was staring at me.

“Well, Greece was a must, then Egypt, Turkey and Italy.” He took one step closer, his smell now over powering me. Fuck is it me or is it hot in here?

“Why was Greece a must?” He voice was low almost like he didn’t want anyone to hear us.

“Well I’m Greek, so I had to go there as often as possible and since the other countries were right there it was easy to just fly there and visit.” He smiled again and stared at me like he was piecing me together for the first time.

“Paris?” He asked.

“When I got older and started to make my own money I traveled to Paris for a week, and the year before that I went to Thailand and now I’m planning to go to Japan. But that trip is kind of tricky. I want to be there for the cherry blossoms but they bloom at different times in the year so you can’t be too exact on the time.”

Why am I saying this to him? He just stood there his arms crossed making his biceps protrude through his grey blazer. I could see the nice shape of his shoulders and the simple cuts of his arms. Hello maintenance there’s a wet spot in the ancient exhibit room.

“You like to travel?” he breathed, I smiled lost in his eyes.

“Correction I like to live.” Once I said it I regretted it. I started to bite the inside of my lower lip and I could swear I saw him looking at me doing it.

“Could you stop?” He asked his voice was low and serious. I raised an eyebrow at him, “Stop what?” I asked. He uncrossed his arms and pointed to my lips.

“Biting your lower lip.” I licked my lips and stopped biting them. Well I tried anyhow, I heard him suck air in as he closed his eyes.

He let out a hard breath and slowly opened his eyes.

“Tell me about the exhibit here.” He put his hands in the front pockets and followed me around the exhibit.