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My Most Precious One(3)


I printed his bill and put it in the leather bill binder and gave it to Kaci, my go to girl, my other sister from another mother.

“You give it to him, there’s no fucken way I’m going there now!” I begged. She was still laughing at me almost in tears.

“Why? Cause now your Suit knows you’ve got the hots for him?” She laughed. I bared my teeth at her. She then composed herself and walked over to him taking his finished plate and placing his bill onto the table.

“Collect for me!” I demanded as I pretended I needed to go to the bathroom. She rolled her eyes.

“Fuck off!” I hissed back.

It was Roxi who usually had the foot in the mouth disease. Once she had made fun of a guy who was drinking tea at a supper club, she went on and on until he finally told her he was a recovering alcoholic. Right now, I’m right up there with her, but mine’s more like the brain in the ass disease. Great now my Suit knew I watched porn in his honor. I looked at myself in the mirror in the bathroom and took a deep breath. It’s not like it was the first time I embarrassed myself and it most definitely will not be the last. I said to myself trying to down play it.

I reapplied my clear Mac lip gloss and walked back out hoping he left by now, he usually does right after his meal. The sun was now brighter than before, lighting the store front with soft glowing rays that danced over the properly placed white table cloths on the tables of our little French bistro.

“Kaci?” I whispered loudly to her, she looked back.

“Did my Suit leave?” I pointed to the front of the store.

“Yeah, you can come out of hiding now?” She yelled back. I relaxed my shoulders walking by the food pass.

“Hey girl!” I heard coming from the kitchen.

“Hey Cooly” I cried back, that wasn’t his real name obviously it was John. I loved him, he was fun and loud, he stood there taller than me but way skinner. You wouldn’t know it but the guy could eat you out of house and home. We called him Cooly only because his temper was just that, laid back and fun.

I leaned into the pass my arms folded across so that I could speak to both Gavin and him asking about their families, when from the corner of my eye I saw him walking from the back of the resto. He hadn’t left; he had only gone to the restroom.

“Fuck.” I said under my breath.

God that man can walk. He walked like he was determined, dominate and unwavering, fuck it was hot as hell. His suit was in full affect now. Clean grey lines from head to toe, his black expensive shoes shined as he walked towards my direction. In his breast pocket he had a pure white square handkerchief. As I eyed him walking my way he slowly eased his hand to his suit jacket and unbuttoned it, revealing a light grey vest. God damn he looked good in a three piece suit. I could swear I saw him smirk. I flushed red, straightened myself up and stood tall as he walked by me. I nodded my head, an international sign of ‘yes I’m the waitress that embarrassed herself in front of you and I’m wishing I could disappear but I can’t. Have a good day making millions’ nod. He walked right by me not making any gesture, which was normal, hello? I’m the waitress and he was the uber rich Suit.

I followed him from behind not to close so that he’d notice see me but close enough that I could smell his cologne. God it was so addictive, I had no clue what it was but it was exotic and manly. As he stepped out of the store I watched him from the store front, yes I know it was stalker-like but still. He put on his large black glasses that framed his face perfectly and walked over to his Vanquish. The car came to life with a quick purr and he was off. I watched him drive down the cobble stone road towards Montreal’s business center. I gave Kaci a look narrowing my eyes at her.

“What? I seriously thought he left!” She laughed.

I rolled my eyes at her. “Yeah sure you did!”

My Day Off

It was Tuesday morning and I was off from work and university had just ended for the summer. Yeah for me! I still had my Muay Thai class that morning which I loved going to. So I woke up early like I normally would and went off to the gym.

Once I finished at the gym, I got back home and jumped into the shower of my small downtown condo that had an even smaller roof top terrace. Thank god for my cousin who was a real estate agent who had a friend that needed to sublease.

I loved it down here. I could walk anywhere I wanted and I was close enough to the highway that I could jump into my Mini Cooper S and go where I liked.

I remembered that the Dali exhibit was staring today and since not many people had the day off during the week I could indulge by taking my time at the museum. I hated crowds and avoided them vehemently. They freaked me out, people touching me and pushing, the loss of control was just too much for me to handle. It’s not to say I wouldn’t go out and deal with it, but if I could avoid it I would. I went once with my friends to the jazz festival on a Saturday night in the summertime, there were so many people there that you couldn’t even move, I had started to hyperventilate almost passing out. Crowds for me were a definite no no.