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My Most Precious One(10)


“You’re not referring to the one about my nose are you?” I almost laughed. He turned his head and gave me a death stare.

“Look Lukas, I’m used to it by now, it’s not an issue.” I said softly trying to act like it didn’t bother me.

“Used to it? You can’t be serious?” He took two seconds and started again “you should never get used to it. No one will ever say something so stupid again when it comes to you!” He voice was strong and angry. I laughed. I don’t know if it was out of nervousness or just because it was a sweet thought.

“Never again? What are you going to do put an all points bulletin out, make sure no one hurts my feelings?” I tried to lighten his mood.

“Don’t be daft!” He bit out. I kept my smile on I couldn’t help it the man defended me to what most would consider a sex goddess. I was so going to tell Kaci about this.

He finally came to a stop and parked his car. I opened the car door to see a place that was too rich for my blood.

“What this?” I said as pointed at a private club house that only members could go.

He shrugged “Coffee?”

I rolled my eyes. “No” I wagged my finger at him “I have a friend who owns an awesome coffee house down the block we’ll go there.” He laughed.

“Why? You don’t like it there?” He pointed at it with his thumb as we walked away.

“Are you being serious now? They would take one look at me and throw me back out. No way am I going in there!” I said surprised that he didn’t notice how uncomfortable that would make me.

He laughed and followed me “If they threw you out I would revoke my membership!” I ignored his comment as we walked to my friend’s Stella’s coffee house which was the best in the city.

She loved coffee made it her life’s passion, she opened it up with only a few thousand dollars and now it was a goldmine. I stepped in.

“Lexi!” She cried out as she ran to my arms, “I haven’t seen you in ages.” I laughed.

“We saw each other last month at your mother’s house for dinner that we were both roped into going.” It was a set up for both of us. I still have shivers thinking about it.

“Ah yeah!” She yelled as she hit my arm. “I tried to forget about it, thanks for reminding me! I still have Stavro calling me nonstop!”

She stood in front of me her eyes darting back and forth between Lukas and me, this may not have been the best choice. Why was Starbucks flashing in my mind right now? She looked at me and smiled and in Greek she asked me who he was. I introduced them both and she offered us a table by the window.

“So Lukas what kind of coffee would you like?” He flashed her, his million dollar smile and she swooned.

“Double espresso long.” He said.

“Are you sure? My supplier just gave me a nice new roast from Kenya its fair trade by local farmers. It’s a dark roast that hints to a floral aroma of blackberries and watermelons!” She smiled and wagged her eyebrows at him.

“Ok I’ll try it.” He caved. Who wouldn’t the girl knew coffee. She looks over to me waving her hand “you, I know you.” I smiled.

“Just give me a sec ok?” I told Lukas.

I stood up and followed her to the coffee area. I poured his coffee and busied myself with what I liked, I never really drank any coffee but I made my own version of ice mocha, lots of chocolate milk some sugar and a small shot of espresso with ice.

“So who’s the tall dark and extremely handsome man and does he have brother?” I picked up our drinks and ignored Stella.

As I reached the table he took out money again Stella looked over her counter to where we sat and said. “Your money is no good here big boy. If you’re a friend of Lexi’s then you are definitely a good friend of mine.” She winked

“Lexi what do you want to hear baby girl?” She always asked me the music I want to listen to. I loved growing up with her, we might have been Greek but she and I hardly spent any time immersed in the Greek community of Montreal.

“Nina Simone” I offered.

“Nice choice.” She said approvingly.

The coffee house was filled with the song Feeling Good but from the Verve remixed album. Soft electronic beats came though the speakers, damn my choice. She waved and left us alone.

I turned to look at my ice mocha when I saw him take a sip from his coffee. His eyes watched me from over the rim of the cup.

“No milk or cream?” He asked.

“You take your coffee black.” I added I knew my Suit. He smiled.

“So what happened at that dinner?” He wasn’t seriously asking me about my family dinner was he? He waited.