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Her Viken Mates(9)

By:Grace Goodwin

I gasped then, focusing on Liam’s body. He held me to him closely, scooped up like a damsel in distress, and I could feel a hard pipe against my hip. I hadn’t thought it was his cock. I hadn’t thought at all, for I had been concentrating on their words. But now? Shit, it felt like a gun or something. Not a cock.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked.

“You have made her timid,” Rager said, looking over his shoulder at me, then waving his hand beside a door, which slid open silently. He stepped inside and we followed, not that I had any choice, held as I was in Liam’s arms.

I grinned at Rager’s choice of words. I wasn’t timid. I was, perhaps, too bold.

They brought me into a large room and I realized it was very similar to a high-dollar hotel suite with a living area, table, dark green sofas and chairs that looked like the fabric was pure spun silk, and a bed chamber…with a bed large enough for a football team.

Or me and these three hulking aliens.

“Oh god.” Now? We were going to do this now? As in, get naked and go horizontal on that gigantic bed? Sure, technically, according to what they’d said, I was their wife now, and they were mine. So, it was all legal. Legit. Right?

Not that I’d needed a ring on my finger to get it on before, but this? With these three? The thought was exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. I wanted them, which was insane in and of itself. But I was also nervous. It was reassuring somehow to know they were mine. That I belonged to them.

But did they really belong to me? How was one woman supposed to keep three hot aliens satisfied? I mean, seriously. They were like sex-on-a-stick and I was, well, just me.

“Are you guys sure about this? That you want me? Because Warden Egara told me that mates never cheat. But I don’t know how three of you could be happy with just me.”

“Let us show you.” Liam’s voice had gone deep, the heat of his body like a blowtorch everywhere we touched. At his words, Evon’s gaze locked on mine and he took his time looking me over, his gaze lingering everywhere I wanted him to touch.

My pussy clenched and my nipples pebbled into hard, hot points. My heart raced, but my head? Oh, whoa, the thoughts spinning in circles up there were one hot mess.

Did I want them? Yes. Yes, I did. Should I want them? No. Not three men at once.

Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. I was so going to hell for this. Assuming they had a hell on this planet.

And all of that might have succeeded in changing my mind if I actually believed in hell. Which I didn’t. So that just left…desire. Lust. Six months of gray walls, a prison uniform, and other women trying to convince me I wasn’t into men anymore.

Wrong. So, so wrong.

They let me look around but once I’d caught my breath, Liam leaned down and kissed me on top of my head. Rager came up to me so he stood directly before me and stroked a finger down my cheek. Evon moved in beside him so I was surrounded by towering males.

“Don’t worry, mate. We’re going to take care of you now.”

My eyes drifted closed as six hands roamed my body with a reverence to their touch I’d never felt before. I relaxed in Liam’s hold, didn’t protest when he walked to the bed and settled me on it so I was kneeling on the soft surface. When he let go, I opened my eyes, surprised that even now, Rager was nearly as tall as I. The other two were half a head shorter, but still huge, at least six-six.

Did they know how to grow ’em on Viken or what?

“You’re all mine? All three of you? And you want this? You actually want to share me?” I had to know for sure before I did this. “You’re sure there’s not some mistake?”

Evon walked forward to stand directly before me, his eyes, cold before, were now pure, blue fire. “Take off your dress, mate. We want to see what’s ours.”

Yeah, okay. No mistake, then.

That voice. God. I held his gaze as I lifted my hands to the back of my neck and released the clasp I’d felt pressing into my skin there.

The soft fabric slid down my body in a slow glide, like frosting melting in the hot sun, revealing what lay beneath.

“You’re mine.” Evon’s declaration was followed by the searing heat of his hand on my hip. “Lift your arms above your head and hold them there, mate.”

Again, I did as he asked—even after only knowing him a few minutes—my full breasts jutting forward on display. I didn’t have a model’s body, I was more couch potato than marathon runner, especially after six months in jail, but the way his eyes darkened with lust, I felt like a goddess, a powerful, desirable ruler of men.

These men.

“Is she not perfect?” he asked the others.